Sephira Graphics *OPEN*


Title: All This Time
Subtitle: We’ve waited for each other
Author: Hiitwasntme
Ideas: I really like what you did for the cover of Kik and Long Live the Thirdwheels so if it is possible I would like to have Olivia Holt, Tom Holland and Shawn Mendes on the cover.
Mood: Something happy
Photos: I don’t know if you prefer PNG of JPG, just let me know which you prefer and I will try to find some pictures :slight_smile:

Anything else: Your covers are amazing :slight_smile:


mood:depressing and suicidal
photos:i couldnt get any pics but im sure you get the pic
anything else: ur amzingly talented


Hey! just checking in to see if you’re still active… i don’t want to seem impatient but the last time i requested a cover, it got accepted yet still hasn’t been finished in 20+ days lol


I want to cancel my request


Title: The Secrets of a Missing Beauty Queen
Subtitle: Maybe there’s more to her than we thought
Author: Ash Stepp
Ideas: There girl with purple hair should have a cartoon X over her face or something to indicate that she’s missing. The knife should be in a visible place in the background to indicate a murder. The girl with black hair should be edited to have blood on her if you can.
Mood: Dark
Photos: knifeIf you can’t use the first photo, the model in the 3rd and fourth photos is Phoebe Tonkin 1 2 3 4
Anything else:


I’m sorry for not delivering your cover yet, I went on an unexpected trip with my family and I wasn’t aware of it!!! I am terribly sorry, but I’ll give you your cover today! And I know it’s been 10 days (to be exact) but today you’ll have your graphic.


Would you like anything specific in your cover?


And thanks love! It means a lot when people compliment my covers :blush:


Is there anything specific you would like in your cover?
And thanks for the compliment! <3


Just to clarify, you want 2 girls in the cover
One with purple hair and an X
And another one with black hair and blood
Another must is the knife to signify the murder. Is this right?




Yeah pretty much. Also for the knife, if you can’t manage to do that that’s fine, but I would like it to be on there


don’t worry about it, and the graphic looks great! thanks so much


Hope you like the cover! I read the summary of your story and that’s why I put the phone and everything. If you want any changes, you have 24 hours to tell me! :blush:





Title: The Mixed Breed.
Subtitle: could you show me a subtitle that says “I didn’t realize it was a crime to be alive.” and one without it if you don’t mind (if you accept of course!)
Author: Tara Stevens
Story’s summary: Sophia’s sixteenth birthday is nearing and old secrets and lies are about to be undug. They remained hidden for sixteen years, and they are about to be revealed to the innocent Sophia. It sends the world she always knew spiralling. Unsure what to do next she begins her parade of rebellious actions to have a chance at living, before the secrets that kept her hidden are revealed
Mood: dark, a fate she doesn’t want.
Photos:59%20AM 18%20AM
These are the old covers I used. I’m in dire need of a new cover.
Anything else:Purple eyes, brown hair. This is a type of cover I always loved the look of (if this helps! with ideas).






Could I request?