Sephira Graphics *OPEN*


Please complete the payment (one comment in my book Sephira) before the graphic is given to you.
Your graphic will be finished tomorrow on January 9th at the latest.


Payment completed:) planning to read the whole thing


Hey! Your cover is now ready, I hope you like it! If you want any changes, you have 24 hours to tell me! :blush:



It’s perfect! :heart:


Hey! I was wondering if you had any ideas on what you might prefer? Like I know you said you want a simple cover but I’m not sure if you’d like any changes in the color of something specific (eyes, hair, etc).


red hair blue eyes. dark theme type :slight_smile:


Title: Sea High
Subtitle: That which liberates is knowledge
Author: PreciousGem07
Story’s summary: One rainy afternoon, Tara Singh, a high scholar finds her one particular notebook missing. She lets the first debacle slide, and blame it on her memory. But when it happens again, she is determined to find the cause of it. When she comes across the real reason, all hells break loose.
Ideas: Something that has a high school-ish vibe with blue background. Or maybe a half-semi circle. Just Like a horizontal D comprising of different shades of blue.(Just like a logo). Sub-title written on the curved part of the D. (This is just an idea) You can use any picture with blue background. (Of the sea) and make an aesthetic cover.
Mood: Subtle. Light. and Blue. Not dark. But neutral.
Photos: Not have any. Hope that’s okay.
Anything else: Nothing else. Thanks in advance if you choose to accept.




sorry, could you please explain a bit more what you’re looking for in a cover?


Umm… Just a simple cover that does the ‘sea’ part of my title justice. You can even find a pic of sea blue building and it’ll do the work. It’s just that…it should be light and mood should be related to the nature. I don’t know whether I’m making any sense.


I think I got it, so yeah. I’ll try my best to portray what you’d like! You will receive your cover on Jan 9th.


Thank you!


Title: The Shadows of Magic
Author: Danilo Cassiano
Story’s summary: Daryl just learned he was an angel after nearly being killed by demons, now he has to learn how to use his new abilities to help defeat the demons terrorizing the city and the mages that are helping them. While also trying to survive a new school and save his friend from being possessed by a demon.
Ideas: I would like a rook chess piece with a dark shadowy flame floating over it, maybe have it also shining an indigo color. Not really sure what to do with the background.
Mood: Gradient from light, to gray, to dark, top to bottom. If not just a dark grayish.
Photos: I don’t have any.
Anything else: That’s about it. Thanks in advance if you accept it!


I manage to find some time to finish your cover today. Please tell me if you’d like any changes. I’ll keep it open for another 24 hours!



Your cover will be delivered Jan 10th. Please complete the payment before you receive your graphic (comment in my book Sephira, any chapter)


Whooaaaaa!! I’m blown away!! I’m definitely using this ONE!! Thank you sooo much!! I’ll definitely credit this. Again, thank you!!


Title: Peekaboo
Subtitle: I see you
Author: Rachel H.
Story’s summary:
I see you.
Where’d you go?
Natalya has been away from home since she was 16. But now seven years later, she unwillingly comes back to a place she once called home full of people she doesn’t know, who are full of dangerous secrets.

But they are nothing compared to hers.
Ideas:you have creative freedom so if you have a different idea then me, please go ahead and do it. Here are some ideas if you need though: a just a dark cover with light peeking through, banged up legs with cuts and bruises, a girls bare back with cuts and bruises, just a pair of eyes (either forest green or hazel). Colors: anything on the darker side, black, grey, red, purple. The story is about a sex trafficking victim so if you could do something with that
Mood: pretty dark theme to book so a cover with a dark aura around it, but I am also down with contrasting color (like a neon sign brightening up a dark room or club)
Photos: I don’t have anything specific but if you need some I can look
Anything else: the genre is action, romance, new adult. Also even if you decide not to do mine I do really appreciate the time you to read my extremely long post. Have a great day!(night?) I forgot how late it was haha


Your cover will be delivered Jan 11th. Please complete the payment before you receive your graphic (comment in my book Sephira, any chapter)




Thank you so much for making this cover! I really love it. What’s the payment?