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Sorry, I’m very vague, I’m a visual person. Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for your effort, I’m sorry I won’t be using it.


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Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: Honestly not my best work, I really wanted to make it a gif but i couldnt find a nice dove cameron one. It’s also giving the vibes that the vision from the locket had or those memory things in the movie


Hi! I’d really like a cover made for a poetry book. I’m not sure if this is the kind of genre you work with, but I really liked the examples you had. I don’t know where to start, but here is some of the information you suggested. I’m not very picky about what I want though.

Title: Windblown
Subtext: “Where the birds take flight, and freedom sings…”
Genre: Poetry
Author name: Lady Wyspers
Ideas: Maybe something elegant, a typographic or minimalistic, just something simple? A bird flying into the mountains or clouds. Or perhaps the winds blowing and a silhouette trying to walk along a pathway, holding their hat.
Mood: Calming, maybe a cooler colour scheme
Colors: Maybe something along these lines (& black)

If you need anything else, then you can always ask. Thank you very much for considering this. So sorry if I missed anything.


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles:
I tried for a mix of the elegant and simple. I also tried a few fonts but I think this one looked the best. I hope it fits what you were looking for


It’s perfect! Thank you🌸


In my first chapter, I have a paragraph or so speaking of the origins of an ancient evil in my book. I was wondering if you might be able to take the text and put it on a parchment/page of an old looking book to make it look as if it’s a page coming out of an ancient text.

Possible Scroll | Possible Scroll 2

H E R E is the text ( I tried to format it how I wanted it to appear on the paper, but alas… I suck) could you format it so the text is in the middle rather then starting on the sides?

I love the text you used for my playlists, and something gothic looking would be great! And if you could make it look like it’s been worn onto the page, that would be great!


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles:
I tried my best for old papers but still legible… also not sure the best size for wattpad book graphics LOL


it looks beautiful!!! Ima post it and check the size, you honestly surpassed my expectations on this one :joy:


LOL thanks. i really like mockups. I kinda wanted to play with the lighting a little… but i started to lose some of the text so i was like well it doesn’t need lighting and called it a day LOL


hello !
I’m not sure if you’ve made something like this before but I’m wondering if you’d be willing to make a concert poster design? (for a fictitious concert/band)
Probably something with an early 70s-80s punk vibe, like this, this, this, or this.
Text would be a list of performing artists, and the date/location of the concert
Let me know if you’d be interested in taking this on, no pressure whatsoever though if you’re not !


uhm. i could try. could you give me a little more direction? like any visual images, how many people are in the band ? any thing theyre associated with. colors?

theres also the thought of going with an 70s punk treatment but with modern colors or something… but i suppose half the aesthetic is in the color… :woman_shrugging: like this reminds me of like a modern version of the punk posters or like this or this i guess the question im trying to ask is how true to this 80s punk vibe did you want it to be or is there a specific part of the aesthetic that youre drawn too?

If you don’t have any preference its okay . just trying to get a better idea of what to do


requesting: thread
title: tardis critiques

images: one two three four
colour scheme:Tardis
Color by COLOURlovers

text: welcome to tardis! here i will be critiquing your books while i attempt to write my own. let’s keep this simple; just fill out the form below and i’ll get to your book asap!

pick a payment!

payment #1: a follow and read + comment of what you thought of the prologue of my book Undying.
payment #2: add my book Undying to your reading list + read & comment on the prologue.
payment #3: read & comment on the prologue + first chapter of my book Undying.

note: i probably won’t be comment-spamming your book. i’m gonna actually tell you what i think of it in one concise comment. i’ll tell you what i as a reader would like from you in the future, what you’re lacking, and what you can fix! i won’t be too harsh but i’m not gonna sugarcoat it either. the only genre i won’t be doing is real person fanfiction. please tell me ahead of time if there is anything triggering in your book.

anything else: if you wanna do a coded thread, that’s cool too! i love all threads. it can be super basic. thank you sm!


Looking for a cover here.

Title: The Risked
Author: Cassa
Genre: Scifi

Ideas: This book has a lot to do with memories and DNA. So there’s that. Maybe a picture of DNA, or some way of portraying memories in an image… even something like a city would be fine. You have a lot of creative freedom here. Colors like white, black, blue, etc.

Here’s a summary.

A girl with no memory of her former life. A boy who might have all the answers, and people who will stop at nothing to get them both back. 16-year-old Ryder, a certified street rat, and skilled thief has always been able to dream parts of others pasts. Nothing intrigues him more than the past of a strange green-eyed girl, running from something terrifying.

To 16-year-old Lana, Ryder was just another obstacle in her way. A blip in her path to finding out how she ended up wandering the streets with no memories. But somehow, she’s connected to him. Somehow, Ryder knows details about her past that Lana was meant to forget. Lana knows one thing, and one thing only, the people she escaped from don’t intend on leaving her alone. The scars up and down her arms tell her that much. Searching for stolen memories, Lana and Ryder discover that sometimes, it’s better to forget than to remember.


omg I love love love the joy division poster
I’d probably use the graphic for a story of mine set in the 80s, so as true to the aesthetic as possible. Originally I was thinking about a monochrome, heavily contrast-y design, but definitely feel free to think outside the box and add additional colors if you think that would look best! I think it might be cool to try something like this but in red (or this, which is like monochrome but with a twist).
You don’t have to include all the band members, but this pic and this pic are some images that I really liked. You could possibly crop out certain people and make them really faded like so. Or you could take a completely different direction and add a drawing/illustration instead. (Personally I love these illustrations of teeth and lips, which you could also use as filler images in juxtaposition with the pictures or illustration of people/faces.) These are just some ideas though !!


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: If you think the color is a little off I can fix it;; I wanted to go with a red… but it reminding me of something else and im not sure what… and it might just be me LOL


oh my god i absolutely love it!!
thank you so so much (:


Title: Un-Living
What I want: is it possible to do a song board (I saw one above somewhere)
Genre- Teen Fiction (it covers Eating disorders and mental illness)
Ideas for it: really simple with a peach background and white font. Perhaps a simple cursive font?
Who wants to live forever - Queen

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I want to break free - Queen

I want it all - Queen

Novocaine remix - Fall out boy x lil Uzi

Jet Pack Blues (regular and remix) - Fall out boy x Big K.R.I.T.

The Phoneix - Fall out boy

Centuries - Fall out boy

Hallelujah- PAN!C at the Disco

The Emporers New Clothes - PAN!C at the Disco

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time- PAN!C at the Disco

The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty - PAN!C at the Disco

Say Amen - PAN!C at the Disco

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Rocket Man - Elton John

Tiny Dancer - Elton John

Your Song - Elton John

Come Sail Away - Styx

Just let me know, and thank you if you can’t do it anyways.

Plus I love your graphics.


Just checking, Un-living is the name you want for your playlist. not just the story of your book (that you don’t want to be on the playlist)


You can just make it: Playlist. Heh - sorry! ^-^