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Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use. Open or drag into a new tab for full view. :sparkles: Let me know if you’re using it.

I tried going with your peach tree idea… and found this tree branch that looks like peach blossoms


Kami like paper right? did you want me to try to use the kanji too ? or just keep it straight english ?


I absolutely love it. Thank you so much!


I have a PNG version as well if you want it. The image lost some of its resolution when I GIFed it








Hehe… Can I request again?


It is Kami as in paper. If you can find a way to work in the kanji and you think it looks good, go for it, though it’s fine if you just use the English word Kami. =)


Title: All Rise
Subtitle: This is America
Author: Zeinah Omar
Ideas: so i’m thinking the american flag in the background with maybe a gavel or a court faded in the background as well behind shay mitchell. it’s basically a law/crime book , so you can also add a latin quote for law and maybe a scale. You can also add a close up of shay’s face that’s more serious in the background. I’d also like an american flag colour scheme? so like red, blue and white


I don’t know why this playlist took me so long to create… but I finally got it down :joy: This should be the last one!

  1. It’s Got My Name on It // Sarah Reeves (3:27)

  2. Hold Me Up // Sam Tinnesz (3:37)

  3. It’s Not Over // Daughtry (3:35)

  4. Ghosts // Banners (4:11)

  5. Staying Up // The Neighborhood (4:28)

  6. Just Like You // Three Days Grace (3:07)

  7. Watch Your Back // Sam Tinnesz (3:40)

  8. Deep End // Ruelle (5:01)

  9. Heart of Novocaine // Halestorm (3:33)

  10. Different World // Alan Walker (3:23)

  11. Stronger Than Ever // Raleigh Ritchie (3:53)

  12. Soldier // Fleurie (3:45)


It’s not what I imagined. And I actually like what you did with it instead! I will be using it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Also your credit can be found on the Thanks& Credit page in the book! thank you again


uh sure I guess. if it’s for the same story just.let me know if you want me to use some of the same stuff or try something different


ahh yay c’: I’m glad you liked it.


what’s the name on the one … or is there none ?


Oh whoops my b! It’s called “Deviant Shadows”


so… i went into this just thinking about paper and japanese. so i have five options of very… asian looking covers LOL let me know if any of these tickle your fancy ( and if you’d like a change on it i.e. colors or fonts) Japanese and fantasy is mix ive never really done before… so I’m not quite sure if i got it



sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use. Open or drag into a new tab for full view. :sparkles:


The roses are just fine😂 thank you!!!