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Title: Fate and Luck
Summary: Eda Collins knows there’s more to the world than humans think. Raised by her three aunts who weave the fates of all creatures, including the gods, Eda has grown up with one foot in the mundane world and one foot in the Other.

Despite the fact that she shows no signs of power herself, she’s always been safe as long as she’s followed her aunts’ one rule: stay away from the gods. Especially the god of mischief, who deals in luck and deceit.

Yet when the very thing they warned her about becomes impossible to avoid, and a strange ability is awakened in her, Eda will have to immerse herself into the Other in order to survive. Because the gods are now after her, and the only ally she seems to have is Loki himself.

But fate and luck cannot go together, and the more Eda becomes involved with the trickster god, the more she begins to realize that things aren’t as they seem. As Eda starts to question everything, including who she is, will she give in to who she’s meant to be or stay who she’s always been?

Character Inspiration: Anna Grekova
Other info: Really I’d just want something that has en eerie feel to it almost (which is what I was looking for in the picture) but any kind of scenery/background like that will do. Honestly though if you get any kind of inspiration or see it in a different direction, feel free to do whatever you would like! (I hope the summary helps but if not just ignore it). Thank you so much for your time (and I agree, Dr. Pepper is absolutely superior).


did you want an authors name? just your username? no name?

and just checking but a fantasy esque book yes?


graphic: moodboard/character poster? (like this graphic of yours)

idea: i’m thinking of having a boy with real pretty features like this, or this, preferably blue-green eyes. you can use this picture, and it’ll be real cool if you can do some bruises or scratches lining his skin, with beauty marks here and there. the guy’s name is elowen orlando; someone who doesn’t like affection/relying on people, panics easily when things become personal-- overall a rather troubled boy, so i’d like his expression to be a lil’ upset/troubled, maybe lips bent into a grimace or frown, as long as he ain’t smiling. the background can be just a jumbled bunch of generally blue/purple textures, and you can throw in one or two ocean images (1 2), or some storm/lighting (1 2) ones will do too. also, it would be lovely if he can have a necklace going into his shirt (plain/tattered/dirty), so you don’t know what’s hanging but you can see a chain there. other things can be a spider web, or a cracking effect, falling petals, etc’

text: (not sure if you can do one without text, so here are some i cooked up last minute that are completely opt. to use): he has eyes of the storm and rain and everything wickedly beautiful | he doesn’t expect the bandages around his heart to come loose, doesn’t expect it at all

color palette: (opt. to follow) arnd this or this or this basically blues and maybe purple hues

this thread is rad af


It’s not a fanfic it’s actually historical fiction I just thought she fit my story very well


Anna Kay will work as the name, and yes it is a fantasy!


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is just credit with use :sparkles:


I was wondering if you might be able to make something like this? I wanted to have a playlist graphic to put at the beginning of my book, with about 13 songs in it?


I can do that.

I've made playlist esque things before

zen_mmPlaylist Playlist yoosoung_mmPlaylist

just tell me 1. the songs, 2. anything specific in terms of what you want: album names, playlist name, song length, “now playing”, if you want the songs in this order, aesthetic, 3. just a little about your story; short summary, genere ?


I love the first one! I was thinking of a black background with red or black roses? Here’s the list, and please use this order :slight_smile:

Name of playlist: DARK BLOOM

  1. Empires // Ruelle (3:42)
  2. Seven Devils // Florence & the Machine (5:03)
  3. Love and War // Fleurie (5:15)
  4. Castle // Halsey (4:37)
  5. Battlefield // Svrcina (4:20)
  6. Dynasty // MIIA (3:45)
  7. All the King’s Horses // Karmina (4:10)
  8. Let Me Down Slowly // Alec Benjamin (2:49)
  9. Everybody Wants to Rule the World // Lorde (2:36)
  10. Can You Feel My Heart // Bring Me the Horizon (3:47)
  11. Demons // Jacob Lee (4:11)
  12. Come Back for Me // Jaymes Young (4:28)
  13. Two Evils // Bastille (2:46)

