Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


The Shadow Spyre
Welcome to the Shadow Spyre! This is a place to bring your characters to fight. Who or what your fight depend on a lot of factors, but rest assured, all of your main battles here will be on completely equal terms. In order to ensure a welcoming environment, however, we do have some rules in place. They are in the post below. Enjoy your time here!


This is where we bring our characters to fight and players to be challenged! Want to test out your debating skills? Or perhaps you want to look at your character's weaknesses and strengths? Maybe you just want to debate for the fun of it? Well bring a character to the board! Rounds will be started every few weeks depending on how busy the mods are and the amount of discussion on the board. Please make sure to read the round intro!

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How To Play

  1. There are different rounds every few weeks. Each round has its own theme.

  2. Each round there will be a power level. Every character must fall within this power level to be accepted. If a character submitted is too strong, it will be nerfed. If a character entered is too weak, it will be buffed up.

  3. When submitting your character, please include as much detail on abilities, weapons, armour, and anything else relevant to a match. This helps us best pair you with someone of equal level. If you do not include something to indicate specifics, it will be viewed only at a basic human level. If its important enough to be used in battle, its important enough to be on your form!

  4. Debate! Please do not simply give up if you can help it.

  5. Whether or not you and your opponent have decided who will win, the moderators will do a final ruling. However, if you and your opponent have come to a consensus, the mod team will do our best to honour that.

  6. After the first match is ended, the people who have lost may enter mock match-ups with other people who have lost. The winners will continue on to a mini-boss or boss fight, depending on the round.

  7. Whoever does the most in the boss fight will win the round. This can be defensive, offensive or support roles. However, once you have won a round, it becomes a small bit harder to win. It is not forbidden, but it is a little harder to give others the chance to shine.


The Shadow Spyre Rulebook

Rule 1. Always obey @shadowdrakon99! He will do his best to be fair and create a fun environment, an equal playing field, and will try his best to give every character the spotlight time they earn!.

Rule 2. No cheating! We are here to have fun and debate fairly! Where is the fun in a competition if there is no challenge? If you feel your match is too one-sided, please speak up and we’ll adjust it.

Rule 3. No salt! This is a place of fun and joy, not anger! If someone is mistreating you, inform us and we will handle it. They will be punished to the best of our abilities. During a match, you will likely get heated, but you should never get angry.

Rule 4. Everyone deserves your respect! No one should be condescending, smug, or rude! This is a welcoming environment to all regardless of real life or their beliefs. We’re all friends when you’re here.

Rule 5. Science is not everything! We are working with fantasy characters, all from different universes. Just because an ability would not work in the real world does not mean it doesn’t work, nor does it have to be explained completely. That being said, your abilities must still make some logical sense! Abilities that come down to “Because I say so” will be reworked on the spot!

Rule 6. Accept your wins and losses gracefully! There are huge differences between being happy or sad over a win or loss and being a jerk. Know the difference, as rubbing in wins or whining about losses will not be tolerated. If you feel a result was not correct, respectfully inform us and we will re-evaluate it or explain the reasoning.

Rule 7. Avoid bringing drama to our thread! There will be a seperate thread for venting and talking, IF you end up needing it. However, here the outside world does not exist. There is no hard feelings with anyone.


The Shadow Spyre Rulebook Part 2

Rule 8. Unbeatable characters and characters that require a hyper specific method to be defeated will NOT be accepted! We want a fair fight!

Rule 9. No role-playing! Unfortunately, role-playing is not allowed on Wattpad forums! This means you are Not acting out what your characters are doing!

Rule 10. Follow all club rules! In addition to the thread rules, there are club rules as well. please adhere to them for the most part.



