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Cover [] Banner [X]
Title: The Viking’s Thrall
Author: Megan Williams
Ideas: I would like Daenerys Targaryen in the center, with mountains behind her in a meadow
Mood: Dramatic & Mysterious


is this a fanfiction or are you just using Daenerys Targaryen as your main character? and if its not a fanfiction, is it still in the fantasy realm or ? just trying to get the gist of your story


saw this idea floating around and I thought it’d be pretty cool… (also I love the versatility of this thread and how you’ll take requests for anything)

Request: 8tracks playlist cover (300 x 300 size)

Title: Dark Bloom ( [FONT] ) (

Subtitle: Book 4

Possible Picture:

I love the picture above a lot! Maybe if it was edited with black hair flowing down her back in simple loose curls and a dark a moody background? I think it would look gorgeous!

I’m traveling right now and thus- limited wifi- but any dark background and a girl with pale skin and ebony black hair, preferably with a crown as she’s a dark evil queen :slight_smile: here’s another picture I have on my phone that would also work, but it’s a little plain looking right now.



I’ve never really tried to make a graphic where things were given to me like this LOL. im interested to see how it turns out


Feel free to take the overall idea itself and go with it rather then the images given, I’m not too picky😂 thank you for attempting it!


title: Fireburnt
author: Heena Patwa
serie title: The Starlite Heart Book 2
images/ideas: a) the human looks at the sky as the girl flies away with the air prince. (Just silhouettes)
Or if that is too complex b) snow and fire each covering half of the image and a burning title on it
summary: The prince of the air kingdom (represented by snow) & the prince of the earth (human) kingdom (represented by fire) are fighting for a girl. In this part she chooses the air prince.
Theme: Please include fire imagery/flames/ or red-yellow theme. Anything representing fire.


I was hoping to get a manip done, and put Dove Cameron into Slytherin robes for my story.

These are slytherin robes

Here are the pictures I was hoping to make work (in order of prefrence)


If I were to request character banners/character cards, how many can I request?


if you want a set (for them to all look the same just changing the pic & the names) i can do as many as you need ? but ideally no more than like 10? I’ve seen some books with some crazy amount of characters


I’m looking for six.




six is fine just tell me about the stuff that needs to be on it. and stuff about the story so I know what they should look like and all that jazz


The story is about three friends (Porter, Hails and Lily) who make a closed group called The Triangle, barely interacting with anyone that’s not one another. They, however, face trouble because of their archenemy (Alyson) and her sidekicks (Darla and Leighann), two unbearable copycats. Alyson & Co are doing anything in their power to ruin Porter and her friends’ lives, turning them into hell.

If you choose to make banners, then the background could be a row of school lockers, preferably unlit and dark, and neon lights. If possible, add a neon triangle at the center and then the face claims. Here’s a short cast list:

Porter Nealey: Jeni Ross ( |
Isley Cann: Meg Donnelly ( |
Hailee Barron: Romy Weltman (,0,1502,1000_AL.jpg |,0,1502,1000_AL.jpg)
Alyson Oberholtz: Alea O’Shea ( |
Darla Heaton: Sarah Webber ( |
Leighann Leapheart: Savannah May ( |


Three :slight_smile:







Suman S.



Colour Schemes:

Black/Dark Purple/Crimson



Dominant Image:

I’ve put it in the details below.


Okay I have two ideas and I guess you can roll with whichever seems to fit according to you.

  • The first idea is to have the focal point of the cover be a crown falling into water whilst dripping blood and thus tinting the water dark red. For this the title must please be a type of regal, golden font. Background must be deep purple.
  • The second idea is to have black wings like a bat’s (please not feathered) and maybe claws as the focal point but no faces please. For this the title must also be a type of regal, golden font. Background must be deep purple.


Anything Else:

Not really


sevenstar | deliveryThree

Here’s your graphic. Payment is just credit with use :sparkles:


Thank you so much :)))))) it’s so pretty!!