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thank you for this!! and yes i’m going to agree with you about the batman thing i’ll be sure to credit you when i use it :grinning:


  1. i prefer the forums. just . . . more familiar with it i guess.
  2. multimedia- i’ve been to the story services, but majority of the threads there are for book editing/critiques, and only a couple are for graphics.
  3. i think a form might be clearer for most of the people? maybe you can have an extra option for those who want a random graphic that doesn’t have a label slapped on it- which is to request whatever they want as long as the idea’s there.


Thank you so much I love it!


sevenstar | review I have a portfolio book on my wp profile of some of the stuff I’ve made people. and I was thinking, wouldn’t it be funny if it had like reviews featured in it. Like how some books have it in the back cover or like an app in the app store. Anyway if you’d like to write one you can make it as funny or serious as you want, I just thought it’d be a fun feature.
Honestly I’m a little bored and kinda wish to be a little humored :joy:
you can write a review about the book. this thread. my graphics. me? LOL it’s completely optional and suppose to be fun



I think that’s such a great idea :joy: if you ever want to post one of the graphics you’ve done for me I’ll write you a bomb ass review


LOL well I was thinking of maybe putting all the reviews together and having them be from anyone regardless of it’s in my book or not. so not everyone feels like they need to do it and no one gets left out. So more of a review of like… this thread overall or my graphics than specifically about the book.

I probably will post your graphics later though… I just made a lot of graphics recently and hate updating it too often


oh coool cooool, I’ll PM you with a review


b ump my queue is cleared


Playlist Cover (300 x 300) (font)

Death Bound (this picture maybe?) it’s quite literally about a journey to hell, and back, so something along those lines! (maybe hands sticking out of the ground, a graveyard, fires of hell, etc)

another optional picture


… I wasn’t expecting that much red LOLOLOLOL


it’s a very bright red too :joy: ahaha should have put a warning label or something, my b


low key was expecting something similar to the first. boy was I wrong


Also here’s the playlist for the next one! (Same grey colors and everything if you don’t mind)

Playlist Name: Death Bound

  1. Take It All // Ruelle (2:58)
  2. Way Down We Go // Kaleo (3:33)
  3. Heart of the Darkness // Sam Tinnesz (3:49)
  4. Find You // Ruelle (4:33)
  5. My Immortal // Evanescence (4:22)
  6. Slipped Away // Avril Lavigne (3:34)
  7. Hurts Like Hell // Fleurie (3:52)
  8. Lovely // Billie Eilish (3:20)
  9. Carry You // Ruelle (4:28)
  10. City of the Dead // Eurielle (5:07)
  11. Bring Me To Life // Evanescence (3:55)
  12. Six Feet Under // Billie Eilish (3:09)
  13. You Found Me // The Fray (4:01)

(no “everybody wants to rule the world” this time :joy: Heart of the darkness is the longest one whooop whoop)


did you want the album cover to have the same grey tones ? or like muted reds ?

also how do you feel about skulls? if you wanted something similar i found some pictures that might work ?


39%20PM 21%20PM


Banner - You did amazing with the manip of Dove Cameron in the slytherin robes, and I thought I’d see if you could help again!

I absolutely 10000% want to use this picture of draco 1

Text: I need to let you go. My love for you is what’s going to get you killed" (harry potter text) (

genre fanfiction

about your book sad part where he’s crying and she looks sad

about your characters (faceclaims, etc) draco malfoy and dove cameron

mood & colors darker green and sad!

For Dove Cameron pictures I would prefer one of these 1 but if her line of sight with his doesn’t work, then the bottom one on here 1


OOh love skulls! And a muted red… I think? Both those pictures are great!


did you want like… a realistic esque thing? or like a more abstract blend where it’s like kinda depicting a scene but like “artsy” LOL


Kind of both maybe? In my head I picture him on the left and her on the right, with the text between them in the middle on a dark green background color like this

And then maybe in the middle that’s where it could be artsy fartsy and have like lightning in the background and other artsy things


sevenstar | delivery DeathBound

Is this muted enough? and did you maybe want the red n the playlist too or nah ? i … changed the picture at the bottom to skulls to match the album


they’re both positvely perfect !! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


Cover [X] Banner []
*Title: Cherish
*Author: Cherie
*Ideas: Since this is a pretty simple romance novella, you could blush or nude tones and possibly a gold font.
*Mood: Romantic, girly, and pretty.