Seeking Beta readers for NA SF - happy to beta swap :)

Evening all. I’m seeking beta readers for my NA sci-fi novel Electioneering. I’m really keen to hear what works or doesn’t work for you in terms of plot, characters, pacing etc.

I’m happy to do an exchange if you also have a completed work I can help with.

  • Title & link: Electioneering
  • Genre and sub-genres: Urban SF (if that is a thing)/NA/Spy/Romance incl LGBT
  • Description: see link for blurb
  • Any other information you feel is needed: I’m British, so work in British English.

Please drop me a message or a DM if you’re interested. Thanks very much!

Hello! I already have your book on my reading list, so ideally, I would eventually get around reading it. :grin: But if you are interested in my story, we can swap reviews/comments/whatever and then I would prioritize reading your book. I’ve never really done beta reader stuff officially, but I love good stories and I am trying to improve as a feedback-giving-person.

My novel is not yet completed (I’m close!) but also NA and sci-fi… more fi than sci, really.

I’m not native English and I admit that in the beginning, I did have problems with a few basic stuff (tense issues mostly) so I understand if that bothers you. I’m getting better though. I’m focusing on finishing the plot for now instead of going back and fixing things but the time will come.

Let me know if you’re interested! :slight_smile:

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Your story looks really interesting. I’d be really keen to swap critiques :+1:

I’m not looking for anything too in-depth with the beta reading. Just general thoughts on characters, pacing, if plot twists are too obvious, sentences that don’t make sense etc.

I usually leave a lot of inline comments but can add a summary every chapter or two if that helps.

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Okay, I can do that! I also comment a lot and also usually write a summary at the end, so that’s okay with me. :slight_smile:

But also let me know:

  • if at any point you don’t want to read/critique more; don’t want to trap you in a story you grew disinterested in
  • whenever you don’t think my comments are useful or I should concentrate on something else

I’ll try to get started on your novel today/tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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Vice versa for me. It would actually be really helpful to know at which point a reader says ‘thanks but no thanks’ :joy: I’ll hopefully get started tonight or tomorrow.

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That’s always good to know :smiley: Even if painful!

I would love to do a beta swap. I hope you don’t mind reading fan-fics though. :sweat_smile: keep in mind that I’m trying to improve my advice-giving skills.

What kind of fanfic is it? I’m fine with them as long as I’m familiar with the source material, otherwise my feedback may be useless :sweat_smile:

It’s an Undertale AU I made, so it’s technically fan-fic but not really cause I own the alternate-universe.

That’s not something I’m familiar with; if it’s AU is that a problem? I wouldn’t want to give feedback that would point you in the wrong direction.

it isn’t that much of a problem, as it has a lot of stuff I added and isn’t that related to undertale, only related in the most basic world building stuff. also, I can inform you if needed to.

I’ll drop you a DM :+1:

I don’t have anything worth reading yet, but I am happy to take a look and DM you my thoughts

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Thank you that would be much appreciated. I’ll be happy to return the favour once you’re looking to share your work.

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