Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


so… wat now? im bored af. oh and who are we waiting on to be accepted? is it still crim and obilvion?


Yes uwu sorry for the delay


Vergil’s katana? I didn’t really remember that it can do that, but I see the similarity


YES, the yamato from vergil, and since the official data says that he can literally cut trough dimensions it easy for me to asume it could cut trough barriers in a world with magic


I doesn’t shows THAT much of damage on the actual gameplay. Not even the official data should always be taken literally since they could be inaccurate or exaggerated. Sure it says “cut through anything” but it probably means it could easily cut through any ordinary material/objects that you can find, AND with enough attacks. Because for sure that thing isn’t going to kill anything or something like that. Although many people often take these kind of data a literal.


He was always the God of Time. :smiley: I just referred to him in EBG by his other title, the Progenitor of Dragons. It sounds cooler, lol.

The backstory changed. The original one really didn’t make a lot of sense sooooo. :joy:

Once EBG starts its new round I can submit him, if you like. I haven’t developed him much either so that will be fun.

That sounds interesting! Do you have a link I can read or smth?

Artaxenos made a vow of non-intervention unless when necessary. By giving Destrius a Guardianship, the other Guardians can keep an eye on him and restrain him if need be. :slight_smile:

Also being a Guardian has curbed his mad side somewhat. If he were still a spirit when the Fairy Persecution was ongoing, he would have encouraged the human race to rip itself to pieces. :rofl:

I’ll update it with better descriptions.


I’ll do that.

Most of the abilities I’ve listed is for his human form. His daimon form doesn’t do anything but smash stuff. He can probably wield weapons like a giant hammer or sword, but then it’s still just for smashing stuff.

One form specializes in speed while the other in strength and durability.


Ohhhh boy I’m not sure if the next round will be good for him or not, because it will be the most highest power level in history of EBG so far, and people. But I would love to see any of your character joining the round anyway, because everyone been HYPED for the next round. :slight_smile:

It’s our special mini round for a special demand, since everyone been requesting a round where we could “submit ourselves as our own character” and in the end, and after some discussion, the round ended up being a round to submit a character that represent yourself.

Here’s the intro of the round! I will show you more later.

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My little buddy is coming back for at least one round?!? :scream:


“The year is 2047 and I’ve yet to hear word of the current round ending. Perhaps the Neko Slasher has gotten to Crim…”


“Neko Slasher” xD

I think I can finish the current battle scene in two days :3


did every one die all of a sudden?

or did i die?

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I would’ve laughed my a$$ off at anyone saying those lines


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Sooo is Mahdi is still too OP or is he ok now?


yep he’s accepted


Yay! ^-^/

Who else that’s still not accepted? I should be able to help


Well there’s only two more people, Frostar, the cat with 40 buffs, and the guardian-who’s-name-I-forget


Guardian of Conflict? I think the form should be updated soon.

As for the Frost cat, we’re also waiting for the form to be updated.