series, or one book story?

I took my book down because of two reasons, one: I hate amazon because I don’t have a bank account so it’s not letting me get started on the tax info and two: I’m thinking about making it into a book but not a series. Is this a good idea?

You don’t have a bank account? Then how will you sell any stories? Any site you’ll sell through will need your bank details to know where to send the money to.

draft2digital was able to do a check but not kdp. so I’m not doing kdp. The question though is making a book as a one shot book and not a series a good idea?

That depends. As Michael Sullivan has said, it’s better to have three books out there than just one. Do you have only one book, or is the series already written? And how long is each book?

I’m editing book 2 and book 1 ends with the main antagonist being killed and the protagonist finding himself understanding his feelings towards someone that now is part of what I originally wanted as a series.

How many words are the two books each?

book one is close to 85K two is around 20K

There’s no clear cut answer to this. A story is a story. It has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It’s weird to break one story into multiple books, and it’s weird to bundle more than one story into one book (and call it a single story).

Series usually make more than one-shots, but that’s not true across the board. The first book in a series always makes the most money – it’s a steady decline after that.


Will it all be able to fit in one book if you were to squeeze it together?

well the book ends after defeating fred (the antagonist) then with the protagonist going into his English class and reading an essay that was given to write from the beginning of his last year of high school to the rest of his classmates and teacher.

Book 2 is about finding out freds still not gone. Loyal servants of fred attacking the protagonists friends and loved ones to get him to resurrect their king (fred) back from the dead.

I just don’t want book 2 and forward to be shorter than book 1.

Is there something preventing you from getting a bank account? I’m sorry, I dont know what American banks are like, but here cheques usually need a bank account to cash, unless you go to one of those cash money places that take a chunk

I don’t have enough money to open up a bank account. But they never said anything on draft2digital that you HAVE to have a bank account but there’s different options like checks, paypal, bank account, etc.

if book 2 and forward becomes shorter than book 1, will that be stupid?

There’s shorter, and there’s SHORTER. Your current book 2 isn’t a novel. It’s a novella, and not even a long one.

I’m still editing, I’m trying to add more details here and there, I just want to wait until I hit AT LEAST 30K-40K word count.

I’m not sure if that’s a wise strategy, especially for your first book. Amazon still controls the majority of the market and you will likely see very little sales from other platforms.

What is stopping you from opening up a bank account? Publishing books should be treated as a business if you intend to see any money from it, so sooner or later, you’ll have to do the jump (plus as far as I know, Draft2Digital has an Amazon option).

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They do unlimited and I’d like to see a sample of my book on here.