Secrets to story success on Wattpad


‘Look at me,’ she implored. Her expression was pained. There was a sad resignation in the way she said, ‘No amount of change will make them accept me.’


@LightenTheShadows I used to be obsessed with follower count but at the end of the day unless you’ve got a ridiculously large amount of followers it doesn’t make to much of a difference - it’s how you treat them that matters and more than anything writing for yourself is what matters :slightly_smiling_face:

@terra_walker not entirely sure if this is the right place but if you’re willing to PM me on Wattpad I’m happy to help? :sweat_smile:


TRUE! It pisses me off so much when people have a high follower count and think they’re God and mistreat their followers! Like, they’re doing you a favour following you, buddy.

But, yeah, I’m not obsessed with my follower count, but I do like seeing that my followers come from my readers because I feel like it means I’m doing something right! I do like to thank my followers every time I pass another 100, though. Is that too obsessive?




Nah that sounds like a nice thing to do c:


Yay! I was worried I was sounding too obsessed with my follower count when all I wanted to do was thank my followers for somehow putting up with my constant ramblings! Tbh I have no idea why anyone follows me :joy:


I only notice my follower account when it goes down and I’m like No, I’m sorry! I’ll do better! What did I do to hurt you?!



I’m like “what’d I do to anger you, smol child?”

Tbh I’m glad Wattpad doesn’t tell us who unfollows because then I’d probably be PMing all of my unfollowers and asking them why they unfollowed to see if I can do better :joy:


It’s what got mine. Before i was featured i had barely 1000 reads, and it went up to 200k in a month. But I don’t know how much of a factor it is for other writers.


I find it very curious! I’m always trying to figure out how my readers found my book but I can’t! I did no advertising, I had nearly no followers, and I was never featured! I guess my success is just pure luck :blush:


You’re doing very well under your rankings. So, I’m sure it’s in part due to that. I’m typically checking the hot list and rising lists when I’m looking for a new story.


Yes, I’ve always been doing good in the rankings - though I did much better with the old system - but a lot of the books that were up on the list with mine aren’t doing as well as mine is or as quickly. Do you have any ideas of what else it could be because not knowing is honestly driving me mad :joy:


I’m pretty sure it’s mostly that. You’re doing well under major tags. That’s a big deal. Whenever someone else reads a story that is also has that tag, one of the advertisements they will likely see will be either your story or your profile as a “hot in action right now” suggestion. I always check out those suggestions when I’m reading stories. I’ve been training the algorithm to understand what I like, similarly to how you train Netflix’s own.

Just because it’s worth mentioning. I wanted to add that the biggest mistake new authors can make that causes them to fail to do well is post all their chapters at once. It’s nearly impossible unless you get featured to gain traction doing that.


But others authors used to update once a week like me? UGH I just can’t understand why books that published around the same time as I did, updated with around the same schedule, and generally did as well as I did in rankings somehow have a less reader base than mine! It annoys me, if I’m being honest, because I don’t know where the readers are coming from!

I’m a person who likes explanation and reasoning behind everything


Lol maybe you’re just a more engaging writer with a more novel idea?


I don’t know. Maybe? I honestly don’t think my book is that good. I mean, I don’t think it’s bad, but I don’t think it’s anything truly special either.


(I’ve been doing what I do best and stalking the threads, but, did you just make a pun?)


LMAO. I didn’t even realize I did it. I’m a scientist so we use “novel” all the time. That’s AWESOME.


Unintentional puns for the win!


Any ideas on how my readerbase has formed so quick, my dude? Any ideas are welcome because, as I stated earlier, I’m going insane not knowing!

People always ask me how I did it and I just scream “I DON’T KNOW” and I don’t like not knowing!