Seeking to read more romance

hello everyone, i want to read new romance books as i also write some and I’m looking to improve myself by reading what others wrote. So, are you up for it?


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as you are looking for reads, I shifted your thread across to the “Story Services - Requests category”. Otherwise, people get tempted to advertise in the threads, which is not what we like to see :wink:. Maybe, you can also specify what exactly you are interested in. There are so many romance subgrenres? Historical? Paranormal? Sweet? It might stop you from getting inundated with things you do not feel comfortable with.
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May I ask, before I post, what type, if any are you looking to read? As I will not recommend my book if it is not your thing. It’s a psychological thriller LGBT romance story. Its average 2k a chapter and is quite long. Not everyones cup of tea :wink:

I have just started a romance on my profile in case you want to check it out. :slight_smile:


Ada Sinclair is ready to graduate high school and head off to her dream college. After working hard for the grades and even harder at her godmother’s coffee shop to pay for it, the next step of her life is only a few months away.

But a month before graduation, Ada’s mother comes home to reveal a diagnosis she’s kept a secret for the last several years, one she can no longer hide. All their lives will change forever and Ada knows she must put her dreams aside for the sake of family. With her life in crises and crumbling around her, Ada turns to the man who’s mentored and been there for her throughout high school, a man who seems willing to risk everything to be there for her in her time of need.

As their friendship grows stronger, they find strength in one another and a connection they can only ignore for so long.


Summary: After beings of another world kidnap her brother for a mad sorcerer’s schemes, the disfigured ward of Dasos will be sent on the adventure of her life…

Sahara is the young ward of the royal family of Dasos. Despite her kind nature, she is consistently shunned by most of society due to her mysterious origins and a scar that most believe to be a consequence of witchcraft. She is resigned to her place in Dasos, but the death of her grandmother and the monarchs of Dasos brings forth an overwhelming longing for a freedom she has quietly yearned for. There seems to be nothing she can do to change her fate, though.
However, when her adopted brother Nashoba is abruptly kidnapped by shadow-like creatures and a mysterious branded woman, Sahara makes a momentousness decision to follow her brother’s abductors. Suddenly thrust into a spectacular, yet, dangerous world, Sahara discovers a mysterious legend who could help her save Nashoba from a horrendous fate. Now, Sahara must overcome her own insecurities and trust in herself and others in order to brave this enchanting world and, perhaps, discover more about herself than she knew…




On the edge of achieving fame, rock musician Adriel Cross finds himself falling in love with the wife of established actor Dominique Vega: Evangelina Lamontagne, America’s most coveted model. What starts as a one night stand turns into a dangerous affair when Evangelina is hired as an actress on the set of Adriel’s latest music video shoot. As the affair continues, so do the flashes of the paparazzi cameras, causing Dominique to act on his suspicions in the worst ways imaginable.

Link to story:

Thank you for reading. I hope this is of interest to you. Enjoy.


Looking for romance? Here are some completed stories of mine:


Leigheanna Macias is stuck at her aunt’s house, instead of spending her summer holiday in Las Vegas with her brother and her friends as she wanted to. Boredom drives her to begin making prank phone calls one day.

Her day of pranks soon turns into a game between her and a guy. He keeps calling back just to speak to her and it’s soon apparent they’re becoming more involved.

Is there little game something more than a simple prank and will her aunt stand for such nonsense?


Rynn Heins doesn’t like parties and can’t find the point in taking part in prom when she doesn’t want to. Nonetheless, she’s forced to go there and dance the night away, possibly with someone special.

As she takes a restroom break and finds strange note, she, struck by curiosity, somehow finds herself signing up to a club no-one has ever heard of. The Burden of Breaking Hearts Club.

What is it about? How on Earth does Rynn wind up getting pulled into it? Why is nothing known about it and what happens behind closed doors? Rynn must find out the truth soon, or else it’ll be too late…


Six girls, whose relationship is too hard to be defined, find themselves at a car valet, knowing that they have to define their future and guide it towards the intended direction.

This, however, is easier said than done. Tension uncovers deep secrets and threatens to destroy the already precarious balances in the group, almost pushing them over the limit till they reach the infamous breaking point.


