SERVICE OFFERED: I will critique your first chapter for free! {CLOSED TEMPORARILY}



I can critique your first chapter in any way you want- grammar, character development, flow… I’ve got an eagle eye for spelling and grammar mistakes. I’ll be thorough unless you simply want feedback.

Free, for one chapter (but I’d still appreciate you checking out my book!)
I will critique your first 3 chapters or any specific chapters if you add my book, Otherkind, to your reading list, or leave a comment on my first chapter.
I’ll also follow you for free :smile:


Hey! I’m really interested in this, could you possibly critique the first three chapters of my book Zeitgeist?


Sure! I can do it right now. I’ll message you with my critiques for each chapter. You can check my book whenever you can. It’s only got 5 chapters so far but you don’t have to read all of them if you don’t like the book.


Alright! So the critique will be sent through PM right?




Would you be willing to read the first chapter of my story The Alpha’s Flame? I’m confident in my grammar, but more feedback is always welcome


Sure! I should be able to do it by tomorrow.


Take your time :slight_smile:


Hi! If it’s okay with you, can you check out our BTS FF “Slowly and Painfully”? Even a comment will make us really happy! We’re still new here so we’re so sorry to disturb (;m;

Thank you for your time!


Don’t worry about disturbing! I don’t know too much about BTS but I can do my best to provide some feedback on grammar and flow! I’ll do it as soon as I can!


Thank you so much! I will read and comment about your stories as well.


Thank you!


Sure, I’ll read and comment on your story. As well.

Here is my humble tribute, to the world. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could You do mine?
It’s called Lost Without You


Hello! Is it alright if the first chapter is on Google Docs? If so, I’ll send the link via PM. Also, if you want access to comment, just tell me.


I understand you might be busy as you have many chapters to get through, could you reply to me when you are ready to give mine a look? Id much appreciate it.


I’d love you to check mine out, sorry about bombarding you lol


I would really appreciate it if u read my story called “The Lost Teen” and critique it :)) If u have the time could u tell me if i should do a sequel or should i not… I’ll surely check your book out!


Hello! It would mean so much to me if you could take a bit of your time to read my book, it’s called Spite and it is a romantic comedy that I have been writing, please do drop by and read!


Hello! I’d really love to know what you think of my first chapter :slight_smile:. I’d really like some feedback on how the plot and characters are. It’s preceded by a prologue.