sevenstar ✧ a graphic thread ✧ on hold



LOL i dont have to give it a name if you dont want/need it o:


Haha, it is okay! You can just give it the title Playlist.


So I made two versions. one with the texture and one with it. I made it with the mobile version in mind — so it looks kinda empty on desktop which is why i added the texture. If you’re okay with it I can give you the coding for it. I don’t know how well you know the new thread coding so i went with a simple image thread.

It's big so click to see


wooooow it’s so freaking perfect! thank you sm, you’re so talented!



here are the codes for it, if you’re having problems with pasting it, right click and press: “paste and match style”

Graphic Stalkers

sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: Let me know if you’re going to use it.
this is actually a picture of a light bulb, but I thought it looked like a DNA strand and like…


Love it! Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to credit you.


sevenstar | delivery

Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: I don’t know if the bottom looks a little empty i couldnt find anything long enough without it pixelating and i couldn’t find any cool flowers to put at the bottom .


Oh my god that is so adorable!! I will credit you ASAP!


I credited you, that is so nice! I love the vines, adorable touch. I also found that you had the perfect color and cursive. Thank you for doing it so quickly too!


As the queen of coding, I was hoping you’d be able to create me a thread :slight_smile:

Name: Dark Bloom Critiques
Purpose: Critiques and editing services
Colors: Black. Dark burgundy. Grey and white. Very gothic, edgar allen poe esque’ vibes. Theme is roses!
Examples: Inspiration I love how this thread looks, especially the interactive “forms” and “examples” buttons that you can click to take you right to the page.
Possible Multimedia: one | two


Hi, can I ask you a favor? I really loved the character banners you made for me! Do you think you can make a movie poster for the same story? The title is “The Triangle”. Please let me know if you need extra info.


Hey there! I’m looking into getting a new Profile Header since mine is a little out-dated now xD


Text: Amelia Harper

Ideas: Perhaps just a nice pale blue background with my book covers on it and my name off to the side in some fancy, cursive writing in pink.

Images: These are my book covers:

Inspo: This is my current header, anything like this would be great:

Thank you! :slight_smile:



  1. did you want them to have the same vibe as the character banners
  2. did you want your characters on it ? some of them… all of them ?
  3. is there a particular style you were looking for?
  4. Im assuming similar palette and same thing with the neon triangle ? school lockers ?

  1. Yes
  2. If possible yes (preferably only Jeni Ross, Meg Donnelly and Romy Weltman or, alternatively, just Jeni is fine)
  3. I love the first poster! That’d be perfect as inspo.
  4. Yes, please



Ooooohhhh itsoooooocuteeee! I want a thread now. Genuinely so talented


It does look amazing! (The roses falling paired with the rose graphics on the side? Brilliant.)

Only two corrections I see! This was probably my bad knowing me, but for the chapter link it’s “Road Of Deceit”, instead of “roads”

Then if you could make the title a little bolder to add dimension? Like putting a second layer of text under it in black or grey and sizing it up by a little bit? (I hope that made sense?)
Besides that it’s perfect!!!