Seeking beta readers for my novels (one dystopian, and one modern mythological adaptation)

What I am looking for: So far, on Wattpad, I have been very lucky to meet some lovely, thoughtful, helpful people. I would really like to continue in that spirit, and find some beta readers who feel comfortable to share their honest thoughts in a constructive way. My main request is that, if you are interested, you take a peak at ‘The Underground’ and see if the plot, my writing style, and the characters appeal to you. I don’t want anyone to feel like they need to drag themselves through the work.

Payment: I am not sure what I can really offer here, apart from reciprocation. If you have work that you would like read over and discussed, I am more than happy to do that. I can probably do basic proof reading, but my real passion is for looking at character growth, development, interactions, and storylines. If you are interested, please feel free to respond. I can take a look at your profile and your works, and I am sure we will get a feel for whether we are a good fit to beta-read each other’s stuff :blush:


Title: The Underground (Book One of the Derivates Rising trilogy)

Genre/s: Science-fiction/Dystopian, Action, with romance included


KC-847, a Government-owned Registered Derivate, has strong telekinetic powers and a penchant for following rules. It is his duty to lead a team of trained citizens in the retrieval of Derivates who have gone away without leave. But when his first mission as an officer-in-charge goes drastically wrong and he is thrown into a world that changes everything that he has been forced to believe.

Flit’s entire life has been a lie. As an Unregistered Derivate who can teleport at whim, she and her family spend their weekdays undercover in The Hub, and their weekends aiding the last bastion of Derivate resistance in the Underground. Finally tired of her double life, Flit decides to join the Underground full-time so she can make a real difference in their uprising.

During a routine security patrol in the Underground, Flit stumbles across KC-847 whose team underestimated the dangers of the dank underground tunnels. She brings KC-847 back to the Underground and he is given a new chance to live a life free of the Government’s control. After a series of deadly tunnel collapses, the two decide to investigate, and become embroiled in a plot that will change Derivate-kind forever.

Other information:

This novel is the first of a trilogy. It follows the typical trilogy format where the first novel focuses on the character’s immediate complications, the second broadens to a wider scope, and the third is where the characters’ whole world is at risk of burning.

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Hi :slight_smile: I’m interested in your plots and would be happy to read one or both of them! I haven’t critiqued a book before though, so I’m not really sure whether I’d be the perfect person, if you’re looking for a really good review. I can give it a try though?

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: I think that sounds great. I’ll send you a PM on the main site.

Hi :slight_smile: I’m happy to beta read your work, if you can have a look at mine as well :smiley:

If you think working with me will be beneficial then let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds amazing :slight_smile: I sent you a PM

Hi Liv,
Happy to swap beta-reads or more detailed critiques. Currently I am over-committed, so it might be a while. I am returning read-for-reads with a few forum folks, and I also have a couple of exchanges lined up with the Flex Critique Club. As I’ve noted before, you were a perceptive reader of my own opening chapters.

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

As your first story isn’t complete and the #story-services:beta-readers-needed subcategory is only for those with complete stories to request Beta Readers in, I’m afraid I’ve had to edit it out of your post(s). You can read the guidelines for posting in this subcategory here.

If you’re looking for feedback/ critiques on your ongoing story, you are welcome to browse the #story-services:critiques-and-feedback subcategory.

Thanks for understanding,

Hollie - Community Ambassador :azanthiel:

Hi! I am sorry about that, my bad. Thanks for the gentle warning and for fixing it up for me. It is very much appreciated.
~ Liv

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No worries and you’re very welcome :heart:

Hi :slight_smile: That sounds great. Let me know if/when your’e ready to resume and I’d be more than happy to continue reading your story.

VERY INTERESTED IN being your beta reader. BUT, I prefer working with GOOGLE docs.

I will PM you :slight_smile:

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Just giving this a bump to see if anyone else is interested :slight_smile:

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