Sephira Graphics *OPEN*


Sorry for the bad thread, I’m still learning how to use the new community.


More examples here.

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indifferential - Metanoia (to be delivered on Jan 13th)
DaughterXofXHades - Cascading Shadows (to be delivered on Jan 16th)
PolishKlutz - Tempest (to be delivered on Jan 16th)

Book Jacketss
Dredge116 - The Proving Series (to be delivered on Jan 17th)


is there a form for icons specifically?




Suman S.

I’d like the image of a rose in a glass as the focal point of the cover and maybe have an image of a crown as the slightly faded background (but still bold enough to see yet shadowed enough to not look pasted on). Title font should be cursive maybe but still legible and at the top of the cover. I don’t mind a plain background or if you want to layer faded images of a city and/or castle but no borders please. If you find a better crown image to use that would be great too



(please isolate the crown and don’t show the hands)

Anything else:
Not really








Title: Death Bound (font)
Subtitle: n/a
Author: Gracie Lynn
Ideas: I wanted a girl floating in the air, and dark black vines dragging her down. Maybe some flames down below? Maybe small small red roses on the vines, with some of them black
Mood: This is another book in the series to give ypu an idea for the colors and mood. Dark burgundy, black, white, shades of grey. Very dark and haunting
Anything else: I want this to be really manip’d, so if that’s too much just let me know :slight_smile:


I’ll start it when I wake up (it’s 4:23 AM and I haven’t slept) and I’ll make sure to send it to you. Please do the payment as soon as you receive the cover or before, whichever you prefer.
I’ll keep the cover open in PS for 24 hours after it has been delivered, in case you want any changes.




Title: Raven Song
Subtitle: Obsession leads to madness
Author: Carson Pence
Ideas: I really really like your manip cover “Crows Among Doves” so you can take inspo off that. But I would also like a white border around the cover. The main focus being a black haired woman in a dark dress possibly holding a candle/lantern would be great. For the background a dark and gray city. (think 1800s london). If you could somehow incorporate a raven that would be great too!
Mood: dark. the story is dark fantasy so if you could reflect that onto the cover that would be amazing.
Photos: as i said, your cover “crows among doves” here’s a novel’s cover that inspired mine as well.
Anything else: what is a book jacket and thread for the payment?


I do like it a lot! Would it be possible to move the title to the top of the page so that that vines can be more clear? And if you could add roses to it as well!


Something like this?



Hi! Accepted!
And the payment is a comment in my book Sephira (the thread or the book jacket are another type of graphic, for which the payment is also a comment).
I’ll start your cover tomorrow morning!


Title: Conquerors
Subtitle: Reign Of Rebellion
Author: Yasmeen J. (Can you make sure you capitalize the J on the cover)
Ideas: So I was thinking of a silver crown front end center on a rocky textured background with green mist/smoke surrounding it and a dagger going through the middle of it (downward)
Mood: No color other than the silver and green
Photos: 635429486580755170
The rocky background

The crown

The mist

The dagger (it has to be curvy)

This is how I want text placed and also the same font and to give you an idea of how I want the dagger placed.
Anything else: Nope


Thank you!


And Merry Christmas if you celebrate it!




thanks! So I’m currently working with your cover but I’m only missing the background because I’m having a hard time finding the right stock images.


Title- Depressed,Suicidal&Faithfully yours.
SUBTITLE- All of the above.
Author- AnnLx
Idea- i am not sure, but you get the vibe ryt? its basically about a girl(14 years) trying to survive with severe depression and so…and this is her diary.
Pictures- go wild with your imagination…
pm me bout doubts