Sexual content – how much is too much?



There is never too little sexual content


Yup, I ended up stating that he was 18, and that he looked much younger than his age. His sugar daddy actually thought he was 14.
Apparently, that was acceptable.


I edited your post upon request by the person you quoted.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Frankly, I don’t find anything explicit about this. It’s actually kinda sweet with a little censored touch, if you ask me, because I’m a teenager and I know how freaky my friends get. So, if you’re writing a teen fiction, write what happens in real life. Sure, people would say tone it down. I think you can show all you want to without toning it down. I don’t agree with chopping out parts for the sole act of toning it down because they’re teens. Honestly, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare but teens have sex like adults do. Just euphemize some words in the actual act. Focus a little more on facial expressions than genitalia in some areas. That way, you can bring in their emotions better. Don’t be afraid to get in the character’s headspace. Let her thoughts filter through too. You did that here to a good extent. She could even think of one or two unrelated things. That helps to balance things out.


Neither do I. I like burning my readers’ eyes.


Ah, that’s very true. I almost forgot that. Publishing requires certain restrictions.


Well, not exactly underage Echo. 18 and 19 year olds are teens and I see them a lot in teen fics


Well this excerpt that I provided was an example from my work as something NOT being too explicit.

The OP’s excerpt was removed from the first post as being too explicit!

And even the sample of hers that I edited to make a bit less explicit (although probably a bit more than I would personally write) was removed from that post as too explicit…

So yeah.

Explicit/Mature is not allowed on threads.

So her work is totally fine in her book if labeled properly. But explicitness is definitely something risky when attempting to go the traditional publishing route.


There are also various situations to take into consideration. Sometimes, the intimacy can be implied but not shown. For example, I have a teen fiction story in draft that focuses on the dreaded teenage pregnancy. I based it off of a true life story of a 10 year old who’s very close to my heart. That’s very underage, right? I’m telling her story but I couldn’t use that age. I bumped her age up to 14 for various reasons but no higher because I wanted her to face certain challenges. I didn’t show any explicit scenes with the responsible male. It was all implied. Who got you pregnant? Emilio (not real name of character). That’s one scenario. Or a situation where she entered his room and he locked the door with a predatory stare or smile. That’s another. Then, we cut to a scene at home with her sister. I’m dealing with a very sensitive topic here and he’s 17. It’s one of the toughest I have ever written. So, I didn’t show anything but it’s obvious what they were doing.

Another situation would be considering who the character is. For example, I have an 18 year old character who finds it difficult thinking of the male body or genitalia with crude terms or normal terms because she suffered sexual abuse. So, I get that she’s eighteen but I’ll censor her thoughts and words. She tends to think of ‘him’, ‘his member’, ‘little him’, ‘his friend’ or some other vague term that bothers on being childish. They still do all the normal stuff, she’s very much a mature adult mentally, but she hardly ever thinks of sexual things the way you would expect an adult to. It’s a lot more censored to avoid slipping into dark mental spaces. Also, she thinks too much so, obviously, her thoughts have to be heavily laced even in such a situation. Sometimes, they stray to odd things because that’s how her mind works. That’s one of the things he loves about her. You don’t think of choirmasters in the bedroom but she will because to her, you’re making her sing. You get what I mean? Let the character guide you. I don’t like when a badass turns into a puppy behind closed doors or vice versa. I think it kills some of the originality of the character.


I completely agree with you. Though, it does make me think certain publishers are biased. Like only those with connections or enough money can get a green check. I mean look at fifty shades of grey. That’s a BDSM intimacy manual not a book series. It’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask. Does money change that?


Well rape (and rape of a child) or sexual assault is an entirely different situation than consensual sex between two teens who are exploring their burgeoning sexuality and feelings for each other.

That’s a topic for an entirely different thread.


Fifty Shades is not a BDSM manual according to actual practitioners of BDSM.

It is basically poorly researched and badly written fiction m, that happened to hit a zeitgeist of ill-informed fantasy fulfillment.


That’s why it was so hard to write! If it was rape, it would have been easier but this was all messed up. It wasn’t nonconsensual but would definitely be considered statutory rape. Of course, the real life Emilio wasn’t anywhere near 17. I still think they were young and foolish. We both see it as rape but I had to write as her. In a situation where she doesn’t see it as being taken advantage of, all the lines become messy and her headspace gets tough to tackle. Then, there were other factors that only made it tougher. Like using him as an escape from an abusive father, the male figure she always craved for in her life. So, you have her thinking she used him and he’s lost in a world of turmoil, on the verge of ruining a sports scolarship. Those emotions played a key role in the backstory and what transpired in subsequent chapters.


Oh, it’s definitely not a guideline! I was being sarcastic because a ton of ignorant people use that to write the BDSM clichés littering wattpad’s library. I am not be surprised that people with the lifestyle find it offensive. No offense to those who like the book but I’m glad someone agrees that it was awful. I don’t understand all the hype. It was simply awful to me.


Statuatory rape is still rape. A ten year old being manipulated like that is a horrible reality unfortunately.

Makes me think of “Abducted in Plain Sight” on Netflix. That’s a seriously messed up real life tale. Watched it last week and it made me want to rinse my eyes, ears, etc. with some alcohol. I also wanted to reach through the screen and punch the parents in the face. I’m not a violent person but it brought my Mama-Bear instincts out in full force. I have two sons and just the idea that these parents didn’t protect their daughter at all had me so upset.


I asked for it to be removed because I’m currently working on getting my story (and its content) in line with a contract. And one of the things in that contract is not having parts of my story available elsewhere - hence why I had to ask for it to be removed.
It has nothing to do with anything other than that. :relaxed:


Oh sorry - the message to me read like it was edited for a explicitness. I was confused why it took so long to happen.

Good luck with your contract!


Thank you. :blush:
(I guess they just had to use some kind of option for the edit.)


Complicated - but exciting :blush:


Yeah, I wasn’t really thinking of 18/19 year-olds, but you’re right.

To me “teen fic” is high-school aged people (which is usually under 18), whereas 18/19 year olds fit more into the college/NA age group, but there’s definitely overlap. That said, there are countries (like Japan) where the legal age of adulthood is 20, so even 18/19 year olds would be considered minors in some places.