Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



Well if they take a long time, than just keep that part out. The basic symptoms will be perfectly fine.


Basically, I do believe that Odysseus has a pretty solid chance of victory if he can keep his distance and attack from the shadows. Tyler does has really good senses, so obviously it’s going to take more than a well placed arrow to end him. As long as Odysseus can avoid giving away his location, he can win.

On the other hand, Odey doesn’t stand much of a chance in a melee. He can predict some of Tyler’s attacks and get a few solid hits in, but ultimately he just doesn’t have the close range versatility of Tyler.

Those are my final points, so I think I’ve hit on all the points I can think of. You can add what you want.


I think Tyler also has a good shot at winning since he is so in-tune with his abilities and also doesn’t stay out in the open either, Tyler is (at his core) a hunter, so if he also kept his presence hidden, a thing he is good at, he could have a very fair shot at defeating Odysseus.

HOWEVER, if Odysseus managed to find a way to confuse Tyler, or even to use his weakness of silver against him somehow, Odysseus could definitely get the upper hand, so long as he accounts for how chaotic Tyler can become in less than a heartbeat. Pretty much if Odysseus can keep Tyler in his sights and deal some damage, anytime Tyler goes to shift it would slow him down and leave him in a vulnerable state since he shifts slower and slower the more he is wounded. The key factor for Odysseus though would be paying attention to all of Tyler’s movements because if he loses sight of him, he may not ever find him until it’s too late. Odysseus also must keep in mind Tyler can use his powers defensively as well as he can offensively, but also that just because he is keeping his distance doesn’t mean his survival is guaranteed, as they both are skilled with long range weapons as well.

I think overall it would be a very close match between them, what do you think?


I agree




Rex vs Fahmir (No clue)

@blue_jay @Crimson_Scythe Are you guys finished? No rush, just wondering


I’m finished, you can decide the match result. :slight_smile:


Think so let me double check though

Yeah I think so. Closing thoughts are Rex seems to have an advantage up close and a big disadvantage at range.



Everyone has fought hard and that’s what it’s about. I will decide the winners of both matches and repost forms tomorrow. If there is a disagreement with who won, please tell me and the reasoning and I will consider.


Character list:

Tyler Dagree by @PellinorLover2314 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version

Rex by @blue_jay

Fahmir by @Crimson_Scythe

Odysseus by @Shadowdrakon99 Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


Good luck on writing the result! ^-^/


Lol thanks. It’s not too bad, the hard part is just deciding which “outcome” I want to use for the fights and stuff like that


Sounds tough, so take your time and good luck again :slight_smile:


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What’s up everyone? Big news: after so much pushing it back due to life throwing curve balls, the battle scene nears its end


Busy myself with my own writing, so good luck on yours too! :metal:



I hope I did well in portraying all of your characters. If not please let me know and I can revise. However, I do think that the actual result was as spot on as I could get. If you guys disagree, though, let me know.


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