Send me books that are about another culture (but in English)



I’m talking POC main characters, Lgbtq themes, even religious themes. I like a good romance that has fantasy in it. If anyone has seen Ashes of Love (a Chinese drama) then something like that, or one that is set in India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya etc.

I also wouldn’t mind it if the main character is female, and it has some feminism themes.

I’m English so that would be helpful if it is in English. :slight_smile:

Thankyou. :slight_smile:


I have a Dark Historical Fantasy with a gay Aztec deity and a gay Viking Vampire in the leading roles. It’s very focused on Norse Mythology and old nordic culture as well as Aztec.

I have a promo here:

And a link here:


Racing against all odds by musketeer princess.
She is a indian writer


My fantasy WiP has a black woman as the main character :slight_smile: It’s a little gothic and not as fast paced as my other stuff. You can read it here:


Books by thisisroy is also very good
Mystery and thriller
And the last stop by chewton


I’ve got a realism story called Snow Space based on gang culture - Male POC protagonist, but definately not fantasy lol. Not sure if you’ll like it but thought I’d drop it here anyway


Check out this original Science Fiction about an American of Nigerian descent. Its mainly set in Nigeria and it’s unlike anything you’ve read. Click picture for link to story

Give a bullied teenager powers like Joshua has and find out what is possible if matter can be manipulated to the sub-atomic.


I am not sure how much fantasy you can tolerate but if you want:

a realistic romance:

@Voyageavecmoi has an MC with Philippine ancestry who comes to teach in Thailand that is hard to put down

a supernatural romance:
@lesserknown1 has a beautiful supernatural mystery with the MCs that are completely different from anything and have various ancestry

If you are okay with fantasy, my two stories are in a fantasy variant of Ancient China and another one is in a completely different setting influenced by India and Italy, but with matriarchal society. Link in my profile in case you are interested.


A fantasy story with a mainly Slavic setting, but some of the characters belong from other nations that are referenced with other real nations.


As an innocent young boy, Dmitri was known as the “white cambion,” the strongest sorcerer to walk on earth. Many hated him for his background as “unpure,” born dead and able to wield magic. Some praised him for defeating the power-greedy tsar of Kiva.

Now an irresistibly handsome young man, Dmitri spends his time drinking in taverns and wreaking havoc in parties and gatherings, attempting to wash away the regrets of his past. When an exorcist named Greta came to hunt for Dmitri and eliminate him for good, she gives him an ultimatum; either he helps her take down the “black cambion,” or he spends his time in special confinements for witches to sleep for eternity.

His return to a new journey marks Dmitri’s new misdirections, exorcisms, monster hunts, and reflections to his old life. With new partnerships in the adventure, he slowly realizes how much he’s changed, and the risks he’s willing to take for someone he loves.

:heavy_check_mark:Always-changing foreign settings
:heavy_check_mark:Most main characters come from varieties of nationalities(Asian spirit, Black/Middle-Eastern Prince, etc.)
:heavy_check_mark:Drama-Action romance based story(like Ashes of Love, I love that show!)
:heavy_check_mark:Strong female lead


I have an Indian Romance titled ‘Undying Love’. I would like to know your thoughts on it.


Thanks in advance for checking it out :slight_smile: (real issues of real life guaranteed)

It has many characters with different backgrounds, that I feel are hugely under-represented in the literature (immigrants, lgbtq+, illegal immigration…)

TITLE Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human
SUMMARY **I’m starting this story where this girl tries to make her way through life while trying not to take the absurdity of existence too seriously. **

"-I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Fair enough."

Here’s a little quote

I waved at her and made my way down the stairs and through the glass door of the building. I closed it, feeling the cold handle on my fingers and the crispy winter air engulf me in a warm embrace.
What a lovely day not to commit suicide, I thought to myself before heading to my house.


If you want to go to Malaysia and experience one wild ride of emotions, you just HAVE to read Special Someones by @mrbunnyban

I came across this book in a queer fiction book club. Since it was set in high school, I prepared for a cute but usual school-age love story. Wrong! So fiercely wrong was I! The main characters are a Chinese bad boy, an overachieving good girl and an autistic biracial Malaysian-European. It tackles so many things without once seeming preachy or too good to be true. It’s just a 21st century love triangle, and the writer knows how to keep you invested.

