Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



Buuut what about Rex’s own precog?

I just want to make sure you didn’t forget anything


Wohooo my first new year gift is your writing! ^-^/

(Took me some time to read everything, sorry for the wait)

I liked the way how you manage to makes your writing unique by using font color and italic effect in order to differ between internal thought and third person POV description. And although there’s minimum of spacing between paragraph, the way you align the paragraph makes it readable.

However, it’s still bit hard to read throughout. Even a single line of space between paragraph will help mitigating the wall of text, so it can be enjoyed more.

Sometimes your writing seems to be very simple, sometimes it can be pretty descriptive. Dividing the paragraph to smaller lines, according to what I suggested previously, should help your reader on preparing to read the longer, heavier descriptions. Still, I can see that you have a wide variety of vocabulary to use to describe things and some of the imagery there are amazing.

I’m not nitpicky about the portrayal of my own character, so don’t worry about that. I enjoyed the way you depict him even if something didn’t sound like him. I’m thankful and happy to have someone written my characters and that you took time to read the form to understand him.

Despite it being hard for me to read the wall of text, I actually enjoyed your writing. It seems like you’ve been inspired by my EBG writing since it really remind me about EBG in some ways, which makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Anyway uhhh…

I didn’t expect the result? o.o

I literally have no desire or intention to win this, and I’m very sure that Rex outclassed Fahmir in everything unless in few things. The best that Fahmir have is his precognition, intellect, and his powerful magic that can only be used in very limited usage. Meanwhile Rex can kill Fahmir easily and quickly in many ways all the time, or can survive long enough to outlast Fahmir since the smoking guy got less stamina and less strength and less speed.

But anyway uhhh…

@blue_jay I’m not sure how to feel about this. Sorry buddy I think you deserve the win here, but I hope you don’t mind what happened. Let’s just respect the decision of the moderator.

@Shadowdrakon99 Once more thanks again. It’s hard to read everything thoroughly but I try my best to pay my attention and it was pretty great, you got the potential. Just try to makes it more readable by managing the paragraph spacing.


I’m actually inclined to agree with you lol seems we both assumed the wrong outcome


Well buddy there’s always many possibilities and this is just one among thousands of possible things that may happen on the battle, so let’s just accept it :3

I still prefer if you have won this because lmao seriously I literally have no intention to win, but if this what the mod decided then I’ll accept that :rofl:



Fahmir by @Crimson_Scythe and Rex by @blue_jay, yeah I know the outcome wasn’t very predictable but basically from both forms this is what I gathered (and the discussion)

Speed wise, Fahmir and Rex tied. I don’t think either is faster than the other. Intelligence and strategy wise I think they are tied. While Rex has precognition, based on what’s on the form it only affects his immediate vicinity and is basically like a spider sense. Now against someone without a similar ability, this would be an advantage. Against Fahmir’s predictions, it’s not as much of an advantage as it more or less is equivalent. In addition to that, I fee as the battle goes on, Fahmir would be able to definitely see Rex respond to attacks he should have no other way to respond and come to the conclusion of either Rex being somehow clairvoyant or somehow reading his mind, maybe both. Style wise, Rex has versatility over Fahmir. Rex has a much larger selection of weapons, and his fighting style allows for an extremely high adaptability.

That being said, Rex’s weapons are also meant to be used in what I call a sword break style. The attacks are meant to be quick and hard and the style of Shinobi and Rex (correct me if I’m mistaken) is to end the battle in one or two quick blows. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Shinobi are absolutely as skilled to fight in longer battles as in short ones, buuuut I also feel that Rex probably isn’t as accustomed to it.

Another big point is this. Rex has a large number of strong counters, but they can only be used once, and one is a last resort. Fahmir has fewer abilities, albeit 2 are much weaker and usable more frequently. Rex’s Draws have to be spot on against Fahmir, as each time Fahmir sees one, I’m sure he can learn enough about it to sense when another is coming, making it much harder to connect with his next ones. Fahmir’s two weaker abilities are weaker and focus more on speed than heavy damage. While Rex can most definitely react to them, he’s going to still likely end up with an injury just as much as Fahmir will from the Draws.

