Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



I’m gonna wait until you fix the link, because i can’t access it right now.


It’s fixed and I’m reposting it just in case


I actually wasn’t expecting that one! Nice touch when it came to him dying (Natasha is Natalie) and you did decent in capturing how Tyler is, but some parts his reactions weren’t what I’d have him do, but close enough!


Oof sorry about that, I have mind dislexia and I did most of the writing offline

Im glad you enjoyed it


No problem! I knew what you meant


Lol also if you haven’t noticed I like everyone basically dying too


I do the same in my stories :joy: and dying is nothing new for Tyler


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: okay?


What’s up?

You seem like something didn’t line up for you. What’s wrong?


I didn’t read everything thoroughly but it didn’t seem to me like Rex actually used any counterattacks prior to that last bit. Where’d he learn about that?

Also in my mind a feint would just make him switch to full moon over twin moons. (But either way they’re both just a portrayal thing)


Also, I feel you left Tyler’s speed out of the equation, I just realized that

No big deal though, so, was Tyler and Ody a tie?


Oh, no he did. I figured he would use the counters relatively often seeming as one of your points if I remember correctly was that a lot of Rex’s fighting style revolves around them. Basically I figured since they were about tied in speed and agility and likely tactics, it would come down to who had the more powerful final attack. I can rewrite it to better reflect that.


Tyler won. That’s why he was completely healed at the end and Odey was just ash.

As for his speed, I took it into account for the ruling, but I can only really write one “outcome” and this one seemed the coolest. Since Odysseus is from a universe where humans are literally weaker than giant frogs, I went with caution in his part.


Ah, ok

Also, Tyler mentioned God (which is fine), he has Divines, the main three are Detchris, Leeana and Ronedur, but if he ever decided to pray or anything, he would just say “Divines” and then go from there, but usually he can feel them in a soft brush of wind or in a sudden rain fall or know Detchris is watching from purple lightning flickering/dancing though the sky

But he does acknowledge God exists, he just doesn’t have faith in the guy



For the writing, I chose the outcome after I decided who would win, I just chose the outcome that I thought would be the most interesting. This outcome doesn’t necessarily include every ability and every thing that could happen like Crim usually does in EBG, but that is only personal preference. The outcome reflects the closeness of the match ups and the ways in which the victors held the advantage


Yeah, I kinda figured he didn’t belive in God like that, but it was an expression lol I figured he could possibly still use it




Yup, he can!


That would be a lot better cause I honestly just thought that Rex got beat out of nowhere. And yes I said he’s a counter based fighter but wasn’t the agreed on nerf for him being he only does them once? So I still don’t entirely know how he figured it out especially given his final moves require specific weapons.


Well he would still use the counter attacks correct? And the counter attacks would be markedly different than any other counters and attack and blocks. So with Fahmir’s ability to predict and everything, he would probably assume this one was not going to be any different. That was my reasoning anyways. I know you said Rex assumes everyone can and will kill him, so I assumed he would use all of the other attacks, even if he can only use them once. In fact he did, and he ripped Fahmir’s suit and cut him pretty good with only one. The last one I assumed Fahmir would predict a counter and feint half way through the movement, so Rex would be in a position where he doesn’t have enough time to evade, that’s why I made a big deal out of the timing of it. Hopefully that explains it better