Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



So guys I spent all night last night on the boss form

I save it

In a folder I save all of my Wattpad stuff in

But later I go to clear up some room

And delete it because I thought I uploaded everything to google docs

Which I did but 4 months ago

Now she’s gone ;-;


I am slowly killing my soul with Algebra II right now anyway…so tired…but must get it done tonight because the next few days I have no room to do it and everything has to be done by thursday


I think I’m gonna take a nap soon, maybe that’ll help? :thinking: I don’t know, I wanna be done but I have 5 more lessons, a unit test and then my overall exam…my last quiz score was a 12% though…


Welp that’s a tragedy… ;-;


I decided to stop for the night after getting a 50% on the unite test…I can do a few tomorrow, then the rest Wednsday


I’m so so sorry this has been going on for so long ;-; I haven’t had internet at home and designing this character to be a challenge yet still fair for a boss is so hard


It’s ok, take your time!


Boss form drops tonight!

After this round the next round will be much shorter because I plan on making the power level high and I can just toss in any of my previous characters from EBG as bosses or make a new one without as much hassle


Introducing General Tanya


Ooooohhh dang it’s finally here time to read


This is probably the only time I’m going to do a low power round without internet at home


Huh, Tyler being a Shapeshifter will come in handy here


Please explain what you mean?


Well, now that I know echolocation works in the globes o darkness, Tyler can switch in and out of the form of a bat to help him fight


That’s true, however you have to figure out how Tyler would learn about that. Tanya isn’t just going to explain how her moves work because 1.) she isn’t silly and 2.) she would assume you already know about globes of darkness but just don’t have a way to beat them.

If you can tell me how Tyler would figure them out than you have a solid idea.


Well for one he would be trying everything he could to figure out a way to keep track of her. He could try to use his hearing or sense of smell, but I can’t remember if that is affected or not. He can’t see, so why waste time using other forms that will be just as useless? He would move onto the next available method of finding something, which would be echolocation. Bats use it because they’re blind, and they go out at night, so why wouldn’t he put the dots together?


Hearing and smell would still work, although I am entirely unsure how accurate sense if smell would be if Tanya is moving continuosly. Makes sense


I am going to begin my argument to get things rolling. I want to actually finish up in 5-7 days and have out the final writing.

As I wrote in the form for Tanya, she is very strategic. She will have one or two ideas about Tyler and Fahmir’s strengths and will learn quite a bit more. She will keep moving and do her best to keep globes of darkness in the way so there is no easy shot. She will also keep moving behind Fahmir, trying to get a solid hit with her whips so she can focus on Tyler.

That being said, she doesn’t know the specifics of your abilities. Because of that she will simply doubt you have the ability to do anything and make fun of you while she fights, trying to anger you.


Movement shouldn’t effect smell, otherwise how would he be able to track a deer for miles through the forest? (He can even track very old scents, or even track through the rain)


Hello I’m sorry for the late reply, I wasn’t feeling well lately. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, this is the first time I seen Tanya with a nice character form. So she always been prodigy since small, huh? Let’s see what she can do then.

Armour, I don’t need to worry about it.

The Matron Whip is a very fast weapon with a decent range, deal a nice damage, and got an additional mode with paralysis venom. Fahmir must do his best on not to get hit.

Globe of Darkness is not a problem, since Fahmir doesn’t rely on vision or sensory. He simply will analyze and predict, so he know on when he should escape.

Levitation should be harmless, but since Fahmir is weak (as in, having ordinary human physique without any superhuman factor or something) then if Tanya slam her to the wall or drop him from the height, then he’ll still get damaged.

Betrayer of the Night sounds badass! :metal: Anyway Fahmir could initiate this by stabbing her, since he’s still somewhere around the “good” moral spectrum. Once she entered this mode, Fahmir would not able to compete with her attack, but will be able to strategize against her even better than before. He’ll use this to an advantage by setting traps.