Basically, the way I saw it was like this. Rex and Fahmir are matched in almost all of the basics. Rex has more versatility, being able to teleport away with his golden eggs and being able to climb walls. When Rex does this, however, Fahmir can catch up with his jump dashes. Rex also has the benefit of his Skin being Armour. It makes all of Fahmir’s attacks much less damaging. What Fahmir has is a sword that would take much more damage to be broken for Rex’s Severs to break. Another benefit I think Fahmir has is the style with which he fights. Because of Fahmir’s speed and the thinness of his blade, his attacks can move fast enough so that when Rex blocks or parries, he doesn’t have much time to lash out with his own attacks. But none of this gives either of them any real lead over the other.

Basically, in my eyes what it came down to was who could deal the most damage in one hit. Rex could fairly easily leave a gaping whole in a brick wall with his strongest ability, but Fahmir’s ability could remove the wall. Now I allowed Fahmir’s ability to be as strong as it is because he has three abilities, one which could barely break a boulder, one that can rip through a few small trees. However, Rex’s ultimate was weaker but he had more ultimates quite close together in strength, which is why I didn’t not buff his. All in all, the match was extremely close, and it came down to who’s attack would beat the others.

In this case, the winner is Fahmir by @Crimson_Scythe

Odysseus by @shadowdrakon99 (myself) and Tyler by @Pellinorlover2314, this was a surprisingly close match too.

For the most part, Odysseus is outmatches. Tyler has speed, better senses, more versatility, better defenses and much higher offensive capability. Odysseus has superior intellect and strategy. Now when I first reviewed the match I didn’t think Odey stood a chance. But the more I thought about what could happen based on the form the more I saw Odysseus shine.

Odysseus can easily outplan and outplay Tyler. Keeping his distance and observing throughout the battle would give him an edge that he needs. Between remaining unseen and Prayer of Athena, Odey could deal some solid damage. However, if Tyler manages to track him, it’s gg.

Tyler would spend much of the time searching for Odysseus and using his elemental abilities to try to flush him out and hurt him. Once Tyler has found him, Odeysseus’ fate is sealed. There isn’t anything Odysseus can do.

Overall, Odysseus can outplan Tyler, and bring Tyler very close to death. However, Tyler doesn’t need to give Odey the time to do that. In essence, basically Tyler just is too much better for Odysseus to best this round, even with such a high level of intelligence.

The victory thus goes to Tyler by @Pellinorlover2314


I still feel as though I should dispute my result since both participants felt they agreed on who would’ve won… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But it’s whatever now enjoy the rest of your game


Honestly I’m not competitive or aiming to win, so I usually would let my opponent win without any problem at all. On this one, I’m extra willing because I don’t even desire to win at all, so I honestly don’t mind whatever way used to kill Fahmir and I wouldn’t ever be upset with the portrayal OR the result.

I do respect the decision of the mod, but if my opponent was upset with the result, then I rather just pawn myself rather than to see this kind of attitude in a match that involves me.

Win or lose doesn’t matter at all with me, I’m not competitive with this, and I just want to enjoy the game. If my lose can makes the game more enjoyable for everyone, then please just gives the win to my opponent.

Beside, I don’t think I should have won that. Fahmir is genuinely far weaker than Rex, in both stamina, strength, speed, and everything else. Rex got his instinct and unpredictability that’s really hard for Fahmir to calculate. He also have better defense. Fahmir can only hurt Rex while using his special moves, while Rex can instant kill Fahmir with a simple, light, quick slash.

Sure, Fahmir can instant kill Rex with his special moves, but that is, if they would ever hit him. And that chance is very unlikely.


@blue_jay and @Crimson_Scythe okay then, I don’t mind changing the writing and results.

Crim, I know you don’t mind winning or losing, but I would prefer you still play like you do mind. It makes it more interesting. Anyways, I can change the result if you really don’t mind.