Character Form

Use this to submit your character. Keep in mind your character form can and likely will be longer than this. Remember you absolutely must include as much detail as possible. Based closely off of the EBG form

Name: (Including alias, title, what story they’re from, etc)

Age: (Optional)

Gender: (Optional)

Species: (Optional)

Origin: (Where do they come from? Such as the city, name of nation, name of universe, etc)

Introduction: (Who they are, general description of character)



Like/Dislike: (Optional)

Backstory: (Story behind the character, their motivation, etc)

Weaponry: (All weapons they will have on them for the fight as well as things that have special powers, like a wand or staff)

Armour: (Any defensive equipment that they had, having protective scale, etc)

Abilities: (Please describe their powers and their capability, what they could do, what things they use to attack or defend themselves, or any other form of abilities)

Fighting Style: (Please describe how they fight)

Quote: (Optional, but if included make sure they are meaningful)


Shadow Spyre is open once again!!!
@BookRyt, @Crimson_Scythe
@Crimson_Scythe, @makewarnotpeace, @iamnotasmartguy, @crimson_mystery_cake
@BookRyt @Oblivionyx

**ROUND 1**

Power Level: Low (about a plain human)
This is the first round of Shadow Spyre! This round focuses on two different sections. Firstly, you will battle another player. The loser will be to weak to continue on and will not continue on in the game, however you can always feel free to do mock battles with other players. Secondly, you must make your way to the center without being spotted by the enemy. More on that later :smirk: Finally, those who can make it will fight the final boss! So bring your sneakiest characters, within reason, and read on to find out all the details of the match!

A grey moon rises on a greyer city, light creeping through their large craters and busted windows. The dust seems to eat the light up, making everything seem dim, even the shadowy figures with glowing eyes and big machines. One stands atop a tank, lavendar eyes surveying all she sees. Leaping down, she calls her underlings, Drow from her house and others seeking to gain favour with Lloth the Spider Queen.

“Gather scouting parties immediately. They will be appearing shortly and we must not let them in the center of this city.” General Tanya spoke quietly, voice laced with authority. Everyone around her burst into motion, red eyes lighting up the area. Suddenly Tanya was left alone with her tank. “And I will make sure those that reach the area do not survive.”

The Drow moved through the area silently. Each party contained a tank, preserved from the battle that took place earlier in the week. On top of the tank stood a spotter, assigned to ensure the tank did not miss anything with its limited sight and that no one could claim it. In front of the tank marched two Drow, each carrying a dirk and a dagger. Just in case. Well ahead of the group and practically invisible save for the glowing of their red eyes were scouts. They swept ahead, looking for open paths, checking for traps, making sure no one remained alive in the buildings. On the back of the tank, equipped with a previously charged staff stood a medic. Just in case. They moved in unison, attentive to the front of where they were going.


Okay I’m here, I’ll do my best to participate but college is about to start back up so my schedule will be iffy for a bit. BUT maybe you should include something about the character combat in the title so that people will know what Shadow Spyre actually is.

I myself was going to start up my own combat thread called Original Character Arena, ORCA for short and yes I came up with that intentionally :laughing: But now that there’s like a whole bunch I think I’ll hold off on that.


sorry >.< I didnt mean to take anyones idea

and its fine, I dont intend on having dead lines until after this first round anyways. That way I can see what can be streamlined and what can’t.

Also im in university so ill be busy too, but hopefully I can still manage


Also do you approve of the rules and how to play sections? Am I missing something in them? Do they need clarification?

Also @crimson_mystery_cake @Crimson_Scythe @makewarnotpeace @iamnotasmartguy @BookRyt @Oblivionyx Do you guys have any suggestions for rules and how to play? I really would appreciate feedback.


How many of these battle threads exist now XD


I think the final count is like 4 lol


Lol a few, but i think its pretty nice because now there is choice between which which styles you like more too


And so a fourth rises ~

I will be watching this one too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very much appreciated! The more the merrier!


Actually I think this one was the first to show up on the new forums just never actually started :laughing:


and now I’m in both battle threads… lmao

I should start making a “Ryan’s Colosseum Character Battle” RCCB for short if I feel like making it.

but nawh. XD that’s weird af.


this is pretty cool though! :o

I’m assuming the submission is open?


Of course!

This first round there wont be a deadline, I’ll just leave it open until we reach 10-14 people


Hey everyone! I was wondering if
I should post an example character. Everyone currently here knows how to write them, but I’m hoping if other people see a character form theyll be interested. What are your guys’ thoughts?