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… character playlists ? what or like a character banner/card ??? LOL

when you say character playlist i think of like here are songs that remind me of my character

& yeh i draw o: ive been doing the draw this in your style challenge on IG recently


bahaha, honestly not a bad idea and probs something I might request in the future, but nooo like this , like the covers you did for my books but… characters. I’m a freak for the aesthetic, you already know :joy:

I genuinely don’t have enough artistic ability to know what that is? (But you should post one of your drawings bc now I’m intrigued…)


i never made you covers for your book LOL but like… album esque covers then but with people… I cant wait to see what this will turn out to be like … just the her name right ? no book names or author names or what not. And the aesthetic is different from what I’ve made you before. more… glam ?

Here’s something I drew recently boop I actually posted a video of my drawing earlier cause I wanted to see if discourse would embed twitch videos


ahaha sorry I say “covers” and just think of the front of something! Yes, just her name, that’s all :slight_smile: And correct, glitzy glam sparkles. I was thinking of making each of the …playlist covers? Album esque covers but with people… oh you know what I’m tryna say, but each one a different aesthetic to showcase the character itself :slight_smile:


okay and that’s actually so good? You say “draw” and I think pencil and paper and then I clicked on that… like what??? You shoulda put a disclaimer or something , like shocking, amazing beautiful art be prepared. But 100% genuine that is amazingly beautiful! How long did that take???


welcome to the world of digital illustration wooo

LOL thanks. uhm. it took me like 2 and a half hours from sketch to finish.



TITLE: Fading Into Oblivion
AUTHOR: P. H. Morrison
SUMMARY: Starting high school, Jayden Hunters knew life would be difficult; especially when dealing with Blake Johnston, the star quarterback of the Ravensville Ravens and the most popular jock in the school. After years of relentless bullying from Blake, Jayden must decide if he can learn to love Blake after he announces his love for him. Before Jayden and Blake can live happily ever after, Jayden must navigate a sea of never-ending obstacles.
IDEAS: My book is a BXB highschool romance novel, so I would like a gay couple on the cover. The couple would ideally look between the ages of 16 - 25 and look like high school jocks. I would like the couple to seem faded. I love the idea of a nighttime city lights background, but I’m open to whatever ideas you have.
Pictures: I am going to attach the current cover of “Fading Into Oblivion” and some other book covers that I really like.
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sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles:


sevenstar | delivery

??? ? ??? ? ??? i probably shouldve asked how big to make it. its like 500px rn LOL


soooooooo pretty! Thank ya :slight_smile:


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: Let me know if you’re going to use it.


Lovely! Thank you so much. I’m gonna use it.


That is AMAZING!!! Thank you so much!! I will definitely be using it! <3


This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I will definitely be using this! Thank you so much!!!


The glowing! I love glowing things!


dude I was making it with the like. it’s gotta be aesthetic in mind and I was like. am I doing this right


It looks so good :joy: okay and fr from like the 5 different things you’ve made me so far, I’ve been nothing but absolutely stunned? bruh… I just think it’s just impossible for you to go wrong


time to prove you wrong


I’m still doing things on my instagram but I’m opening the thread up again for a while

i might start a VIP list of people who can request when the thread is closed