Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version


I know someone told him some ideas for buffs, but maybe he forgets that he has to update the form with them


Idk lol so we’re just waiting for the update I guess


Seems like it


Lol, the submit-yourself-round :joy: I’m not sure what I would put in my form if I entered that. (o-o)

I heard EBG was revamped recently so I wanna check it out. :slight_smile:

Shush I’ve been busy okay
The badge hunt has just reached a new level and its exciting :star_struck: plus I have internships. Is also addicted to a new game

I’m updating it right now ~


a bit lol

And what game has you so addicted?


Also you’d be surprised at the kinds of characters that showed up lol. Mine wasn’t a dead ringer for me I know that for sure xD


About that round, in case anyone wonders, this is my submission :rofl:


I keep silencing the L when i say his name

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I updated my form!


  • Destrius likes swimming and cold water
  • Added examples for base stats
  • Added ability: Scorched Earth
  • Added an extra trivia

A bit? Crim game be the impression it was a lot. :confused:

It’s a fan-made mod for Civilization 4 called Dawn of Civilization. I like it because it gives me some perspective on how ruling an empire must have felt like during different time periods. Sort of like a historical simulator.

Once, I was playing as the Russians when the Mongol Invasion started. They ripped through my empire like it was paper :sob: it was satisfying and extremely frustrating.


Idk I never looked for differences so perhaps it more than I think xD

Oooooh that actually sounds super interesting! lol I don’t think I’d be able to handle that though lol too much responsibility.

Ooof you’ll get em next time lol

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Well it’s not a bit of revamp. It’s more like EBG been improving throughout time as it grows after years passed, with the system of the gameplay and guide for the player being better. :3

In every few rounds there’s usually a new experimental system or rework of an older system, such as the Second Chance, Fight For Fun, Expansion Packs, Mini Rounds, and the latest invention from several months ago known as the Wild Card system.

Other than that, our plot is also flexible now, multiple ending is possible, with the outcome of the story could be affected based on the decision and action of the players.

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Expansion Pack? What are those? :laughing:

Next thing we know you’ll be making announcements like

UPDATE: Fixed some EBG bugs


Oh yeah tag me when the new EBG round starts. :heart:

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Yes I called it an expansion pack, I love video game puns. :rofl:

It’s a system that supports underrated players. You remember players like Mistick that often submitted underpowered characters? Or sometimes, someone else submit a character that might be too simple, and have lower survival chance? Well this is when we gives them something more than buff or nerf, but a character development! Basically, not just shoving them new abilities, but actually developing the characters so they’re stronger for the round.

This works as both buff or nerf, depend on the need.

Let’s get you an example: There’s this mage with OP spells that can be nerfed, but the OP factors comes from the plot, that is he’s tied with the god that he serve. He’s OP simply because his god exist, and nerfing the god will makes the plot to makes no sense. So imagine a character development where the mage is now freed from the god, and develop his own original spells? This nerfed him since he’s no longer tied to some OP god, but also buffed him since he’s now independent and can actually control his power.

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Sure thing! :3

*adds you to the taglist*


Ohhh I see. So it’s deviation from the canon plot in favor of the game using character development… I see why you call that an Expansion Pack. :smile:

Maybe we should talk somewhere else. I don’t want to spam Spyre with chat.

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Indeed! It’s an expansion pack since it expand the characters! :3

The concept of the expansion pack is made when Mistick submit her most OP character, the immortal goddess of life that can one hit kill any lifeform. Behold, Siren! Universal voyager, caretaker of planets, source of all life.

Yes, it’s from your opponent on Round 9, the one that you curbstomp with Syl. :joy:

Siren only got one OP ability known as “Finite” that will reap your life, turning you to dust. Even against powerful beings it chop down your HP bar like 50% meanwhile it will instant kill any norm creatures. Nerfing her will makes her underpowered, but not nerfing her will makes her freaking OP because even if the damage of Finite is nerfed, it will still reduce your power permanently equivalent on how much damage that you taken.

So then the expansion pack created, because Siren is a shapeshifting goddess that travel through worlds and can become whatever appropriate to the current universe. So, we modify her power to specifically befit for the setting of the round and its power level, giving her many new abilities in exchange of nerfing Finite twice. Yes it’s so OP we need to nerf it more than once. :rofl:

Siren was submitted at Round 13 and comes out as one of the champions, along with Myris by Jay and Nennabeth by Logia, and uniquely, all of them are female.

Fun Fact: The only place that Siren hate is New York city.

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Anyway here’s our chat thread if you wanna chat some off topic stuff

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@Crimson_Scythe @Benxall
I updated it a couple days back, and " the cat with 40 buffs " i died laughing. I could resend the link?

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Nah you’re accepted, I only have@oblivionyx to look at now

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