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You best believe I’m about to request😂 let me get my crap together



Title: Sephira’s Graphics
Subtitle: welcome to my thread! Please complete the forms as much as possible so that I can give you the best graphics!
Color scheme: Terra
Color by COLOURlovers
Ideas: I really like the first thread you have but I have no idea what type it is. I’m guessing it’s HTML but I’m not sure. I would like to be able to edit the text as well since I’m planning on putting the forms I have in a diferrent post.
Images: I want these images to be shown in the thread always, they’re 3 examples.
No. of Links needed: 1


hey. sorry I only make image threads for people ATM so I’m rejecting to your rreques. coding here is a nightmare id rather not get into especially coding for someone else.


Title: rogue kings mate
Author: Imtotallynotokay
Ideas: I have four ideas 1. Two wolfs in the cover 2. Two adult wolves and two pups 3. A guy and a wolf 4. A wolf in the forest
Mood: lighthearted, soft
Here’s some pictures that I thought you could get inspiration from
C42DB202-58CF-48D5-B055-4E5DC4740CFE 141ADC6D-94B1-4F1F-8932-3D0319076191 E5CBAB22-A3EF-4BA4-B862-C8D634EC195B


Sorry that I don’t have any actual good ideas


Okayy I’m back and I have my crap together, pheww. I was hoping for another character playlist! T H I S character banner was made for me, and I wanted a playlist cover similar to it in that it has red/gold color scheme (think verrry gryffindor or house lannister type aesthetic) and Matthew Daddario wearing a gold crown. That white, smokey aspect of the banner isn’t relevant :joy:

Matthew Daddario Pics one | two | three (and honestly any picture of him would work bc he’s a realll cutie) And the only words would be “Damien Hawthorne” , and I was thinking a gold color, and just a very “royal” aesthetic overall



i think we should call them character album covers for the sake of me not always thinking your going to give me a list of songs LOL but royal, red/ gold. find a crown to photoshop onto him :ok_hand:


can you tell me a little bit about the storyline? maybe that will help a little more than just wolves so I can be a little more mindful when picking wolf pictures


ahahaha :joy: Character album cover, got it! and yes, sounds perfect


I saw this gif a nd thought it looked soooo cool! I haven’t seen you do anything related to gif’s I don’t think, but I was wondering if you would be able to do something like this? Kind of a character gif but I think that the font edit where it looks like it’s blending into the back is crazy wicked!


i actually do a lot of gif related things (my thread has a gif in the beginning) LOL here are a few things i’ve done.

tumblr_pf9wjxJudq1w9njdqo1_250 tumblr_pjwlooVREg1w9njdqo1_250

I … think i know how they did that with the gif, not 100% sure but I could try if thats something you wanted


Heck those are so cool looking! I would love if you could attempt one!!

I wanted this gif and the name “Clea” in some curvy text?


Hi, I had a slight question as you’re known as a coding and graphic master! The character banner you made for me is great, but I tried putting it as my chapter banner here, but it doesn’t stretch out over the whole banner area and is small. I was wondering if this is the case with all banners or if there’s a way I can fix it? Thank you!


haha thanks. that would be a wattpad thing. wattpad resizes everything that you upload and in the coding they also make sure everything is a specific height & width i believe.

it looks like things are resized to 566 x 209 px


Umm I can’t really remember it that well since it’s old but I’ll try my best. I think it’s about a king and basically a runt who find each other during a fight. And the runt if I remember correctly is a complete nerd. And the runts family basically disown him. And they end up adopting two brothers whose parents were killed in war. Basically the king is a warrior who has some scars and I think one over his eye and he’s really aggressive and has trust issues. Idk if this is enough this is all I can remember but maybe you can do something with a wolf having a scar over his eyes who looks like he’s going to attack.


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: Let me know if you’re going to use it.

i mannaged to find the same image from the banner so i was like why not also… I wasnt entirely sure what to do with the BG so I picked a fancy room…


ooooohh see, I told you that you couldn’t make a bad graphic! Already using it, you’re a mother-freakin gem :black_heart:


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles:


… okay next time imma just give you something really bad to even out the odds of a bad graphic LOL


ummm girl… that character gif you just did is G O R G E O U S so I hope you don’t mind me requesting :joy: (That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that… literally how did you know how to do that immidietely??)
And go ahead and make these as “bad” as you can… pshhh impossible