Secrets to story success on Wattpad


No idea, but I want to know xD I’m 2 reads from 1K on one of my books and it’s annoying me so much :joy::joy:


Lol wait a sec


Damn! Why isn’t it working? I was trying to get you to 1K reads but for some reason it’s not counting my reads :joy:


Damn it xD


Why not ask them? I use the very last chapter in my books to ask readers questions. Why not ask them how they found your book?

  1. I have no end comments in my first book and I feel like if I put one in, I have to put one at the end of every chapter because that’s how I’m gonna be :joy:

  2. A bunch of them have said that a friend recommended it or that they found it through the lists! There can’t be THAT many people recommending my book to attest for the gap, can there?


I logged out and logged back in again and the number changed xD


1k?! WOOOOO!!! Congrats :heart:


Why thank you :smiley: Highest read count I’ve ever had with only 9 chapters


That’s pretty dang good for only 9 chapters!!

And they say those first 1000 reads are hardest to get, so you knocked that one out of the park ^.^


No idea how it happened, though xD


Shhhhh, just enjoy ^.^


Oh, I shall xD


Do they feature ongoing stories? What you have to do to get feature in specific profile?


I follow readers who are reading books like mine and they usually follow back and quickly start reading my books. Many of them unfollow later and go on to new writers. I unfollow them too so I can follow more, unless I have become good friends with them. It’s gotten me thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of reads. I know some people don’t like it, but the program is designed so you can follow and unfollow, and find readers of other books like yours - so it’s part of the plan. Makes getting readers very easy,


I’ve tried that strategy too, but I can’t say it’s worked as well as messaging. In the sense that maybe it got me a lot of reads, but they usually don’t vote which is SUCH a pain. I don’t really want silent readers.


I know for a lot of the Wattpad profiles you can fill out a form for them to add you. User run profiles usually go out and find their own books to add, but I imagine it can’t hurt to ask them to add it to the reading list you’re hoping to be on. Really depends on the profile though…


@fright, @_ ShortStory _, @highfantasy, @Paranormal, @lgbtq, Fantasy appear to be accepting ongoing story submissions (@Fantasy definitely is)

I’m sure some of the other profiles are as well :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve seen your stories appear on the recommended feed on my wp home page plenty of times. Maybe that’s where you are getting your readers.


Oh, really? I thought they only showed up on my own recommended haha :joy: Maybe! I don’t know