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the little numbers that show up after you click a link. there’s a way to hide them LOL


oooooHH… Like I said. You’re the queen of coding :woman_shrugging:t3: I didn’t even know that was possible to remove


do you offer chapter headers?


lol they called me that because I was the first one to who really coded in the old threads and started a lot of trends and discovered a lot of things


uhm. yeah I guess. I make a lot of things. just tell me what you were looking for and maybe I can help


like a hero mask and in the middle chapter number. 35 of them if you can, if not I understand


uhm. can you tell me a little more about your story so I can get the vibe of it. like what it’s about. some colors relating to it. the mood etc.


it’s basically a superhero book, but the main character doesn’t have powers. she sketches heroes and villains and she somehow gets involved with them. the mood is comical yet there are some dark edges to it. the calm before the storm.

I’m thinking of light blue and gray every time I shut my eyes and see the chapter headers.

similar to the cover5Ogq0Gn


okay. i think i fixed everything LOL check it out again


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Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles: I couldn’t find a good picture of Jeni… so i found a girl I thought was similar, and in a pose that didnt show most of her face LOL I don’t know if its too dark or not


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Here’s your graphic. Payment is credit with use :sparkles:


Graphic: Thread
Title of graphic: Unholy Things Thread

Something like these for image? Maybe a border that looks like broken glass or at least jagged? I dunno what you can do though.

Introduction: Welcome to the Unholy Things art thread! I am willing to attempt to draw your creatures for you, but I can’t promise anything. I am a busy person, so it may take a couple weeks or more at the most! I can only do limited color, no digital, only pencil, charcoal and maybe pen.

As I do more drawings, I will have more examples. (I will fill in the examples in another post though)


  1. Patience. Have patience or be denied, I have a lot of things in my life, and depending on my mental state as well as my current responsibilities, it may take a long time but I will be sure to keep you updated

  2. Give credit. Always. It’s not right to claim something as your own if it isn’t yours, I may have drawn it for you but that took time and effort.

  3. Always provide as much detail as possible, feel free to add more as you realize it, but if I drew an aspect before it is changed, I may or may not change the drawing as I can only draw something once and it can be very difficult for me to draw something.

  4. Sometimes I mess up. I get a part just right, then realize it is out of place but because I cannot redraw something, I can’t erase it and restart or I will never be satisfied and then give up. I instead do my best to incorporate the mistakes, I will be sure to detail any mistakes made upon delivery.

  5. Payment is a must. Payment varies. A follow is generally my accepting form, and, only if you are ok with Mature stuff such as language and other things under the Mature category, then reading and commenting on a few chapters of Kassidy or Ascension would be nice (not a requirement as I am a person who writes Mature stories, and trust me, they deserve the categorization, especially for language in my more recent ones.) (Also, I have less Mature stories that would be suitable as well, as well as a non Mature short story and poem that can be read as payment in my story Thorns & Roses)

  6. I do have some limitations in my skills, so if I deny it is usually because I cannot do your request because either I am not capable or because you failed to provide enough description

  7. I cannot do super realistic, but I always strive for the best

  8. If you give me permission to sign my art work (this, depending on how well the work turns out may or may not become a requirement before delivery) you cannot crop my signature out as it is my form of a watermark

  9. Must dedicate the story part my artwork is in to me so I can see you followed the rule of not cropping out my signiture


Black & White Semi-color Color



*Required, not optional

Creature Name:


*Are You Cool With Me Signing My Work? Yae Nae

* I prefer signing it, think of it as my form of a watermark, it won’t take up the entire page or a large part, but I will check to make sure it isn’t cropped out



something like this ?


It’s so cute yes!! How do I edit it to put the number things


oh, i’ll do that for you. you have 35 chapters right? I just wanted to make sure its what you wanted before i made all of them


I would like a cover!
Title: Blood of Gold and Starlight
Author: Anna Kay
Summary: In Aelia’s world, there is a war between the Fae and the humans. Valeria, Lia’s home, is the only kingdom that has not fallen to Fae rule, and Lia’s family prides themselves on that. But to keep it that way, a truce was put into place by the first King Aldane. In exchange for peace, Valeria would host the High Prince of the Fae and his court, and he would choose his bride from among the Aldane daughters, picking the one with magic in her veins. From the beginning, it has always been the eldest daughter, the one who showed the most promise, so that left Lia to live as she wished while her sister Drusa was groomed for the High Prince Kyros. But once he arrives, everything changes. All her views of the Fae and responsibility are challenged by the Prince, and for some reason he seems to be more interested in her than her sister. But when things begin to happen and people close to Lia start dying, the frailty of the truce is brought to light. Her people, her family, blame the Fae for these deaths, but Ky and Lia fear something much worse is at play. Suddenly Lia cannot live as she wishes anymore, and when her crown and her country are threatened she must become the princess she never wanted to be.

Ideas: a girl or man in masquerade/ball attire. This story is High Fantasy, so the time period is more medieval. It is a dark story, so I was thinking something dark and ominous, or very otherworldly (if that makes sense).

Other info: feel free to take as much creative license as you’d like! I’m really up for anything. Thank you for your time!


Yes. Thank you so much


here are your banners
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Thank you so much! Picking it up!