Shadow Spyre Character Battle Arena Alpha Version



Not sure what to discuss first hmmm… xD


@helplesslyinlove143 @Oblivionyx are these two even here?


Such battle can take days or even a week. People don’t need to be online all the time since we can start the discussion, and people will reply whenever they can.

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Yeah, thats right, but just like you asked, with what shall we start XD


Uhmm I assume you’re new to this? Want me to show you an example?




Here’s the matchup for the last round

Read from there, and keeps on until the match finished. It finished somewhere around 200th post


Oblivion is probably asleep right now he’s usually on… in about 5-ish hours from what i gathered.


@helplesslyinlove143 Since the power of FrostStar comes from her poison I think we should talk about that first, if he gets hit by her claws then since it’s not magic, the corrosive poison will go through his scales, but that poison will just burn his arm or the poison will affect his whole body? Cause if it is just a burn then he can heal that with his magic or heal factor, but if the poison affects his whole body he will have to actively heal it with his magic

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Smh why you do this to me Mahdi will just pray to Allah to strike down Destrius then it’s over XD

Joking aside, @Crimson_Scythe Do you have Mahdi’s nerfed form? I can’t seem to find it… Also Des isn’t a demon, he’s just a naughty spirit ouo

At this point he’s more of a neutral entity than anything


Reason why I don’t wanna bring God into the argument :joy:

Joke aside, prayer is indeed solution to many life issues but it’s not an instant wish granting. Just like in the real world, you gotta work on what you wished too.

Anyway Mahdi’s form~

He’s probably still pretty OP that I’m surprised that he’s accepted already

Also Destrius is more than a naughty spirit lmao he’s evuuuul\

Wait… since he’s a Daimon he’s technically demonic, right?

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I just wake up, and for some reasson this is just too fucking funny

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Okie, imma look at it now.

Well, yes and no. Yes because he can take the shape and ability of daimons, no because he’s not technically one. ouo

Also, my daimons aren’t evil; they’re just another sentient race that is neither good or evil, so whatever anti-demon magic you might have there won’t work. :joy:


Well Mahdi doesn’t need that anyway since he can just blast whatever monsters that he’s gonna face on this round, which includes his current opponent :rofl:

Anyway seems like Mahdi don’t need to get close. He’ll use his laser beams, and occasionally energy swords whenever needed, and his fist whenever possible.

Also even if Destrius isn’t really evil he’s still a really bad entity so for sure Mahdi will dedicate himself on completely destroying him. So he’ll be really careful, not giving his opponent any chance to retaliate, by keeping safe distance and blast him from here and there.

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Wow Mahdi is still OP (" 0_0) i die now, bye :joy:

Destrius will probably be on the defensive against Mahdi. He’ll just keep his distance and attack Madhi using his bow, while constantly moving around so Mahdi won’t be able to hit him with lasers. It will probably use useless in the short term, but Destrius’s advantage against Mahdi is that he can draw power from his surroundings, so when Mahdi is all worn out, Destrius will still be energized and fresh.

This is where things get tricky. As you may already know Destrius’s power depends on the environment. Since Altaria is a world that’s been ravaged by war for some time now, I can assume that the air is charged with a lot of negative feelings. Destrius can use this to augment his power and keep up with Mahdi’s supersonic speed.

For the lasers, I’m not sure how he’ll deal with those. He’ll probably avoid them, or he can try to reflect/cut them using his spear. If that doesn’t work, he can try to use his spear as a sort of conductor to divert the lasers away from him.

I’m also not sure about Smite the Sinners. If the other guy moves away before Mahdi is finished judging, will it work? :thinking:

Past Reflection won’t work on him. If Mahdi uses it, it will energize Destrius instead of making him guilty and stuff. :rofl:

The calligraphy shields would probably not work either, except maybe the simple one. Des certainly isn’t going to stand by and watch while Mahdi starts drawing in the air.

If Destrius does get hurt, he can just hide somewhere and recuperate before attacking again.

If Mahdi leaves an opening, Destrius will go for spots that could cripple him, such as the back of the head, the neck, lungs, heart, and joints such as the knees, shoulders, or elbows.

I forgot to mention this, but Des’s favorite form of killing is decapitation. oUo


Hey guys! I’m back! I have not been here all weekend, So i couldn’t reply, and @Benxall , if her claws were to hit anywhere on his body, it would spread to the rest of the body, so as you said he would have to actively heal with his magic.

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If that’s the case then he can always create a portal to get away and heal (Tough i don’t thin that would work due to her speed) or he can close himself in an ice cube to recover


yeah, with her speed she would just follow you through ya portal, but he would be able to heal with the ice cube, she cant heat up her claws so ya. well… if i go back to her form doc… it does say that her claws can cut through most metals. so… wouldnt she be able to cut through the ice? (unless the ice is really dense but i still think she would be able to cut through ( idk why im ask u this question :thinking: ) but yeah, how would he be able to heal after being hit with Frosts poison?


Maybe, but even with her claws cutting through the ice with your bare hands will end up tiring you a lot, and as long as he is in the cue he can keep making the ice denser


Bare paws* tru tru, but then wouldn’t he get tired of remaking the cube dense?
it would just fall back to them being pooped out, who ever regenerated stam faster would be able to get the next hit