sevenstar ✧ a graphic thread ✧ on hold



I’m gonna see what someone else can do (if they are open) if they aren’t, I’ll use it, it is certainly different from what I usually have for covers, but who knows, it may grow on me, I’ll also dedicate the first chapter to you


its defiantly not what you usually see on wattpad… but i feel like a lot of my stuff isnt LOL


Yeah, using it


I’ll absolutely use it! It’s freaking lovely! Thank you so much! The story’s still not posted, hope to have something up within the week, so would you like me to link back to you on here so you can see I’m using the cover and have given you credit? I could always PM you too. Just tell me what you’d like. =) And thank you again! It’s just perfect!


I’m so glad you like it c’: you can PM me if you want. it’s always nice to see my covers being used


Okay literally why are you always so rude to the designers here on the MDC??
They spend their time and resources doing something that you can’t, and you make them feel bad and inadequate by telling them it’s disapointing and you’ll look elsewhere.

A few things you’ve said…

“Not really what I was thinking, but I don’t really have anything else”
“It looks kinda strange to me, but thank you!”
"I’ll use it for a little while, thanks, it isn’t my favorite, but it’s better than my alternative

Like why? Why request at almost every single shop just to throw the designers work back in their face??


What are you talking about? I almost never reject anything made to me, not to mention, who are you to judge me for saying it simply that it wasn’t what I was expecting?

You have only seen my two most recent requests, go talk to @scmimi, @forthemadones and @tittylord, or go check out their threads, don’t just go assuming something about a person based on seeing two interactions between them and two different people.

Also, I am not throwing it back in their faces and I do not do that with every request. Many designers actually put it in their original post that if a person isn’t going to use a cover, don’t just accept it, then not use it. Usually they prefer you to say “No, I won’t use it” and then it gets turned into a premade. Not to mention, none of the designers seemed to have had an issue with me saying when I don’t like it. I’m not saying they don’t put time and effort into it. If anything, you are the only one having an issue here. So again, stop making assumptions about me and just but out of it.

Also, go ahead, call me rude for saying that, but it’s the truth so get off my case will you?


I’m not going to argue with you about this because I’m not in highschool and I’m not a child. I’m saying stop being read to people in general on here because there is no reason for it. All I ever see from you on these threads is negativity and rudeness, and the designers are too nice to fight with you over it.
The fact that I was able to find anything says enough, and that was only after 2 min of looking. Nobody needs the negativity and nobody wants it. Be freakin nice.


Also, my alternative? Finding an image relative to my story, using the Wattpad covers app and slapping some text on, which frankly? Looks like shit


TWO MINUTES of looking, don’t go telling me to be nice. So stop now, or I will bring a mod in here or report you.


Not to mention, do you know how active I am on here? Most of the day, I have thousands of posts, 2 minutes is not enough time to judge me based on my posts.


Okay… report me for telling you to stop being mean and unappreciative of the hard work the designers do on here? Fine with me. I’m the one who’s trying to stop the conflict, not make excuses for my behavior


Heya cutie, any clue when you might be opening again? You’re the only person I trust for playlist covers :joy: :black_heart:


The one I saw looked really nice, do you have them in your book?


Also, what does this have to do with anything?


oh the playlist graphics? Yeah, I have those in my other books so I can post the amazing covers for the rest of the books in my series, but I’m trying to get some 8tracks playlist covers bc I’m a freak with my aesthetics :joy:



I just wrote an interesting scene with two new characters, I have a feeling I’m gonna like these two together (they argue a lot but also get along great at the same time)


It looks kinda strange to me, but thank you!

Also, that? That right there? Even the artist said it may be because she used marker on a pencil drawing? And they know they can stop doing stuff at any time, they drew something none of my other artists I have had tried yet. How is that throwing the art back in their face?

I’m just gonna stop looking through my own activity feed and explaining myself to you because you couldn’t even go through and read through the conversation. Or look further than a few days. Or at things other than art related things. I personally know what it’s like to put my time into a piece of art, I’ve taken art every year and done art on the side, I just don’t quite yet have the skills or the capabilities right now to draw my own things.

So, I’m going to sleep so I can get up and do school things tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about that when I go into work.



r u trying to butter me up LOLOLOL ?

if its just a playlist feel free to just leave a request now. I just closed it because i want to draw a bit so I was like better close the thread before i come back and be like oh i forgot


ahahaha, don’t ya know it :joy: umm ya that would be disastrous (also I didn’t know you could draw too? )
okay but I’m switchinn some things up in this joint and working on some character playlists, so hopefully you don’t mind! (and also absolutely no rush for this… I just thought I’d request before I forget again)

bloop model picture, and if you could put the words “Faye Adara” on there, perhaps in some sparkly silver elegant af text and like a sparkly silver background? Like really just throw some silver glitter on this graphic and itz gonna be perfect. More sparkly the better. Did I mention silver glitter? :joy: teehee