Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


Okay I’ll post some suggestions that’ll put her a bit more on the level of the others soon.


I feel so proud of myself, I’m gonna pat myself on the back later


By far my favorite Warriors character is Brambleclaw


if your saying brambleclaw then you not at the part that im at and i dont wanna spoil it ( also something happens between dovewing and tigerheart >.<)




@helplesslyinlove143 @Shadowdrakon99 Okay so here’s me take on some things you could add.

So she carries nightshade on her right? Which to me sounds like a medicine cat but she’s also a warrior so I figure I’ll go with some plant/poison based abilities.

Let’s say for her claws, outside of just having the ability of going through most metals lets add on the added bonus of having her claws and teeth being laced with poison. Perhaps to the point that it’s even corrosive to organic beings so that even a drop of it will be like having a bunch of acid dumped on you.

Next up let’s give her some range. Something as simple as a “Poison Cat Scratch” that she can shoot from her claws would be fine. Giving this attack a the cutting power of her claws, and the acidic poison would be doubly bad for anyone she throws these at.

Since she’s fighting some people who will have a large area of effect let’s give her some field power. So how about if she digs her claws into the ground she can make the entire area poisonous to the point that the ground will begin to release poison into the air.

The poison doesn’t need to be lethal though it could have other effects like making people super dizzy, delirious, or even sick like her berries do.

Something else is be something like poison pollen, where if it lands on someone than nightshade will begin to take root and start to grow within their body. Perhaps having this be like a summon ability of her bringing up a massive nightshade flower and the pollen comes from that.

But lets make it so that the flower isn’t all she can conjure, and just say she can bring up some vines that can crush stone. (Seeing as she’s just a cat I figured she should just be like a strong caster)

When she summons her plants to amplify her laughter how about having a few of the plants actually mimic her laugh?

For her big flashy finish have her giant nightshade flowers gather up and fire a big beam like a solarbeam from Pokemon, only with the added poison effects.

Sorry normally I’m way better at this but I’m a bit distracted rn.

Edit: For her nine lives something that could help is that she develops a high amount of resistance to whatever took the previous life.

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Good ones


*pokes* What do you think of Destrius? You should nitpick at it now since I don’t think I’m gonna be adding abilities soon.

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I could do it can’t promise my usual level of attention though unfortunately :cry:

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It’s fine! Just do what you do :smiley:

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Why do you guys always take so long to answer things?


This thread doesn’t move very fast, so I suppose we get distracted by other things.

However, I will always reply back as soon as possible, if you have any concerns.

I’m not a mod tho, I’m just a player.

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Yeah i guess that make sense


Oh yeah I’m not a mod either just a player KINDA but not really lol

Guess I’m just considered fairly okay at coming up with abilities and going over characters. :man_shrugging:


I started but my eyes are refusing to stay open for me so i’ll do him tomorrow deal?

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@Oblivionyx Checking Destrius now! ^-^/

Oh cute anime boy :3 (Not as cute in his golem form though, but that’s obvious)

Wait… Artaxenos is now entitled as God of Time? o.o I mean, I know he always been super mega powerful and also have the power of time, but this one is unexpected.

Kordravon is now the Guardian of Balance!? BALANCE!? All I know from him is corruption! Well either he changed or this is a backstory that I never heard before.

Anyway the plot gets spicy between Kordravron and the spirit. The lore behind the creation of the fairy world interest me, since now there’s a barrier the lore behind the creation of the fairy world and all the jazz, leading to Syl’s villainous condition that I heard before.

Reading in perspective of the spirit though, it reminds me of a certain EBG boss, the one that feeds off from negative emotions of humanity and the likes… :thinking: Something that will keeps on existing as negativity exist, also can be considered a spirit since he dwells in human heart, and eventually beaten by the heroes, thus purging out the negativity from the heart.

Anyway it’s clear now to me that the spirits is truly the source of evil behind the entire tragedy. Further reading proves that, as he’s the source of Syl’s suffering and madness. To my surprise, Artaxenos instead gives him power AND a new body! Hey Arta, that’s not right! >:(

But oh well anywaaaay Destrius gained a new body and rule the continent, officially making him the new bad guy. Hey at least he’s not with Syl now so he can actually be destroyed.

Now as for the combat sections, well… the wiki is fun and all, I browse the powerlisting wiki sometimes too, but the problem is that it’s a MASSIVE collection of so many superpower and even a single type of power, like the pages you used, got such wide spectrum of classification of power. Furthermore, these wikia pages enlist the type of power and its information, but the information are basically summary of what many powerful characters could do. There’s no accurate measurement per characters, so the stats of Destrius right now is really vague.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting way on explaining your stats, and it might work depend on what @Shadowdrakon99 say about him. For me, I rather put additional explanation BESIDE the links, so that we could get an accurate stats of him, other than the explanation behind the terms.

Closing words, I think Destrius is okay for the power level. His power doesn’t really pack wide range of damage, but more about concentrated damage, manipulating others and drawing more power from his surrounding. The Weapon of War might even be completely broken depend on how the plot of the round goes, so I’m not sure about this.

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@Benxall Meanwhile, Max is somewhat much more… acceptable, I guess? It really depend on the circumstance since some of his abilities are broken, like it can cut through any barrier or such protection regardless of how powerful they are. These packed with his magic immunity and several more stuff makes him… well… I can’t really say OP since it depend on his opponent. I’m not a real mod, but in my opinion, some of his stuff are not okay, kinda like cheat that bypass the defense of his opponents, but he’s not exactly too OP and might be acceptable.

So the decision depends on what @Shadowdrakon99 said about him. Since Drakon accept you the way you are, then I guess you’re all okay for the round.


yeah, i really wanna spoil but i dont wnt to ruin it!


i like all of those, but its up to @Shadowdrakon99 if they are within the power level, ( i really want to add em all


Glad to help out