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Would you be okay with a story where one of the MCs (not the narrator) is asexual? I’m currently writing the story from his POV, too.

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Of course! Ace characters are love <3


Queerplatonic relationships count? ;D

The UnTitled


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Hello !

Do you read only in English ? :slight_smile:
Since you didn’t mention it !

Thank you for giving me a chance! ^-^


Blaze in the Darkness

High Fantasy

The death of the Beast Collector was the beginning of a new life for firefox kit Zanixa.

Sold to a werewolves as an illusion in a bottle, the pack is reluctant to take responsibility for the fox kit who is alone in the world. Now she’s freed after centuries of imprisonment, the pack’s resident vampire takes care of her.

Zanixa has other ideas than staying with them, though. She is eager to find her mother… if her mother is still alive. The world is a big, dangerous place for a young magical fox who knows nothing about werewolf wars, hungry rogues, or nature spirits.

Here’s the link :slight_smile:

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: These words light up my life.

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And not tryna be dat bish that advertises her own story buuuut, my lesbian story Devilish Instincts is low-key cool so…

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Ah, I’m really sorry but unfortunately I do. :frowning: Wish I learnt more languages ugh

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No problem, thank you

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Hope you enjoy reading this one.

Title - Walls and eyes
Genre - General fiction
Chapters - 30 chapters and ongoing
Blurb -A young handsome heir, Maxime Lacroix has a life twisting moment - he suddenly finds himself caught between surviving an accident that took his father’s life and left him blind, and finding out if been alive is an option for for him.
Now his nurse is dead. Or was she killed?
Once a nutritionist, now a medical assistant with a degree in psychology, Samuel’s detective nature is put to test as he ventures to uncover the unheard secrets lurking behind the walls of the Lacroix mansion.
Thanks for this.

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Title: Tangled Love

Cover: 36

Description: ❝Barrier in love is not always religion, it can also be . . . gender.❞

Ever heard of a girl falling for a boy and her best friend getting jealous?

Of course, that happens all the time. Best friends often get jealous because the other person starts to spend more time with their partner than us.

But, what if that’s not the only reason for jealousy?

Chitrani and Haaniya were not just best friends, they were diaper buddies. Born and brought up together they grew fond of each other, but as slowly and steadily the adult hormones kicked in – things turned out strange and confusing.


I hope you enjoy it.


As far as other stories. I have a whole handful if you are looking for good LGBTQ Content. I’m here to spread the love!

We got @amandamaedowney with Corvus. I haven’t gotten that far into it yet- but I here rumors and it’s a well written work of art combining western settings with pirates. How can you not love it?

@NamiarTopit has a M|M, Fan X Service romance whose characters are so realistic it kind of hurts and everyone thinks its fanfiction because they feel so alive. But it’s all original!

@rhymeswithfry has a super awesome transgender FtM slice of life story, Accidentally Stealth, that is a great relaxing read and poses some great social issue and questions, with a very light hearted tone. I get excited every time there is an update :slight_smile:

@LilySeabrooke has a F|F romance, Yakusoku, takes place in Japan and touches on some dark but important mental health and addiction issues, all with a fun premise and a twist I did not see coming.

Phew. I think that covers it. Hopefully there is something you’ll like there :smiley:


You are so kind! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely check it out. <3

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When I see stuff I like, I gotta share ;D (especially of the LGBTQ kind)

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      Miya has a secret

A person must use caution when rescuing a butterfly

Read In SO Many WORDS and see if
you love butterflies as much as Hana does

On Wattpad
WINNER of the Wattpad4 Read Review and Share Contest!

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I highly recommend Come Hell or High Water by @ccstarfield - a wonderfully written novella starring two men who find each other and fall in love :heart:

And as an afterthought, my novel Vodka Espresso features a handful of prominent LGBTQ characters, although they are not the main focus of the story (they play important supporting roles, though).

Happy reading! :blush:



Mine is here


Its a parnormal romance but deals with mental illness as well.

Feel free to stop by: Read here

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If you’re looking however for sth fun:

@DaniiMei 's book is all shades of adorable. It also has anime/manga vibes with a decent plot & swoon worthy characters.

Happy reading

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