Blujay, I don’t mind changing the result for you. Since Crim doesn’t mind, and it was a close match I can change it


I appreciate that, and I do have fun here, so don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Naw keep it the way it is


As you wish


I’m glad you are having fun. Tomorrow I’m going to release the boss battle. There isn’t a mini boss this round because 1. It’s the first round and there were only three other players and 2. This took place in my personal universe that I knew best, and since I made everyone relatively normal to start with to set a precedent on peer level strictness I can not expect a mini boss to be any easier. Also, General Tanya is going to be a big enough ordeal, since I’m introducing something new that I don’t see happen often in EBG: I’m going to be throwing up counter arguments as if my character was the boss. It’s still a boss though so its going to be buff, but you EBG guys will probably remember her :wink:


Hmmm these are pretty interesting… :thinking:

Alright I look forward to see her and how you’ll do the boss. :3


Fahmir strolled towards the center of town, smoke curling from his mouth. I haven’t run across any more of those weird elves. He stopped and looked around. Well, this is the center of the city, I believe. Whipping around to face the sound of footsteps, Fahmir saw a young man with startling blue eyes.

“You are not my enemy are you?” Tyler aimed a revolver at Fahmir, not taking any chances. “Are you the one who is responsible for this?”

“No. I am Fahmir, captain of the Mirage division. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting.”

“No. Answers first. Where are we? Who is responsible? Why shouldn’t I put a bullet in your head right here?” Tyler growled.

“Calm down. As I said, I am not responsible and I am just as eager to find out. Whoever it is has glowing lavender eyes and black skin. That’s all I know.”

Suddenly the area fell dark. Fahmir dropped to the ground as a shot rang out from where the other guy had been standing. Tyler couldn’t see anything and shot where he last saw Fahmir. Something wasn’t right, he couldn’t see his hands in front of him. He was completely blind, even his ability to see in the dark fell flat. This is unnatural.

Female laughter rang out, beautiful and eerie like a glass hammer on a bone bell. Suddenly, bright purple flames erupted around Tyler, not burning him but nearly blinding him.

“Blinded, dog boy? What about you, captain? How well can you see in the globe of darkness?” The voice laughed again. Tyler looked around in hopes he could see something. All he could see was another fire in a human form. He assumed it was Fahmir for before. Tyler sniffed the air, hoping the dust had settled enough for him to get a trail.

Something dark and cold crawled up his nose, forcing him to sneeze. What is that smell? It doesn’t smell bad but it’s so strong. Tyler followed the smell, finally stepping out of the dark. He looked back and saw two large balls of absolute pitch black. It wasn’t like fog, but like an actual hole in his vision. He heard the laughter again and circled around the globe.

“You are the one that did this, aren’t you?” Tyler pulled out his other revolver and aimed both at the back of the woman’s head. She turned and smiled, her lavender eyes being brought out beautifully by her luscious white hair and smooth coal colored skin. Despite her stunning looks, Tyler suddenly felt cold just looking at her.

“Why hello dog boy. What a clever idea, to use your nose instead of eyes. As a reward, I might kill you slowly so you may watch the glee in my eyes as your life fades.” A whip appeared in her hand. Are those snakes ? Tyler stepped back a bit. “You will have the pleasure of being my toy first. Now, take your death with honor.”

The globes faded and a flash of light blasted into the Drow. However, almost so fast that Tyler couldn’t even see the movement a sword appeared in her hand, stopping the rapier in its tracks. Fahmir leaped back, sword at the ready.

“Who are you? What happened here? What’s going on?” Fahmir spit out his cigarette, knowing this was a serious opponent.

“Tsk tsk. Why do you wish to know so much, illdrith? You will not survive long enough to make use of the knowledge.” Illdrith means feces in the Drow tongue, but it also happens to mean any nonDrow race The lady returned her sword to her back. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt if you knew how much trouble you are in. I am General Tanya of the Yralihic Empire.”


Am I supposed to begin arguing??? I am not sure what to do with this…


It’s tje prologue to the boss. You don’t start arguing until I put the boss form up, which I’ll do later


Ok, cause my first argument would have been Tyler woulda stopped listening to her the moment she called him ‘dog boy’ or even ‘dog’ :joy:


Wohooo boss battle!


;-; sorry I’m like this guys, I keep pulling up word to start the boss form but then getting sweepy


It’s alright buddy, take it easy.