sevenstar ✧ a graphic thread ✧ on hold



Thank you so much :smiley:


did you want people to be able to copy and paste your form ? cause i just make image threads for people…


hello yes I know you’re busy but I have a coding question so answer when you can :slight_smile:

how in the flippity world does one do this in the threads? In my critique thread I think it’d be cool to have the textbox be black and have red or white writing but I have -0000% clue how to achieve such beauty


wait were you okay with the thread that i fixed (i never gave you the codes)? and uhm its really simple if you wanted one i can make one for you. its like the one i have in my thread


oooh wait I thought you were still making the corrections? But ya besides the title and the extra “s” it was great!!


ohh i replied to you after i made the changes. I just edited the same post tho



I mean, if it’s possible, sure, if not, nah, and if people want to, I can always put it below it


sorry for the late reply, I was at work and when I got home I stepped on a big shard of bone and almost fell down the stairs, I think I got my foot to stop bleeding, good thing I don’t work until Tuesday, my foot really hurts, also, I never realized how weird it is to pull something out of your own foot…:confused: or how scary seeing your own blood is


omfg are you okay ?

late replies dont matter to me. but if its an image thread people cant copy and paste text from it


well I’m a dumb dumb, BUT I LOVE IT :slight_smile: Absolutely perfect !!! Do I need the codes or can I just kinda copy and paste it??

And yesss if you could sometime when you have time or when you open again that would be phenomenal


you need the code, i can give you a pastebin link later. but did you just want something simple llike this ?


yes! Super simple like that. I think with white text though… but that’s perfect!!


It was…I dunno where my ruler is but (maybe) a quarter of an inch? Not very thick, but very sharp. Stupid effing dog, now another reason I hate him, he almost made me fall down the stairs (and I have a history of easily breaking bones just by falling, the first was tripping over a brick, my wrist landing on another, the second was my right growth plate in my ankle, broke into three pieces just by tripping over a soccer ball when I went to kick it. I don’t wanna know what tumbling down 6 steps would do to me)


That’s fine


ah yes. white to go with your aesthetic LOL


yyyyeeeaaaa that’s perfect :open_hands:t2:

How's this?


I like it!


Is it possible to put images of other creatures in the empty space to the sides? I think it would look cool, but it’s up to you if you would want to (if you can of course)


i was… debating on it. but i couldnt find out who drew the one i used

jk i found it but hes drwn nothing else in a similar style