Sephira Graphics *OPEN*


please remember to do the payment for the manip cover, which is a comment on my book Sephira, in any chapter you’d like


Title: The Save
Subtitle: The Firefighter and the Celebrity
Author: Emry Austin
Story’s summary: 30 year old Lieutenant Leon Walker of the Chicago Fire Department performs his normal everyday duties until the day he saves what is said to be a celebrity that he’s never heard of in his career, saving her from a burning building and keeping contact ever since that day.
Ideas: I’ve got two ideas, both the same really. Only one change. 1) Silhouette of a firefighter walking away from the blaze behind him with a woman in his arms. 2) Firefighter walking away from a blaze behind him with Alexandra Daddario in his arms.
Mood: Thrilling

image (background behind silhouette)

image (Similar to this photo)

(If you use the background at the top,please use the silhouette on the left of this where its clear he’s carrying a woman. Or you can use the above photo)

Anything else: Hope you accept because all of your covers look fantastic! Also the cover type I request is simple. Again, thanks for giving me this opportunity to request!




Hey! Your cover is now ready, I hope you like it! If you want any changes, you have 24 hours to tell me! :blush:
With subtitle



okay! will do it now :slight_smile:


Hi! I am quite sorry to say that I’m going to have to cancel the cover because I can’t come up with a graphic that I’m proud of. I am so so sorry!!


Do you make fanfic covers?


Yeah, though you have to be specific on what you’d like so that I can make a graphic that you’d love :two_hearts:


OMG, I love it, it’s so pretty, could you show me what it would look like without the pentagons at the bottom. I’m really loving this cover :purple_heart::heart_eyes:




Thank you!! :slight_smile: I love them :purple_heart::purple_heart: your so talented


thank you so much! I’m really glad that you liked it :relaxed:


Title: One Direction
Subtitle: Imagines and Preferences
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Story’s summary: A bunch of one-shots, imagines, and preferences.
Ideas: I like your cover “Long the third wheels” so maybe something like that but with each member of One Direction; Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, and Zayn. or something along the lines of the whole band and then just add drawn hearts, arrows, or whatever to either a coloured or white background… The title I would like to be in this font
Anything else: Thanks if you accept.


Please complete the payment (one comment in my book Sephira) before the graphic is given to you.
Your graphic will be finished tomorrow on January 7th.


Title: The Awakening
Subtitle: The Cursed Book Series
Author:Tara Stevens
Story’s summary: Samantha’s life gets turned upside down with the passing of her grandfather. Her parents uproot her and move her away from the city she had always known and loved. Now she on route to a town she never even heard of, leaving behind her friends and boyfriend.

She starts her new adventure in a little town called “Crane Town.” A lot of mysterious and creepy things begin to happen to Sammy, and all she wants is to get back to the city life, desperately.

Mood: Dark
Photos: 56%20AM 46%20AM
Anything else: She’s going to awaken an ancient magic, some believe it as a curse and some others as a gift. Here Are some pictures I was thinking of using. The bottom one is the one I’m currently using but I can’t seem to get the colour right, and you cover art is awesome, so I was hoping you can make me a simple cover or if you don’t like the photos you can use a different one. :slight_smile:


With the second picture, what do you mean by “can’t get the colors right”?


Payment completed


I used an app to create the cover, and it puts a filter I don’t want on it. Wasn’t sure what to do but I needed a cover so I just rolled with it. :rofl:


Title: Helper
Subtitle: none
Author: S25189145

Summary: A girl with one purpose only. To end her life. On May 11th, she travel to the most dangerous city in Michigan: Muskegon Heights, looking to find anyone who can assist her death. Until a woman with extraordinary powers shows up…

Idea: A woman in a business suit with one of her hands has light coming out of it. Her face must not show in the cover. For the background it can be plain black or futuristic images but you can decide, I’ll take it anyway.

Mood: You decided! :slight_smile:

Photos: you decide

Anything else: that’s it, thank you sooo much!!!


Your graphic will be finished tomorrow on January 8th.