Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


You are good to add them!


Hmmm I would prefer some better measurement of power since saying stronger than normal is a pretty broad one and I don’t want to underestimate the character.

I have looked and I think that overall the character is okay but I think having to beat him twice in addition to everything he can already do might be a bit much.

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alrighty, ill add them in.


oh yeah… do you wanna know what happens to brambleclaw, (more or so firestar) dont forget dovewing and tigerheart


No no spoilers


sigh alright alright


I was never a fan of ol Bramble myself…:slightly_frowning_face:


me neither, my fav is hollyleaf,


I never read past brambles story unfortunately


sad… whos your fav?


I liked Greystripe, Longtail, Yellowfang, and Ravenpaw

And Scourge


yeah, i was a fan too. key word was
not really a fan now because PeOpLe
thats all


Lol I just grew out of it myself. I liked it but after the second journey I just never had interest.




This thread is kind of dead, anyone up for debating over… hmm… idk just something


Hmmm Im down for debate


Yeah the katana is kinda op but since the katana powers are a total rip off from another series not including those abilities would be a disgrace


What series? A novel? Anime? Video game?


well damn… i seriously got into fight with a “friend” over something stupid ( but what they said hurt )


The Yamato, from devil may cry series, if you know the sword you will notice how much of a fucking copy it is