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I was thinking of self-publishing somewhere down the road.
wattpad has a lot of experienced writers so I was thinking why don’t you all share your stories of self-publishing, maybe provide words of wisdom for wannabes like me.


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Thanks for understanding.

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Self-publishing is certainly more viable than it has been in the past, and I’ve had success with both it and traditional. My biggest pieces of wisdom:

  • If you self-publish do not do so unless you can (and do) release a book that will stand toe-to-toe with what the traditional publishers are putting out.

  • Most authors (no matter which path) don’t earn a living wage, so don’t think all you have to do is “make it and they will come.” That said, the burden on the author for building an audience is about the same whether self or traditional.

  • When first starting out, don’t spend a lot of time “marketing” your first book (or even the first two). At those early stages its important to get enough content to make it worth the time and effort to “get the word out” - so three is a magic number. Spend 90% - 95% of your time writing, and only a very little amount of your time marketing – and concentrate those efforts in getting reviews as you really shouldn’t start “marketing” until you have at least 10+ Amazon reviews and 25+ goodreads reviews.

  • Self-publishing IS NOT the “easy route” - you have to do everything a writer does AND everything a publisher does. This means (a) learning a great deal (b) finding people to hire to fill in the areas you can’t do yourself (editing and cover design) and © spending money to produce a quality product.

I hope some of this helps.


By ’ marketing ’ you mean the paid advertisements right?

Not necessarily. I mean any “activity” that involves time or money to get people to read your book. I’ve done a lot of “marketing” over the year, but I’ve paid very little. A few “giveaways” here and there and an occassional “boosted” Facebook post. But I’m not doing AMS ads or Facebook Ads like many authors do.

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Thanks for clarifying.

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