Are you looking to have your story edited? I am offering to edit your story as you write it (or if it is done, completely edit it). I will need them to be in either a word document, scrivener file, or google docs that way I can edit it more easily. I will take a look at your grammar, dialogue, character development, descriptions, and more. All I ask in return is that you follow me AND either give me a shout out, or dedicate a chapter to me.


Story Name:
Long-term or one time:
How many chapters are there:


Hiya, do you accept murder suspense? I only have 22 chapters and it’s completed. But I’m working on the final touches this week.

I have it on google docs as well.

Title: Black Diamond: Darkest Desire
Genre: Adventure
Josephine Washington is a woman who has never had control over her life. Not only did she have to leave her home, her ‘boyfriend’ Adrian Wells forced her to join a world-renowned girl group, for fame and fortune. The public only see what they want to: the popstar with the perfect family and life, they don’t see the pain and suffering she endures. As a rising star, Josephine fights for herself and for her music.

Everything changes when she meets fellow singer Katrina Watts. What happens when she lets it slip that she knows Josephine’s secret? What happens when Josephine finds a new meaning in life from an unlikely source?

Long term

6 plus prologue

Yes! Send me the synopsis and the google doc to my messages :smiley:


:blush: Can do.

Story Name: Empire of Jadase: New Day
Genre: Fantasy
Synopsis: […there will be a child who shall be born into this Galaxy. …his wings shall be like that of a Paragon with a hundred perfectly golden quills. …this child shall be blessed with luck, bring peace and hope… He shall be a beacon of light, guiding those in the dark. But… he is born to destroy Jadase!] -Book of Prophecy-

The First Prince of Jadase, Laquadia, loved his nation just as much as he loved his lover, Serah. Jadase declared war on her nation and he had no choice but to follow. Laquadia did his best to help her, that was until he met Mozti. Whilst no one knew anything about him, all signs pointed to him being the child in the prophecy…

[The choice is to kill him, but the hope is to set him free.] -Book of Prophecy-

Hope, was what Laquadia needed at that moment. What will he do to Mozti? Was he considering to betray his nation? Will he fail in helping Serah?

At this point, one thing’s for sure, Jadase will be ruined.

Link: Can I PM it?:sweat_smile:

Long term.
Chapters: 6 chapters.
Thank you!
Can I just follow and dedicate a chapter to you as payment?

Story Name: The Witch Girl and Familiar Boy

Genre: Fantasy, Witches

Synopsis: A young witch enters a familiar contracts that forces her to face herself and define who she wants to be as a person and a witch.

Link: I have it on google docs and would prefer to share it privately!

Long-term or one time: long term

How many chapters are there: I’ve yet to complete the first chapter

Story Name: The Art of Loving
Genre: Teen fiction and romance
Synopsis: Ava is no stranger to heartbreak and pain. Her ex boyfriend cheated on her with her so called ‘best friend’ and the people who she thought cared about her, turned out to be toxic and fake. To make things even worse, Ava’s father treated her cruelly and made her believe she was worth nothing.

Ava decides to flee the town she once called home, in search for a fresh start. Upon arriving in St. Ray, Ava vows to leave the past behind, find herself again and maybe even love?

When she starts at a new school, she meets Daniel, a sweet and charming boy whose parents are going through a messy divorce. It doesn’t take her long to realise that he needs a friend just as much as she does. Figuring that there can’t be any harm with hanging out with each other, Ava lets her guard down.

Both lost souls, looking for something they didn’t realise they were searching for until they found each other.
Long-term or one time: long term please :grinning:
How many chapters are there: So far I only have one to be edited. I used to have an editor but they only did the first 6 chapters.
Thank you so much for considering

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Are you doing a long term editing?


Accepted! Please send me your chapters in a google doc, word doc, or scrivener project :slight_smile:

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Story Name: Claimed
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: She was 21, and looking for a new job in the city. A live-in role taking care of an estate with a less-than-stellar reputation seemed perfect for her… and so did the man hiring her.
Link: No chapters are uploaded yet as it is VERY rough now but here is the link

Long-term or one time: Long term OR one time, depending on how you feel
How many chapters are there: There are a total of 9

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Accepted. Please send me your chapters in a google doc, word doc, or scrivener project. I am good with Long term!

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Thata awesome, I will send as scriv file if possible please… how do you want me to send it ^^

Go ahead and email it to me. That is the best way for scriv file.

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Hi. Would you accept an ongoing LGBTQ story?


Hi sorry, I just looked at my Scriv files and its all a jumbled mess actually… is google docs okay for you? i just set up a google account

thats fine! Go ahead and send it to that email as well just so I have it in there :smiley:

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okay ive uploaded it but it wont let me share it with you, it says i have exceeded my sharing quota… ill pop a link in an email to you

I got it dear!

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