Alyssa and Kendall are friends. Or, this is what they think. There is something else in the air that Alyssa is aware of, but Kendall isn’t. However, the fear of losing each other is real and is crippling them.

How can they think of the good times they’ve had until now when the future is threatening to gang up on them with some unexpected surprises? How can they even think of moving forward when their present is uncertain?

This is what they have to find out, before it’s too late.

Is it possible for two people to be cut from the same cloth? Elena Matthews is a young girl trying to start a new life for herself while running away from her past. Tobias Quinn is a stubborn, rude young man trying to forget his past. Will they find love or will their stubbornness get in the way before both their past catches up with them?

Hi, I just finished this novella, hope you enjoy!

Title: Wattpad Letters: A vintage twist into a modern love story
Author: @eliyeda / Sue Rose Levy
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chicklit, Humor
Status: Completed Story
No. Chapters: prologue+17 chapters+epilogue
Sally Ross is your typical Wattpad user. She enjoys reading, writing and critiquing.

But Wattpad is just a virtual world that she uses to escape from her reality.

Shaun Jonas is the pen name of another Wattpad user with more secrets than he’s willing to share. Yet, he found himself genuinely interested in Sally. A first for him.

This is a story of how a casual Wattpad interaction can turn into so much more.

Triggers: Mature Language, Sexual Language/Content, and Depression

Reviewed by Majestic Inc Reviews and Edits
“I love this book, it deserves more reads. The humor was amazing! […] this book is very original in my opinion. I haven’t seen anything like it before.” ~ Rafee_Tafee

“I’m loving Wattpad Letters SO MUCH. Seriously, you’ve got a really great concept here, and your writing is amazing. I really love the mash-up between the real-world and the online world.” ~ Rachelle_Rachelle_

“I got no idea how this amazing book has this small amount of reads. Honestly, it’s the best story I have read. This is so unique and God … I’m wordless but it’s beautiful.” ~ alwysdreaming1

Hey! I’d love for you to check out my romance novel, I Never Imagined @Infinitebae Here’s the link:

Thank you!

Title - TENNIS: Legacy War
Summary- ‘’… Life … Life … Life is a game of tennis.’’
Everything starts and is based on this sentence. Do not mistake yourself! This isn’t a basic story revolving around the sport of the nobles. It’s more of a metaphor. And you’ll soon get why. Let’s enter the world of the 1% of the population and understand. Let’s live with true insiders the ups and downs, the roller coasters, of the life of the golden youth. Without filter, let’s get into a world where all that counts is the bank account and the pedigrees. Let’s share their loves, their battles, their struggles, their sorrows. Let’s live through their eyes and enjoy their world, because everything is not what is seems. Of course, not without the glamorous touch and the Chanel bags as additions. Get your golden rackets out!
Link -


We can spend years trying to find the real meaning of love, searching for the one person that can warm our heart. Sometimes we don’t realize that it has been right there, in front of us this whole time.


Because you’re different

What if your body doesn’t always do what you want it to do?

For June, this isn’t a question, but a daily reality. As a fourteen-year-old with cerebral palsy, frequently dropping stuff and being stared at by complete strangers is nothing out of the ordinary. Other than that, life is great, until her parents decide to move to California.

With all her friends miles away and nobody there to protect her from boys stealing your lunch, school becomes a lot more complicated than it had been. Then, she befriends Sam Redstone, a shy boy who’d always been invisible to others.

June’s days improve drastically with Sam by her side, and when she meets his older brother Nathan, she finally believes her cousin Valentina might have been right about sexy California guys. Slowly, she and Nathan develop a unique friendship, one that, June finds herself hoping, might someday turn into something more. But as the years go by, she’s starting to think she might never be with him that way, or any other man for that.

Hey @Infinitebae!

I have a new (complete) romance story on my page, hope you like it if you choose to read it! :slight_smile:


All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming guitarist, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As one person’s career takes off and the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?

[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]

In case you like fantasy romance books :slight_smile:

Lady of the Ravendale


Important tags:

Romance, Fantasy, Polyamory, Mystery, Matriarchy.

After living for five years in the futuristic world of Etria, Annbelle has to return back to a home that is filled with magic in Ravendale. Her mother died from sickness; now she will have to become head of the household.