This is for the same book as the 8tracks cover you made. It’s dark, dangerous, seductive, and very creepy. A strong about a dark queen and a noble king who were once in love but are now on separate sides of a war


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is just credit with use :sparkles: Let me know if you’re going to use it


This is the thread I usually do character mood boards in: ᴅᴀʀʟɪɴɢ // ᴄʜᴀʀᴀ ᴍᴏᴏᴅ ʙᴏᴀʀᴅs // closed

The board is made with people just telling me about their character and then I pick what’s on it based on their personality and what I’m told about them. so if you could tell me more about your character and less about what you would like to see on the board it’d be helpful.


Ahh thank you so much! I love it, and will definitely be using it!


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is just credit with use :sparkles: … that one song title tho


I absolutelyyyyyyy love it, thank you sooo much!! I’m posting it right now, thank you again :slight_smile:
(I want to make two others of these for the other two books, but I need to get the songs together. Would you be able to save this template and make them the same but with different songs/ title?)


Haha sure, I’ll keep the PSD :sparkles: as long as there isnt any song title longer than “everybody wants to rule the world” everything will be fine


a’right, got it.

elowen orlando
character thingies
• focuses/puts effort in what he believes in
• thinks affection makes him weak
• doesnt like people to meddle in his business
• panics easily when things become personal
• sharp instincts
• fast thinker/learner
• straightforward with others but not himself
• independent, not used to relying on others

appearance/physical stuff
• pretty features, sea-blue eyes, doesn’t smile easily, clenched jaw and trembling fists
• cheap plain shirts, most of the time tattered, dirty
• dark navy/black demin jeans
• skin littered with bruises and beauty marks

he has a vibe around him that allures people, but makes them hesitant to approach. as though he would shatter into a million pieces upon touching, or disappear like cigarette smoke. when he opens his mouth, half of the words are curses to pretend he’s built of steel and iron. he has a habit of not realising the danger he’s being pulled into but when he does, most of the time he’s smart, or lucky enough to somewhat escape.

the story revolves around gangs, and elowen who’s trying to avoid because of the past, but finds himself getting tangled up with one of the rising gangs in his old town.

i hope that’s okay? references would be in my previous post. do lmk if you have any questions :slight_smile:


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is just credit with use :sparkles:
honestly. just got some batman vibes from him LOL


sevenstar | question So … I just have a few questions about requesting and where people look for graphics, if you guys have any preferences or feedback that’d be cool

1. the fourms vs graphic books/book shop
what do you prefer requesting graphics? Did you even know about requesting in book shops?

2. Multimedia Designs vs Story Services
which category do you think is better for requesting ? Do you find different type of requesters in each category ?

3. form or no form?
I know my thread doesn’t have a form because i offer graphics for like everything. But do you prefer having a form or not?

  1. For sure I prefer the forums! With all of the notifications on my page, messages with designers in their graphic shop can get lost, and it’s a lot easier to just check here and see the notifications and have that constant reminder.

  2. MULTIMEDIA DESIGNS ALL THE WAY. When I think story services I think critiques, editing, feedback on writing, etc. I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever gone into the story services looking for graphics.

  3. I usually prefer forms because it helps me lay out clearly what the designer expects of me. However, I actually loveee the layout of this thread, because it’s not a normal “covers and banners” graphic shop. If I have any odd requests that most designers don’t request, it’s good to know I can pop in here and see if you’re up for a challenge


thanks for your thoughts o:

  1. oh yeah, now that the notifications are separated it probably makes everything a lot easier to organize.

  2. Theres a section for “covers and graphics” in the story services and… idk im just confused that theres more than one place to look for services, so its interesting to see who don’t even really consider it as an option

  3. As someones whos been on wattpad for a while i’ve noticed pros and cons to forms like… people using forms from other threads, forms that are barely filled out, and forms that are …too filled out LOL, and people who just get confused by them