Self-Publishing with FriesenPress?

Recently I’ve stumbled upon FriesenPress, which helps you with self-publishing your book and gets it into stores. I was wondering if anyone else has used FriesenPress and if you have, how well did it turn out for you? I’m wary because it is a fairly hefty fee, so I’m unsure on the investment aspect and whether it has paid off for others. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Paying somebody to publish your book is a scam 99.99% of the time. No reputable book store is going to willingly give shelf space to a book that had to pay to be published when there are billions of books out there that went through a traditional publisher or at least found success from a free self-publisher (which will lead to a real publisher most of the time)

If you want to self publish, your best bet is probably Amazon. If you want to spend money, go to your local book stores and see if you can buy shelf space.


Alright, that’s good to know! Thank you for the information :blush:

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They can’t get your books into stores. What they do – and they say it clearly – is make your book available in the Ingram catalog, which is what bookstores use for ordering. As mentioned above, the chances of a bookstore picking a self pubbed title from that catalog is next to nil unless that title has thousands of sales and a metric ton of buzz.

And here’s what they don’t tell you: YOU can list your self published book in Ingram too! You don’t need them to do it!!

My guess is there’s nothing they can do for you that you can’t hire freelancers to do for you, just as well – or better. The question is, do you want to pay more money to avoid the hassle of finding and hiring resources. Some people definitely do!

Personally, I would choose companies rated highly on the curate list at the following link. (Select All from the drop down in the upper left corner of the table. Soooo much easier to view.)


That’s definitely good to know, thank you so much for the info!!

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It is not self-publishing if you are paying someone to do it for you. Finding your own cover art and editor will definitely be cheaper.


If they ask you to pay, they’re vanity publishers, Don’t pay.

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Hi there,

I think it’s great that people have all these opinions on a company they have probably never used. Really terrific stuff. Very informative. Most of it is wrong, but hey … does that really matter?

I’ve published three books with Friesen, and although I’m looking to become entirely self-published, I may go with them for one more book for unusual reasons.

They are not a “scam” but it’s good to know all the pros and cons. I’m not going to get into it here, send me a message if you want me to elaborate,or if I can help in any way.

Ian Mitchell-Gill
(Not an employee of Friesen, LOL!)

How much did they charge you for this? Ballpark figure.

Basic definitions:

  • Traditional publisher = provides all services with no upfront charge, is paid entirely through royalties from sales, has distribution to bookstores and other benefits that you couldn’t do as a self publisher
  • Small press = doesn’t charge up front, publishes you but can’t do anything that you can’t do yourself
  • Vanity publisher = charges you up front for services (like cover and editing), ALSO takes royalties, publishes you but can’t do anything you can’t do for yourself
  • Self publishing services company = charges you for services – you pick package or individual services – and doesn’t take royalties or “publish” you

Which is Friesen Press?

OH. MY. GOD. I just went and looked at their fees. Holy shit they’re overpriced. HUGELY. Their cheapest package is $5000. And it goes up from there to $15K!!!

Dear God, no one should ever pay that kind of money. You could work with freelancers from the Big 5 and publish a truly professional product for less than $5k.

Frankly, I don’t care whether they are a vanity press or a self publishing company. They are way, way, way over-priced.

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