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this graphic was never picked up


I wanted to see if this would work LOL


It’s for the same story, but I may also request something for another story.


I can’t believe you did so many! I like both three and five. (The font especially is wonderful). Is there any way to remove the crane in three and make the font bigger (so the cover’s more like a typography) and to add the subtitle: “A Mortal’s Blood. A God’s Power.” (Minus the quotes of course). Or to do a similar thing with cover five (keep the font, make it straight across [like in three] and bigger, and add the subtitle? I like the addition of the kanji by the way…very nice. Let me know if I’m asking too much. Regardless, I hank you for all your time and effort and for trying something new!


Cover Request
Series Title: The Phobia Killer

Title: The Case of Sasha Beckingham

Genre: Mystery/Thriller also Fantasy

Author: The_Typist

Summary: Ruby Blaire is a supernatural detective. A series of unexplained deaths have been coming in once month for a while. Then Sasha Beckingham’s case comes in, and everything changes. There is weak, but there evidence of the death being more than a freak accident, and there is finally hope in solving the case.
While ten years previous, the killer, at this time not a killer, has just transferred to a new school district in his freshman year of high school. He is quickly asked out by Ruby Blaire, who he soon learns is the most popular girl in school. He realizes that there has to be some other reason as to why she is dating him and seeks out an answer. But can he handle the truth or will it drive him over the edge?

Ideas: Maybe something involving skull(s)? A cover that gives kind of revenge vibes. Fear is also a big theme so maybe something that illustrates that? Idk I have no ideas.

Other info: Feel free to take as much creative license as you’d like; I really don’t know what I want.


@hatefuls33 yeah that’s no problem just tell me. what I need to know.

@OctaviaLocke LOL I started out graphic making cause of Japanese related things. so I got inspired. I think I know what you want now. but which color palette did you like better?


Hey, I thought of another idea would be to include something with an pentagram. That’s a major symbol in my book.


Cover Request

Title: The Girl With the Purple Warpaint

Subtitle: “For the people. With the people. By the people.” No other way…


Two kingdoms.

One corrupt, crumbling. The other a force to be reckoned with.

The First Kingdom, Meridium once was the place to be, bustling streets. It’s original ruling family was deposed, shamed and reduced to just a small house. Over the years, the new monarchy has become twisted and easily bought by the very ones that are supposed to advise them, in the hopes rulers like the Meridium’s in the past never come about again.

House Meridium has been planning its comeback though, whispers of the brother and sister duo have been slowly spreading. They want one thing: their crown. They will need an army as well as allies, at the same time, they must protect their secret. One that concerns them both.

A young girl, she listens to the wind in the trees, the scuffle of a dog walking. She claims gods are speaking to her urging her to find a mythical plant known only as the Singing Root.

The queen of the First Kingdm fears her death, and she fers it shall come in the form of the girl.

The Second Kingdom, Nadir, is planning its conquest of the crumbling First Kingdom. For as long as they could remember, Meridian had been keeping them down, unable to grow strong enough to expand. A war between the First and Second Kingdoms has long been brewing…

The question is, who can, and who WILL stop it?

Genre: Fantasy

Author Name: Angel Durham

Mood: Danger, mystery

Ideas: I was thinking a slightly darker skinned girl with a large band of purple warpaint across her face looking directly into the reader’s eyes. She is slightly on the younger side, so a softer/younger face is welcome, but she does turn into a warrior of her own by the end.

Skin is about that color
Related image
I want her face to be about this close (if possible, have her head tilted down slightly but her looking up into the reader’s eyes, her eyes should have an intensity to them)
Image result for purple warpaint across both eyes in thick band
The warpaint should be like this but the band needs to be thicker, coming further down (and the color less transparent)
Related image
Randomly found this, but the color is like what I want :woman_shrugging:


That’s awesome! I really like the white and gold. I think it’s nice and clean. I think the font in the red cover though has more of a metallic appearance which I love (though that could be just me).


For The Triangle, I’d like to have a playlist graphic, like the ones you made for @Vexful. Naturally, I’d like you to follow the theme (neon lights, lockers and so on). I’d like you to include these songs:

  1. What The Hell // Avril Lavigne
  2. Teenage Dream // Katy Perry
  3. Talk That Talk // Rihanna ft. Jay-Z
  4. Run the World (Girls) // Beyoncé
  5. Black Magic // Little Mix
  6. Mean Girls // Rachel Crow
  7. No Broken Hearts // Bebe Rexha ft. Nicki Minaj
  8. Girlfriend // Icona Pop
  9. Look What You Made Me Do // Taylor Swift
  10. Primadonna // Marina and The Diamonds

For the title, please use a cursive font and a neon effect if possible.


sevenstar | your graphic is here

Payment is credit with use. Open or drag into a new tab for full view. :sparkles: Let me know if you’re using it.


so like… a celtic pentagram
Image result for pentagram magic

or more like a magic circle one
Image result for pentagram magic

I know you mention supernatural/fantasy and I guess I’m wondering… how “magical” it is LOL


like the first one. Sorry I forgot there were multiple different kinds.


LOL no worries i forgot about that too until i googled it for images


sevenstar | your graphic is here

Payment is credit with use. Open or drag into a new tab for full view. :sparkles: Let me know if you’re using it.


sevenstar | your graphic is here

Payment is credit with use. Open or drag into a new tab for full view. :sparkles: Let me know if you’re using it.


Not really what I was thinking, but I don’t really have anything else, it is nice, but the filter on it is what kinda does it for me, also, where is No other way…?


blobshrug filter? like the colorization or ??

also it’s after warpaint


Yeah, to me it looks like a pink or purple filter


oh, yeah I did some recoloring because the image I used was in black and white. you don’t have to use it if its not what youre looking for.