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Can you find others of a similar style or look?


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How's this?


I love it!


Thank you


Oh, I just realized, do you think you can make Sometimes I mess up look like Patience? If not, that’s fine, just was bugging me it didn’t resemble the other parts of the rules where the main idea looked different/stood out


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Do you make profile headers/banners?


Title: The Water Warrior
Author: Wolf Warrior
Face claims: Shailene Woodley is Aqua, Wentworth Miller is Sinergy, Grant Gustin is Firestar, and Liam Hemsworth is BlackHawk
Ideas: maybe a gif if you do that if not a cover is fine. Something with water powers or at least with water in it. If a gif have Aqua and BlackHawk together in it, if not have Aqua in the center with BlackHawk and Firestar at her sides, maybe villain lurking in the background. Also maybe have a medieval look to it if you can.
Character descriptions: Aqua is a fighter and has water powers. BlackHawk is a stern soldier who falls for Aqua. Firestar is Aqua’s best friend who can turn from wolf to human(not a werewolf) Sinergy is the ruthless villain.

Thank you in advance if you accept this. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


@LauraAnneLee I don’t usually, but I’ve made a few before

@blackout_sword … so a banner or a cover ?


Banner please.


I’ll see what I can do


Super excited to see if you can make me something great. (I’m sure you can)

So, I was wanting a cover for one of my books. It’s a romance/drama. Its the only one I have with an actual celebrity cast (though it isn’t fanfiction just liked their faces)

The book is called Break Away.
My pen name for the long moment is XOXO Queen
hmmm what else. oh guess you would want those face claims huh

So my MC’s are Michael B. Jordan and Yara Shahidi
Here are two pics you don’t have to use them, cause you just don’t lol


(Wow that pic is huge…um sorry about that)

Um the only other thing I was thinking was that i would love if the backround was of a peach tree or something like that. ekk i hope this was at least sort of clear.

Thanks so much if you can do it.


Thank you! Can’t wait to see what you design!


I was hoping to see about getting a cover, for a story yet to be posted (it’s for Wattpad’s Open Novella Contest).

Requesting a: Cover

Title: Kami

Author: Octavia Locke

Some details about the story: It’s about a Japanese American girl who, after her grandmother dies, inherits a book of blank pages and a thousand year old curse. Accompanied by an angsty middle-aged British man, she must learn how to harness the power of Susano’o to fight the army of Orochi.

Origami and Japanese gods and myths play a huge part in the story.

Genre: Fantasy

Ideas: I was thinking the color scheme could be pretty minimal and clean - white with gold font and maybe a really pretty fantasy-esque gold border. Since origami plays a part, a paper crane on display in the center of the cover. Some wisps of blue smoke rising from the origami. If the cover ends up seeming too empty, cherry blossoms could be incorporated in what ever way you see fit. I don’t particularly want a model based cover, more object based, or if you can do really awesome typography, that would work too.

If you accept, thank you! If you don’t, thank you!


Would you be willing to try and make one for me. You don’t have to.


I can try o: let me know what you want


Is there a form I should fill out?


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