Set It Up Movie



If you haven’t watched this movie, 2018 was a total waste for you.
How did you find it? I totally loved it. Like I died laughing. Seriously. Seriously.
Haters, I’m sorry, but please stay away. I’m looking forward to a light-hearted conversation.


OMG I LOVED IT​:heart::heart::heart: Remember that scene where they were both drunk dancing at her sister’s engagement party? :joy:


I loved the moment when Charlie’s boss broke the laptop when it didn’t take the password and after he broke it Charlie said it was his laptop :joy:


LOL​:joy: and that scene where they both climbed up the fire escape. And she said 'Are you okay? He said, 'I’m fine." And then she says I was talking to the pizza :joy:


Ya! God how cute Harper is


I loved it so much! I usually hate hate romance movies and the only reason why I watched it was because Lucy Lui was in it. After only a few minutes though, I was hooked.


Lucy is love…
Btw is that Lana Condor?


It is! She’s such a sweetheart!