Sephira Graphics *OPEN*


Just a small comment on my book Sephira (:


It’ll be done asap. Again, thanks a lot for creating such a wonderful cover!


Your cover will be delivered Jan 11th. Please complete the payment before you receive your graphic (comment in my book Sephira, any chapter). Also, I don’t know why but I can’t see the last url that you added.


Thank you! Payment is complete. Hopefully this link will work:


Will do! Thank you!


Payment is done, and I will continue reading :slight_smile:


Hey so I didn’t realize I requested this same cover on a different thread. I don’t want to thread hop. Can I request a different cover for my other book? I’ll fill out a new form


Title: the drug dealer
Subtitle: n/a
Author: imtotallynotokay
Story’s summary: andy biersack is a detective put on desk duty and Michael Clifford is a drug dealer the police have no idea what he looks like or what his real name is. The two meet and slowly fall for each other. (Sorry for this bad summary I never wrote one for it so I just came up with this very crappy thing on the spot).
Ideas: I have four ideas for a cover 1. Andy biersack walking through a dark park 2. Andy biersack in a prison uniform maybe crying 3. Andy biersack as a detective 4. Michael Clifford looking sketchy
Mood: gloomy/ dark
Photos: n/a
Anything else: if you decide to actually do a cover and you pick andy biersack in a prison uniform there’s already pictures of him in both white and orange jumpsuits the white one is from the music video wake up by black veil brides and the orange one is from the movie American satan




Title: Heartbeat

Subtitle: No subtitle

Author: Genevieve Hope

Story’s summary: Fresh out of college, Devyn Moore needed money. Without her parent’s financial aid, she was supporting her aspirations to attend medical school all on her own. She takes a job as a caretaker for a rich business man, but she clashes with his son, Caleb Di’Anno. Sparks will fly, but will she fall for his seduction?

Ideas: I’m obsessed with this cover:
The closest we can get to that would be fantastic! I would like to not be able to see the identity of the model as the main character is a specific celebrity (Julianne Hough with blonde, long hair). However, I can’t seem to find a photo of her that would suit this cover.

Mood: Light and delicate, giving a sort of angelic vibe.

Photos: See ideas.

Anything else: Thanks! I will add another comment for payment if this request is accepted.


Title: The Girl with the Candle
Subtitle: Not all embers can be extinguished
Author: PolishKlutz
Story’s summary: With the war at the door, the Nowak family played a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the Nazis in order to save lives. Over seventy years later another generation must fight their demons to survive.
Ideas: I would love a beach scene and a lighthouse in the background
Mood: romantic/dramatic
Photos: Adam Rodriguez, Lucy Hale (long hair), a red fox somewhere in the background.
Anything else:Please and thank you.


Your cover will be delivered in the same date as specified before.


Your cover will be delivered Jan 12th. Please complete the payment before you receive your graphic (comment in my book Sephira, any chapter).


Your cover will be delivered Jan 13th. Please complete the payment before you receive your graphic (comment in my book Sephira, any chapter).


Payment is done




Thank you! Can’t wait. Second payment is complete


Payment complete.


Title: Cascading Shadows
Subtitle: Book 1 of Reign of Darkness
Author: Hanna Macbeth
Story’s Summary:
Azrael is a slave that sees corruption and darkness everyday. He meets Seraphin, the Prince of Alara, which brings a bit of hope into his life for the future of the kingdom. However, it soon comes to a crashing halt when they are kidnapped by demons. What happens when they find out the demons are planning to overthrow the King and spiral Alara into an eternity of darkness?
Ideas: 1) A castle medieval castle casted in smoke. 2) black and white image of a prince’s backward and a roguish character facing forward
Mood: dark
Is the story published yet? YES
Anything else: I can try to find a picture explaining idea 2


Title: Metanoia
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Makayla Brown
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Opia is a witch, hunted her entire life. She possesses that ability to see into other people’s minds. She lives with a group of other witches, and search for their promised land. It is a place that promises peace and refuge to any witch that searches for it, but it has disappeared. When they find Eunoia, an extremely smart girl who the mistake for a witch, Opia bonds with the girl. Once Irena finds out that she is human, she threatens to kill her. In a fit of rage and protection, Opia rips Irena’s mind apart.
Ideas: I want it to be very professional looking, as I might print it out for myself. maybe a little bit darker, but i dont want the faces of any characters on it. the main character has long dark brown hair and is white. Other than that, I don’t have a lot of specific ideas
Mood: dark
Photos: none
Published: No

Thank you so much! I would appreciate it so much!