Look, I don’t want to try to describe it b/c I know I won’t do it justice. All I can say is that I started reading the 2 chapters I was supposed to complete for the book club and wound up nearly finishing the book over the weekend.

I cried, I screamed. I laughed so hard that I woke up my partner. I made a complete nuisance of myself in the comment section lol This book is the real deal. It may read a little differently since the writer is editing it from an original screenplay format, but seriously give it a chance. I give it a 5/5!

Real Life Me: Man, that was a good book.
Inner Me: Best book ever! screaming mentally
Internet Comment Section Me: Real Life + Inner Me + More exclamations and emojis

Warning: Once you get to the midway mark, this book is best read in private so no one looks at you crazy for maniacally shouting at the characters. Oh, and it’s smut-free!! Well, I don’t know if you’re into that sort of thing, but I counted it a bonus lol


Thank you @flyinghomo.



This book has Indian main character.
It is a general fiction which deals with real life situations.

Female is the main character here, though the story is in third person.
However in the start she is a total damsel in distress because of her upbringing and beliefs. But by the end of the story she will grow to be a strong woman.

P.S. The story is not completed, yet and has ten parts. But currently it is on haitus until I finish my exams.


Wow, thanks for the shout out, @lesserknown1.

Although ‘Special Someones’ is completed, as @lesserknown1 says the work is undergoing a huge amount of editting. I tried to do too many unique things with the format before converting it back to something more conventional. It’s driving me crazy but I’m doing my best to improve it. If you can read it, I’d appreciate feedback on how well the prose flows now.



Well, the world we live in now is not so rigidly separated by geography anymore soo I’ll throw ALL my stories into this category. There are always characters of different ethnic groups/cultures though I may not necessarily spell that out.

So this particular story(which I’m still working on) is probably the most explicit in stating geography/culture. Indian setting with diverse characters


No problem :innocent::hugs:


Hi! @ElysianLennie I see you are interested in romance. :blush:

My book is Vampire / Supernatural romance blends with family theme.
Supernatural creatures, but their environment is modern.
There’s an element of realism love drama blends with fantasy.
Characters & places are all Taiwanese. The culture is (southern) Chinese.
I’m writing this story from my viewpoint who’s ethnically Chinese.

Main character is actually female, but there’s also Point of View from the main male character as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

TITLE: CLOSE BLOOD | Reminiscence


“Be a vampire.”
Huang Li-Yang, a failed witch, being serious with her dream after she has lived her life as ‘normal human’. Her love story is no longer felt ‘normal’ again since she has been romantically involved with her vampire cousin, Chou Ch’eng-Huan.

A kind of love that is real and worth fighting for.
Love that blurs the barrier between familial love and romantic love.

Unfortunately, kind of love that is considered wrong and taboo in their society.


Hi there, we have chatted on other thread with Korean culture based so here I want to offer my WIP story with Korean background too since you are looking for a POC lead :sweat_smile: so all the characters & places are South Korean based.

My current novel is a Vampire themed with mystery/thriller as the sub-genre. Unfortunately, I don’t have romance in it.

Title: The Detective: Devil Within
Summary: a young detective was framed for the murder of his own brother. To clear his name he changed his identity & worked as a private detective, while at the same time investigate his framing case.

But one day, he was turned into a vampire by a mysterious man after an accident, which he might have the key to his case and even his pasts.



Thank you for the shout-out!

I’ve really enjoyed @DomiSotto 's Crimson Qi (which is the one set in an Ancient China-like setting). A fast-paced, unique story with many memorable characters, including strong-willed female ones.

Continuing with the China theme, @greydaygirl has written The Wandering God which has a strong female lead who was once a God but has been reduced to living immortally as a human. She’s not your average female protagonist and certainly entertaining to follow.

@Gryffindorslonewolf writes For Your Love which is set in India and follows Meena who is attending her best friend’s wedding and runs into her childhood crush now that they are both adults.