SFW ONLY Lezhin/Webtoons comics discussion


I’ve been eyeing that! Will read it when I can.


Ahhh man it’s such a good series
The expressions are really human despite them being robots


Alsooo (gdi why can’t I preview while mobile)


Looks amazing!


In order

Pandora’s Choice by Yudori
G-day by… I forgot
↑ lezhin
Demonic Cook Man, on webtoons
anddddd Dummy’s Dummy, on both tapas and webtoons


These two idiots omg
Tho I guess they haven’t realized their feelings yet, they’re so damn adorable


I’m still shook about the last bj Alex update.

Like, why is Jiwon so stupid.


O I meant sign, but I feel ya
He had one fuckin job man xD


Oh, I’m always like three or so chapters behind on sign because the updates are short and I don’t want to feel withdrawal.


Ahhh I feel you man
I should try that tbh. Hold off til I get my past due 130 free coins :eyes:


My boy Soohwa finally―


Still waiting a bit before I catch up.


I’m reading season two of Heesu in class 2 and this whole thing is radiating big UWU energy.






This is torture. How are these two this oblivious and adorable xD


Yo I binged How to Hate Mate and it’s
it’s actually really good?? In a chill and frustrating way ;;;


I love How To Hate Mate! I read it a long time ago, wonderful plot!


I’m kinda happy the dude settled for someone who straightforwardly appreciated him
instead of the dude bitching around the bush, pretending the shit didn’t happen :v

and the red haired friend, omg


I’m 100% happy about that too. His friend was a douche. :joy: