Serialization, or loaded in chunks?


Do people on wattpad prefer to read books serialized one chapter at a time, or is it better to publish them in chunks of groups of chapters?

I tend to split my chapters into parts these days, as my books run considerably longer than they used to. But something about serialization really kills my self-esteem.


Readers will prefer to binge read. However, you make better use of the algorithms if you upload slowly (but not too slow) instead of uploading all at once. So it comes down to how important it is for you to potentially rank vs getting it up and complete.

I usually post once a week because for me it just works better, but during nano I sometimes update daily.


Maybe what I could do is complete it all at once, but publish it slowly?


I prefer serialization because it motivates me to actually complete my stories.


That is ideal if you find uploading as you write doesn’t work. I usually have at least 10 chapters built up prior to posting. It gives me a better chance of not having to put it on hold or something.


Serialization used to work more when I did story collections that built toward a novel. But when I started writing continuous streams broken into parts, it seems to start working less and less.

Even in my story collections, some of them will have stories that are 10,000 words.


I publish slowly because I don’t have time to write large chunks at a time and most of my writing is sit down and write a few pages, then publish them as drafts for feedback. I find that there’s up’s and downs to it. It gives me time to think of new content, work on the story, and the rankings are good, but a lot of times I will love readers in the middle of long books if I take too long to update. (My updates are usually weekly or Bi-weekly)

I as a reader prefer to read larger chunks of story if it’s something I’m really into, otherwise I’m okay with reading slower, but it can cause me to drop out.


I’ve tried both just dumping and uploading with three parts a week. While I had no followers, dumping was fine. No one was reading the updates anyways. Now when I do have followers, it’s way more fun to upload in parts. It also gives me time to finish other works while I’m uploading (I don’t write as I upload - I finish the books first)

So, I guess it all just comes down to what you like and what works for you and your readers.


Wattpad is fast moving and so are readers – they binge through books so quickly, that you have to keep up with their demand or risk being swept away with the endless amounts of stories being uploaded. Out of all my stories, the three which are the most successful (Baby Steps 10.3M, The Masked Singer 5.9M TWSTH 1.7M) are all stories that were updated daily (or very close to daily) because it kept readers coming back and there wasn’t a moment to forget about the story either.