Seeking advice: should I post my entire novel now or post it in increments?

I’ve been working on my sci-fi novel for a couple of years, and finished it a few months ago. I’d love to share it on Wattpad, but I don’t know whether it’s more effective to just dump every chapter at once or wait and post a chapter every day. I am very new to the Wattpad thing, and so far all I’ve posted is the first couple of chapters with virtually zero fanfare or readership. What now? Thanks everyone

Most people find success by posting a chapter once or twice weekly. To find readers, you’ll need to advertise and have a lot of patience.


Don’t! Please, do it weekly or biweekly. I made this mistake thinking it was okay but since i haven’t been updating weekly, the algorithms ignored my story.


Also, you’re competing with millions of people on this website so don’t expect to gain a bunch of reads the next day. Wattpad is known for having predominantly Romance readers. It’s gonna be hard gaining loyal readers if you don’t promote your book.


Increments 100%. One per week, twice per week, or biweekly.

I made the mistake of posting my first book on here all at once and it took it over half a year to get more than 20 reads. Even afterward, it was a long grind of promoting my book to get anyone to take a look at it.

Wattpad’s algorithm favors books that post at regular intervals, so you will absolutely get more readers if you take your time posting!


Dumping the whole story at once won’t gain many reads because some readers find a large amount of chapters at once daunting (or maybe that’s just me). So, you would post a chapter once every week, either Friday or Monday. It shows readers that there is a steady schedule and it gives them time to process previous chapters. That’s how I am as a reader anyways.

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Other than advertising in the “share your story” area, where is a good place to let people know? Reddit? Somewhere else?

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I have tried to temper my expectations, although I honestly don’t know where to start with promotion. Especially not for satirical/funny sci-fi.

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Here are some tips you could use to build your audience. Btw, I’m just gonna copy and paste this haha xD

It depends on some factors:

  • first of all, know that gaining readers/followers will take time depending on what you post on here. Some people gain 100 followers/reads in their first month/week and sometimes people gain 100 in a year.
  • second of all, know that you’re competing with millions of people who want the same thing.
  • advertising on SYS threads (but don’t just rely on this)
  • sharing your story with people asking for recommendations in the forums.
  • using your book/characters in character/story games throughout the forums
  • Participating in feedback threads: Not only does this help improve your writing, but you can always find people who are interested in following you/reading more of your work.
  • Are your books in Wattpad’s favorite genre? Romance is Wattpad’s ultimate favorite and so is fanfiction. But yeah, Wattpad has predominantly Romance readers.
  • Is the story poorly written? Many readers leave once they notice repetitive grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m one of them tbh.
  • Book Clubs: This helps boost up your reads/followers and you can even make new loyal readers and friends. I personally don’t trust these anymore though because they just end out of nowhere. xD But still, try it and see how it goes for you.
  • Contests: This also boosts up your readers/followers. I recently won first place in the romance category for a contest I joined and my reads and followers skyrocketed.
  • Also, try to respond to your comments. Readers love when we interact with them, so it makes them want to comment more.

Overall, be patient. Your readers will come eventually. Just be nice and put yourself out there. Make friends in the forums. Read other books and leave fun/nice comments. Update your story regularly (preferably on Thursdays or Fridays because the algorithms will become your best friend). And most of all, have fun! :slight_smile:

Also, here’s some Wattpad info that was posted by HQ:

The top 10% of stories on Wattpad have 500 reads.
The top 5% have 1,000 reads
Top 2% have 10,000 reads
Top 1% have 25,000 reads
Top 0.1% have 250,000 reads
Top 0.01% have 1 million reads.
And 45% of the stories on Wattpad have 1 to 2 reads.


I am patient enough to post once a week, but my issue now is–won’t I need some readers in the first place? I can post once a week every week but eventually my whole novel will get posted and still have 4 views :smile:

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Thank you! This is a good start

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No prob! You should also link your Wattpad profile in your community bio so if anyone is interested in your work, they can find your profile easier. ^^


Thank you for posting this! I am new to Wattpad–well I made an account a year ago, but I needed to tackle one social media thing at a time, plus it was very hard for me to navigate this site. I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I had read from a writer who posted her work weekly for 90 days until her book was finally published. She said it was the best decision she ever made, because once she published that book she got 1,000 downloads in one weekend. And all she did was publish a chapter a week on Wattpad.

My next book, I’m going to give this a try.


Post your story, the reads will come. I truly believe that.

And here I assumed it would just have a link in there…! D’oh

This thing has been years in the making, so in a way it is so exciting that the “hard part” is already complete. I just assumed my novel was so good and interesting, people would be breaking down my door to read it :grinning:

However, I do believe quality stuff does get discovered eventually. Looking for an agent now, and if that fails I’ll eventually just look for publishers on my own.

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Yeah, I have a story that was rated #1 in the tag system on several and top 20 in big catagories like #horrorstory for example. For about a week… Now I lull myself to sleep with Viva La Vida by Coldplay.


I do the same thing with Kraftwerk, super cozy sadboi vibes

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readers on wattpad tend to respond better to consistent, weekly/sub-weekly posting at least as far as i know

@breathingchemicals i’d like to know your thoughts on this as well - as “share your story” feels often ignored