Does anyone have a good idea for a good setting to rent an apartment and have a roommate? I thought about New York City or just New York. Any other countries or states?

The possibilities are endless.

NYC, depending somewhat on the time period, would probably be one of the more expensive places to live and thus depending on the type of characters, they’d be sharing a pretty small space. Unless maybe hand-waving they have rent control somehow (as on Friends), or they are immortal vampires with centuries of interest in bank accounts, or they are billionaires or heirs or something.

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My main characters hate each other, one bullied the other in high school. One of them is trying to make it through the day and the other just don’t care. Opposites attract… Right?

Maybe it’s a college/university dorm?

Anywhere, actually. xD

My sister had roommates when she lived in South Dakota. At first, she lived with a friend who took her in (they wanted to help her save money) and it was just her, her friend, and her friend’s husband. They lived in a two-bedroom apartment together. But shortly after, my sister didn’t want to keep living with them. They ended up getting evicted because the husband wasn’t paying the bills and her friend left him for some other dude (according to my sister, they had an open-relationship, but the friend eventually left the husband altogether).

So when this was happening, she found a couple to live with who were looking for roommates through Craigslist. They lived an hour away and had lived in a house (they owned it), but to pay off the rent, they opened two extra bedrooms up to rent out and my sister had one of them. So technically, it was a three bedroom house.

My other sister, who lives up in Ohio, with her husband (who is basically her roommate lol). But before they moved in together, she and a friend were in another apartment together for a short time until her husband (boyfriend at the time) graduated high school (he was a year younger than her) and moved out, so they could live together.

And then if you’re in college and living on campus, you can get roommates there, too. xD

Overall, it kind of depends on their income. I live in California and it’s nearly impossible to live on your own without either living with family, having roommates, or having a job that pays a lot (or better yet, having two or three jobs if you want to live on your own). The rent here is insane. The cheapest place is $1,500 dollars and sometimes, depending on the area, would be $1,200. But that’s a rarity. Otherwise, if you get closer to the ocean or live in a giant city, the rent will be way over $2,000 dollars… just for a single bedroom. And it’ll look crappy.

It’s the same thing for NYC, too.

But you do have other options as there are places that are less expensive. For example, certain places in Ohio or even in Kansas might be better suited for it.

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Any city will do, I think. Depending on the size of the space you want them to share, pick either a more expensive city (NY, DC, LA, etc.) or a less expensive city (basically any city that isn’t close to the coast).

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