Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version

Well the thing about smell is that smell leaves a trail. If General Tanya is moving back and forth a lot, her scent trail is going to be difficult to follow simply because it’s so convoluted. Deer on the other hand don’t really move back and forth in such a way. They tend to go in a pretty direct course to their destination.

Yep, she’s always them mad skillz. Skis for some of them from genetics which is why he was the first to handle a dual possession.

Hmmm the matron whips would do some heavy damage if they landed, but that is true of most people, even Tyler.

Oooof I totally forgot about Fahmir’s prediction, yeah he should be able to yeet our when necessary, however Tanya is also going to be strategizing as well, and she is really good at it. I think that even though he can dip and dodge a lot of her attacks, I think if he’s in the globes of darkness inevitably one will land. Two super skilled strategists will leave marks on one another.

That’s a fair point. Once Tanya is in Betrayer of the Night, it’s going to be much easier to trap her but she’ll still be really hard to get down. Perhaps some coordination with Tyler :smirk:

Tyler in wolf form is pretty dangerous, with his size and his extreme speed combined. If he went Primal, it would be both of them going off of instinct (but Tyler considers his inner animal as it’s own entity almost)

Tyler will be dangerous with his speed and size, but don’t forget Tanya gets much stronger and and is fast enough to keep up already as well. She will also be pretty dangerous considering the size of her sword and the ferocity she will attack with.

I made a size comparison using a size comparison of how big he is

I figured that’s how big he was. With him being that large in wolf form, it also means that he won’t be able to easily get in doors, so if Tanya ran into a building she could hit him while he tried to get in or force him to turn back

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Which normally doesn’t take too long

A few seconds in a fight at this speed can be quite a difference though. Don’t forget Tanya’s whips will hurt quite a bit, and she’ll probavly be able to hit twice while he’s stuck. Not to mention if he gets hit too much he can be paralyzed.

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This is the last day before I close the boss battle, so last thoughts anyone?

um, I don’t really know

What can be done about Tyler’s Elemental abilities? His bow isn’t the conduit for them, he is, the bow is just a weapon, and even if Natalie’s shield were broken, he could easily throw up one of his own using his Elemental magic

Her armoir can do pretty well against blunt force, as for the barriers, I’m assuming the can handle one or two hits from the whip in split mode and Tanya is fast enough to dodge elemental attacks

what about thick ice walls that he would make to also block incoming attacks? The only time those use energy is to make them, and you gotta remember, it’s not like “Oh, I made three ice walls, I’m too tired, let’s go die” he was born to do this stuff, so while it does take a toll on him, it’s not just outright draining him and shapeshifting is literally what his kind do, some do it just a few weeks or few months after birth, he’s been doing it since he was 13, he’s over 1,000 now

Sorry for another late replyyyyy

Anyway Fahmir would likely suffer some damage considering the capabilities of Tanya, but he could evade most of fatal blows by keeping a safe distance. He’ll use the second stance for a long range, and only use the third stance defensively. He could kept the first stance for finishing Tanya during her final form, considering Fahmir’s precognition (it’s not future sight btw it’s just logical analysis) should be able to figure out that Tanya should have some hidden power.

Fahmir will be precautions for the whole time and set traps whenever possible. What kind of explosives can be found here? He could use them as distraction and covers.

He will also device other kind of traps, but considering the battlefield, he’ll focus on using what could seemingly deal the most damage.

Also, with help of Tyler, he could have Tanya being temporarily frozen (if it’s not possible to freeze her whole, just makes her slip or freeze her feet for a second) then he could use this moment of immobility in order to use the first stance.

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One question: Is the nerf on Tyler’s venom still active? (This stuff isn’t instant or used willy nilly because of how devastating the effects can be, but if he was desperate enough, the different stages would last from minutes to a half hour each, so it does take time)

The test round been going for months… o_o

I think I’ll help moderating the next round to makes our games progress better.

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Nah, it’s simply because I keep forgetting I’m a mod lol

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Kkkkk Boss battle closed! Analysis and story up tomorrow hopefully

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This boss battle is going to be insane ;-; Its so hard making sure I keep it shorter because I can do so much with it

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Yeah it could be hard, but still, good luck! ^-^

Ooof almost done. I promise I’ll be better the next round.

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