Sexual content – how much is too much?


I think it depends - if the scene you’re describing would be porn if it was visual, then that definitely needs a warning. No reader wants to walk into that without knowing that it would be possible. I think the way you described the dry humping is a pretty good indicator that there will be some more graphic scenes in the story, but it’s probably the safest route to keep anyone from getting mad or potentially reporting you.


This for me, yes? :smile:

I’m actually debating whether I need to add a little warning on the chapters I’ll be posting over the next couple of weeks because they will contain some sexual situations (foreplay and the act itself - I promise, I’m not dragging the scene out! :see_no_evil:).


I don’t really have a problem with how graphic sex scenes are as long as they’re consistent with the author or the series. For example, Sarah J. Maas has a ‘sexy’ series called A Court of Thorns and Roses, and from the get go its pretty saucy and the sex scenes are decently graphic. The reviews and some keywords in the description helped to give me a heads up about it too. However, in one of her other series, A Throne of Glass, the first few books have sex scenes but they kinda fast forward through them, there’s not really any detail. Then, in the fifth book, she starts adding all these sex scenes including a really graphic BDSM-ish one. It was not what I was accustomed to with the series and I was shocked, and I felt like it was out of character for the characters and just overall weird and it made me really uncomfortable because it wasn’t consistent.

tl;dr Be consistent in each book with how graphic you are so readers know what to expect from your book and aren’t blindsided, and try and include some tags or keywords in the description like ‘sexy’ or ‘romantic’ or something like that to help warn readers who are uncomfortable with that stuff without having to post a big disclaimer


Well, their first scene alone together end out in a small make-out session. (Going to hide it so it hopefully won’t get deleted this time)

Part of make-out scene

He lifted a hand to the side of her neck, letting his fingers brush over the warm skin and weaved them into her soft brown hair at the base of her neck, sending pleasant shivers down her spine. He pressed the hand holding his shirt against the wall next to her head for stability, moving his lips with hers and deepened the kiss as he shifted his head, all thoughts disappearing.

Olivia was quick to follow his lead. Their kiss was sweet but at the same time urgent. He lightly swept his tongue out and Olivia followed, meeting his tongue with her own, answering his call for more and moaned quietly.

Ricky lost himself at the sound. Dropping his shirt, he grabbed the side of Olivia’s face in both hands, brushing his thumbs along her cheekbones and pressed her small body against the partition wall with his own. He could feel his body stir from the kiss, her tongue… the feeling of her body pressed against his. He groaned into her mouth, breathing heavily through his nose.

Olivia whimpered softly and placed her hands on his hip and bicep for balance as she rose onto her toes, the warmth of his naked skin burning under her fingers. Ricky stepped closer, pushing his hips into hers, making the partition wall rattle from the movement, sliding a hand down to her chest and gently cupped her breast.

Olivia froze, pushing Ricky back as she held a protective hand to her chest. The expression on her face a mixture of surprise and fright.

This is pretty much the way things turn out every time they end up being alone together. What can I say? Teenagers and their hormones… :woman_shrugging:t2:

There are four scenes like this, getting more and more passionate, which lead to them finally sleeping together. So in that sense, I have been building up to it.


I think that’s good, and if you’re known as an author who tends to be more graphic with sex I think it’ll be fine, and if there’s buildup and everything like people will probably have a good idea of what they’re getting into


I won’t say I’m known for anything - at all. I’m just a small writer like (mostly) everyone on here.

I definitely build up to the scenes - every time.
…No… wait… that’s not true. I do have one scene that jumps right in on them dry-humping. :rofl:


No yeah I gotcha I just meant if that’s typical of your work then your readers and followers will probably pick up on that and know what to expect. Eh dry humping isn’t that bad :joy:

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I think it safe to say that I don’t just throw titties and weiners in my readers’ faces. :grin:
The reader will be brought along as their desire grows hotter between them in those types of scenes.


Lol I’m sorry that’s not what I meant, I think the build up should have you covered pretty well


:joy: Let’s hope so. :crossed_fingers:

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I did not know that. Thank you.


I wish there was a rating system rather than just mature, and not mature. Like, movies. G, PG, PG-13, R, NR. That would make it easier. Some books of mine are PG, some are PG-13, and some would be R. It’s like I can’t just go with mature or not.


Lol this respones. Day made.

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Aww, I really liked this scene. I liked how Evan was so considerate, checking in with her every so often to make sure she was ok with how far he was going. It made me like him a lot as a character and as a love interest.




Who told you to remove his age and lessen the graphic scenes?

Even though 16 is the age of consent in Canada where Watty is located, they want sex scenes in the books to adhere to all Canadian law. That includes age-gap stories where the older person is a person-of-influence, like teacher, guardian, step-parent, uncle, cop, Mayor, etc. For those relationships the age is 18.

Unfortunately the guidelines state that sex scenes must follow Canadian law but do not stipulate the many aspects of Canadian law. Incest is also forbidden by law but there are thousands of incest stories thriving on Wattpad. It’s a matter of most people not knowing the full extent of the laws pertaining to sexual behavior in Canada.


If you come across anything you think is contrary to the Content Guidelines then please feel free to report it to the Trust and Safety team at Wattpad. There’s more info on how you can do that here -

and here -


It was my editor, actually, I’m not familiar with the laws in our country (Philippines) but was told to move his age to 18.
the story was actually about a gay 17 year old kid who had a 60+ year old sugar daddy who likes role play and eventually bondage.
he ends up blackmailing the guy.
It was under pride literature, but I guess it was too much.


Okay, I’d have to agree with your editor here.
It’s a form of prostitution, and when he’s under 18 I’m fairly certain it’s considered pedophilia.


I had also this concern. How much is too much?
I wrote my book as explicit as it gets. I simply dropped any limits and boundaries. I just let it all go. Taste, smell, sensations, pain and pleasure. All those I found useful for describing the feelings emotions and the state of the character. Sexual intercourse is a way of expressing someones feelings and emotions. It’s a way of communication. I thought that any censorship would bring only limitations and no benefits.