Seeking Information For Writing

Hi there! I would like to the know the actually source of writing. How descriptive your should be?

Hi @Quietgirlboss! I’d love to talk about writing processes! :blush:

what do you mean by source of writing? Are you a writer? If so, what do you usually write?

I agree, I’m a little confused at what you mean as well.

I usually write romance, but at a time I began to question myself that if my story is really writing material. Is it really a romance story? What can you really find in romance story?,

I write Romance too :blush:

Why did you start question if it’s writing material? When did you start writing it? How many chapters does it have? Maybe we should start here. What do you think?

Okay. I start question it if it’s writing material after reading a lot of other romance stories and I realized that my story doesn’t have much romantic stuff in it.

I started my story about a year ago and it have at least 36 chapters.

I think Romance must be romantic in a way. But it’s a very personal preference, you know? And by romantic, I mean the characters must be into each other at some point of the story so their relationship can be build.

I’ve read romance books where characters were apart and not talking for most part of the story and romance stories where they only seemed to have sex. In both cases, the characters didn’t have internal and external goals. There was no conflict or a well defined plot. And I think those are key elements for a good Romance Story. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thank you.

:slight_smile: Good luck with your work!

Thanks. Oh, in your opportunity, how soon should the characters would express their feeling toward each other. Like what chapter?

I’m going to answer that as the vivid romance reader I am. :nerd_face: so have in mind this me giving a very personal opinion (nobody knows your story better than you do).

I’m attracted to real-like characters. I don’t believe in love at first sight but I do believe in crushes. You find that girl/boy funny, cute, hot, whatever but you don’t really love him.

And then you’re kind of into him/her. You want to to talk to him/ her but maybe:

  • you’re not confident enough ----> so, it’s clear in your story someone is into someone but they’ll have to work toward the point where they put their feelings out there.

  • or you have no problems to make sure he/she knows you crushing on him/her -------> so maybe you write bolder/ confident characters that will have no problems to state their feeling since the very begining.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which chapter is better for each stage of their relationship. :wink:

As a reader, I like to enjoy a story where the relationship between the characters is believable and the stages of the relationship and the conflicts are well developed and explored.

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Thank you for your advice! :slight_smile:

You’re more than welcome! :slight_smile:

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