Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



Yeah, correct. Fahmir isn’t purely combat fighter. He’s a strategist for leadership. The reason why he use rapier because he has insanely accurate accuracy to point that he could have aim for a very slim target accurately, but like what I said, it’s not innate skill. It’s prediction. Based on his description of Clairvoyance Phantasm, it gave him an inhumane clarity, like when people could hear even a faint heartbeat if they’re in a focused meditation.

Fahmir is actually very capable on close ranged combat, which is why his Third Stance, the Scattered Petals is basically repeated flurry of high-speed thrusting stab. It’s just that, he lack the overall strength to cause damage, might it be on long or short range, WITHOUT his special moves. And his special moves are only for finishing, each require few seconds of preparation. Basically, Fahmir is not good against relentless opponent.

And yeah… deceitful attacks like the Full Moon Draw and Twin Moon Draw could potentially went beyond Fahmir’s prediction, but it depend, since he might have gathered enough info on Rex’s fighting style to know that he’s unpredictable enough to execute two deadly moves in one go. Either way, the sheer speed is beyond Fahmir’s reaction speed. He may knocked bullets before, but that’s because he could foresee where exactly the bullet would go, and he know on which exact moment to swing his sword. It’s more like playing rhythm game for his mind.

So as long as he can predict it, and he’s fast enough to react, he can block it. But if it happen before he could predict it, or that he could predict it BUT it’s too fast for him to react, then it’s game over for him.

There’s a time on the canon where his strategy failed after successive accuracy. On the Spain arc, there’s these mafia group that got this one psychic who was seemingly asleep, Fahmir could not read her danger since she’s literally asleep, inactive, not pretending to be sleeping, but when one of his subordinate reach her, the girl just suddenly knock her out with telekinesis, to which even surprise Fahmir. This is similar to how Rex’s body react and it would makes Fahmir has very hard time to predict.


I could have sworn I had everything, I literally copy and pasted the form, I didn’t delete anything either


Found it, I thought this implied he had weapons? I didn’t know I had to list weapons he has on him all the time, I mean, what person is always carrying around a rifle or even machine gun?


How does Fahmir do without his rapier? Rex COULD just rip it from his hands and force a hand to hand fight. I also should point out that a rapier while it isn’t the most rigid of swords is pretty hard to use if your opponent get’s too close :open_mouth: . I’d say it’s a bit like a spear, it has a very limited range of effectiveness.

I wouldn’t call Full Moon or Twin Moons deceitful. They’re counter measures that focus entirely on disabling an opponent’s weapon while delivering a very high amount of damage. And don’t forget he needs pretty specific circumstances to use both. And unlike his first two “Draws” he actually needs them to be back in their sheath.

For Crescent and Halfmoon Draws Rex doesn’t need his blades to be in their sheathes and can deliver them from conceivably any angle he needs to. Distance is really the only matter those two need, Halfmoon can be done from nose-to-nose while Cresent Moon needs at least an arm’s length.

Does Fahmir have experience with people using quickdraw style attacks? If he does how about quickdraws that are used after an opponent attacks like Full and Twin? Because those two like I said are counter attacks.

(Realizes we haven’t even touched on Rex’s other weapons)

Lol since I brought it up, how does Fahmir handle an opponent who can rapidly switch his weapons? Rex does this a lot in canon, he switches both weapon and sometimes method of attack to keep his opponent off balance.


Without his rapier, he’s just toast. Simply toast. xD

I worded that wrong. I mean, Full Moon and Twin Moons are counter abilities that cannot be predicted because it just happen one after another, so even if Fahmir manage to predict his movement, the usage of these two moves would be faster than his prediction, since it took time to predict.

The important point is that Fahmir can counter both Moons, and any of Rex’s weapons. It’s just matter of skill and speed, that Rex outmatched him. Fahmir studied many fighting style so he would expect hidden moves like what Rex had, so I can’t say that he’s inexperienced against quickdraw style of attack, but he has no specific strong point against any fighting style since he’s heavily reliant on predicting his opponent. Whatever the fighting style, if they manage to cause a “miss” in his prediction, even just few inches difference, then they can hit Fahmir.

So yes, he’s fine regardless of what weapon that Rex use, since he will know an opponent’s style depend on the weapon, but it also cause more distraction. It’s like he’s trying to download one file, and you switch to another file, then to another. He need time to gather information for each weapons. So that’s why I said in the beginning that, if you’re simply fast enough, Fahmir will just toast. Strategy isn’t good with unpredictable rush.


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Yes sorry for the long wait. Weapons are supposed to be explicitly stated on the form. It helps other understand exactly what they are up against. As for it being implied, it definitley seemed to me like you planned on finding a weapon in the arena somewhere, which is a possibility but Tyler would definitley have to look.

As for people who carry around machine guns or rifles, its quite a common place occurrence it seems to me lol. I myself have a character who always carries around a massive semi-automatic sniper rifle and a big sword.


You should add the weapons you plan on using now, just this once. In the future I will not allow it because it really makes it hard to judge a character’s survival if not.


well, I also think form should be clearer though, if I thought that it was just ones he has used, someone else is bound to do it too


I added to him


Yeah I did adjust the sample form to make it clearer

As for the weapons, the only thing I would like you to change is the part where arrows explode into ice shards and kill everything. The explosion is fine, but please change it to damage everything instead.

I will be back to debate in a few hours


well, it’s not like he can do that often, only like once, and I made it so it isn’t in a large area, in a very small area


I am aware of that. I would still prefer it be changed to damage. Obviously a lot of weaker animals would be shredded, so they would clearly die. But a Drow would barely be phased by it, so they definitely wouldnt die. Thats why i want the clarification


what is a Drow?


The other people that you will eventually have to fight this round, pulled from a universe where everything is literally extra buff


where those things are extra buff?


I edited the post


death is to normal humans but amount of damage is determined by how strong the supernatural person or creature is, the stronger they are the less damage it does, the damage ranges from mild to heavy damage


They are around. After the first matchup I will introduce them. Needless to say, you do not want to run into them. Even all of us combined would only be able to take out two or three and they patrol in groups of 5


What about Tyler’s venom? Would it count here? It takes a long time to kill, but can only be removed the same way it was applied, through a Shapeshifter, it would weaken them first before it kills them (and I’ve never really had him use his venom in the story but side effects vary for each Shapeshifter’s venom, some examples from my female MC’s venom: pain that gradually, then quickly increases in severity, vomiting, hallucinations, madness and then death)

But it takes a long time for the more severe symptoms to appear, like, hours, sometimes days or weeks.