Little did she know that her parents managed arrange marriage before their death.

Nathaniel and Alexander are infamous twins, they are known to be cruel to women who tries to tame them. Unfortunately, Annabelle will be their wife.

Polygamous marriage where one woman marries multiple men is a normal thing in Ravendale, while in Etria marriages are only monogamous.

Follow Annabelle’s journey as she uncover secrets of Ravendale and her true origin.


Hi! I don’t know if my story is what you’re looking for as it’s main genre is fantasy, but a big sub-genre of it is romance. There are several scenes in it that are sure to make your heart melt. It’s not finished - it’s still ongoing - but I update once a week, every week. I hope you take the time to check it out. :blush:

Frozen Flame


Book 1 of ‘the War of Fire and Ice’ chronicles.

“If you were the evil in this world, if your very existence could destroy this world, if you caused so much pain and death to everyone around you no matter what you did… And no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t die… would you do everything you could, everything in your power to find a solution to the problem, even if it meant hurting people?”

Thorn is captured, the world is split in two, and the ruling kingdoms are on the brink of war. Everything seems to be plunging into despair, when Thorn’s family are thrown into the midst of the fight. With Thorn’s children now also captured, his wife is left to raise an army to free both him and his children. However, sometimes things are more complicated than they appear. Sometimes, there is no clear option. Sometimes death is the only answer.

Status: Ongoing - weekly/fortnightly updates
32 parts - Intro, prologue, 28 chapters, 2 breakers

I hope you take the time to read my story, and I hope you enjoy it!
Imagination, dreams and reality become one… - Sylvia Shadow

A beautiful book just waiting to be discovered!

Enter the world of Fire and Ice here:


Gracie (Grace) Anderson stops believing in fate and soulmates- when her four-year relationship ultimately falls apart within seconds of being in a bathroom stall. When she craves revenge on a drunken whim- She falls victim to divine intervention and an unexpected surprise from her own mistakes.

“Do you want me to help you forget about him?”
I bite my lower lip and look up at his gaze. Feeling dizzy from all of that drinking- yet, I still want this. I want them all to feel pain. I’ve never wanted anything more.
“I want to forget.” I simply say.
He leans in and gives me a soft, yet tender kiss.
Pulling back, I catch him grinning at me. I feel myself blush and leaning back in- knowing where this is going to go.


Hello! I am writing a teen fiction romance. I try to update as regularly as possible. I appreciate comments but I don’t need editing help so please enjoy reading without feeling the need to edit. :blush:


Innocent Emily Kim


“What do you want,” she repeated.

“Break up with Axel.”

Her eyes widened, mouth opening slightly. Aiden’s eyes darkened, looking at her parted lips.

“Close your mouth, baby, or I might have to close it for you,” Aiden murmured huskily.

Emily is in love with Axel Armstrong. She would do anything to get to know him better. When she finds out he needs her help, she’s willing to be his fake girlfriend, if it means that she can be romantic with him.

But what happens when Axel’s brother, Aiden, steps into the picture? And why is he so determined to break them up?

For mature audiences only.

© All Rights Reserved


My story is a modern-day New/Young Adult Romance that’s one part Phantom of the Opera and one part Beauty and the Beast (no Stockholm Syndrome or abuse here, thank you) with a little dash of crime drama mixed in.


After suffering extensive injuries in Afghanistan from an IED that killed his best friend, Ryan decided he was better off dead. He intended to live out the rest of his days alone, away from the media circus surrounding his famous family, away from his heartless ex-fiancee, and away from anyone who knew him before his deployment. When he finds a young woman unconscious and succumbing to hypothermia in the snow outside his remote cabin, his plans to live in complete isolation are thrown into chaos. Though he tries to keep her at arm’s length, he finds himself warming to her as she quietly brings life back into his lonely existence. But he’s not the only one in hiding, and she’s keeping a terrible secret that could get them both killed.

“It’s been a while since I felt so motivated to read and that is all thanks to your story. So far it’s been nothing short of amazing and I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next. Another thing I appreciate is how much it differs from the cliche “overpowering alpha male and weak female” kind of story. Both [main characters] are equally broken, trying to find light together. It’s so realistic to the point where it makes me cry and laugh along with them.:heart::heart:

Read it here!